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Backyard Bar Is Coming to Old Nag’s Head Pub Location in Hoboken, And It’s Dog-Friendly

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Bar options for dog owners in Hoboken just got a little bit bigger — as in, one location bigger. As Mile Square bids goodbye to Nag’s Head Pub, a spot for locals on 1st Street that had been open for 22 years, The Backyard Bar — which features a dog-friendly back patio — will be taking over 359 First Street.

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Earlier this month, Hoboken Girl reported that Nag’s Head Pub would be closing after two decades of serving Mile Square, so that owner Barney Finnegan and his wife Ruth Finnegan could retire. At the time, the couple released a statement on Facebook, writing, “We have sold the bar and we are starting a new phase in our lives — retirement! We have had many good memories with you all and we will miss your friendly faces. Best of luck to you as you continue to move through this uncertain time. We wish the new owners the best of luck and hope you’ll stop in to visit them! Slainte.”

Jersey Digs now reports that the business and building have been sold to a new ownership group including William Schmitt and some of his family members. Schmitt is a local developer who primarily focuses on residential projects, and he’ll be bringing his wife Maren and sister-in-law Amanda on board at The Backyard Bar.

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And a new teaser video from Cliffside Park-based Ashlina Design Atelier reveals what future patrons can expect from the renovated, dog-friendly site.

“Nag’s Head was a known local spot and we are looking to keep that feel,” Schmitt told Jersey Digs. “We are setting the stage to be your number one family and dog-friendly spot in town with a laidback vibe and friendly atmosphere.”

Both the first and second floors will feature bars where patrons can grab drinks and there will also be a designated area for playing billiards on the second floor. But the feature most local dog-owners are excited for is the outdoor property in the back. Featuring synthetic turf and an outdoor fire, The Backyard Bar will be allowing patrons even of the four-legged variety out back.

Hoboken is one of the most dog-friendly municipalities in North Jersey, with a handful of other bars, restaurants, and eateries welcoming pups to their outdoor spaces. These other dog-friendly bars include Louise + Jerry’s {329 Washington Street}, Ale House {1034 Willow Avenue}, Mulligan’s {59 First Street}, Cork City {239 Bloomfield Street}, and Tally Ho {215 Washington Street}. If you’re unsure if you can bring your dog somewhere in town, consult BringFido.com or call the biz in question! Grimald’s Pizzeria, Elysian Cafe, Blue Eyes Restaurant, Panello, and Johnny Pepperoni are a few local dog-friendly spots, according to BringFido.com.

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Besides making a new four-legged friend while seated outside, what else can you expect? Lots of locally-brewed craft beers as well as specialty cocktails.

“Our procurement manager does a great job of getting us very select beers that are hard to find, including weekly ‘drops’ from small breweries,” Schmitt told JD. “There will also be specialty cocktails so there is something for everyone on our drink menu.”

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Schmitt also explained that he plans to keep some of Nag’s Head Pub’s most iconic dive bar features, like the mahogany bar as well as the brick-and-mortar’s front woodwork.

There’s no word yet on The Backyard Bar’s timeline, especially as COVID remains a concern and main reason for the implementation of restrictions. However, Schmitt did mention that an outdoor section could be ready to open up to the Mile Square by August.

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