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Dog-Friendly Businesses of Jersey City

by Taylor Duncan
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More than ever, humans are asking where they can take their pups. Whether it’s a new quarantine pup or a dog who’s been part of the family for years, we all are craving a little more time with our four-legged friends. The question you may be wondering, however, is “Why are dogs welcome in some places and not others?” The answer and reason, we’ve gathered, is food. If the sit-down restaurant or bar serves food, chances are your little buddy is not allowed to come with you inside per the health code. To better understand what places in Jersey City allow dogs, check out these dog-friendly places below.

Disclaimer: If we missed your favorite pup-friendly place, please email to be included.

Caribbean Pets | 298 Central Avenue

caribbean pets jersey city

(Photo credit: @caribbeanpetsnj)

Not only dog friendly – but home to bearded dragons, birds, and dozens of fish. Patrons are likely to leave Caribbean Pets with a new exotic buddy in hand. Guests can also expect helpful staff members to provide recommendations for any pet with a wide selection of products.

Corgi Spirits | 1 Distillery Drive

corgi spirits jersey city

(Photo credit: @corgispirits)

Jersey City’s first distillery – and it’s branded after a dog breed. The owner, Robert Hagemann, is a huge fan of all things British — hence the bar’s name. The local gem is incredibly dog friendly – while Corgi dog meet-ups, dog adoption days, and yoga mornings at the space are regular events at the distillery.

Departed Soles Brewing Company | 150 Bay Street #2a

departed soles jersey city

(Photo credit: @departedsoles)

This downtown Jersey City brewery is a BYO in every sense of the phrase: patrons can bring their own snacks and their own pets. In addition to the amazing beers on tap, there are some gluten-free and vegan options. This makes it a great meetup spot for a group.

Executive Dog Lounge | 190 York Street

executive dog lounge jersey city

(Photo credit: @executivedoglounge)

Specializing in small pups, Executive Dog Lounge offers luxury for pets. At a maximum of 12 pups a day, this company offers couches to lounge on and absolutely no crating. Instead, the dogs have all the comforts of home, with a fireplace and a TV to keep them company.

Fussy Friends Pet Supplies | 148 Newark Avenue

This place is right in the center of bustling Newark Avenue. Fussy Friends provides pet supplies for dogs, cats, and other small animals. Prior to COVID-19 restrictions, the shop was known for cat adoptions, but the store welcomes pups as well.

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Hidden Grounds Coffee | 148 1st Street, 276 1st Street

hidden grounds coffee jersey city

(Photo credit: @hiddengroundscoffee)

Hidden Grounds has a quiet and laid-back vibe. There is also outdoor seating available where guests can bring their furry friends. The popular local coffee spot offers great drinks and treats, plus there is usually water outside for dogs.

Hound About Town | 218 Montgomery Street + 17 McWilliams Place

hound about town jersey city

(Photo credit: @houndabouttown)

This women-owned business, known for its commitment to sustainability, quality products, and natural ingredients, is as dog-friendly as it gets. Its partnership with local rescues to help every pet find a forever home is inspiring. One of the company’s most popular features is a large “Fetch Delivery” van bringing supplies for dogs and cats right to your door.

JC Pet-Topia | 729A Bergen Avenue

jersey city pet topia

(Photo credit: @jcpettopia)

JC Pet-Topia is a small woman-owned business open daily. Some of the product offerings include Blue Buffalo, Merrick, Taste of the Wild, Friskies, dog + cat clothing, bandanas, and more. The shop offers staff services including in-store dog grooming, where dogs will feel perfectly pampered.

PitBull City | 234 Old Bergen Road

This is a retail store is open seven days a week. It celebrates dogs, and particularly the beloved pit bull breed. The local spot offers a variety of affordable everyday at-home and outdoor merchandise for your trusty sidekick.

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Smorgasbar | 3 2nd Street

smorgasbar jersey city

(Photo credit: @smorgasbar)

This food fest is a Jersey City favorite in the warmer months, so grab the pup and head toward the water. The dog-friendly spot has great cocktails and an amazing view of the river and NY skyline. It’s a great, low-key spot to hang out in the summer.

Zeppelin Hall Beer Garden | 88 Liberty View Drive

zeppelin hall jersey city

(Photo credit: @zeppelinhall)

It’s no secret that the Zeppelin Hall Beer Garden’s outdoor space is a go-to spot for both locals and those visiting JC. While enjoying a German beer, the outdoor patio at this beer garden is pet-friendly. This means Fido could be right by your side.

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