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Childish Glow: A Local Skincare + Lifestyle Brand Founded by International Singer

by Katherine Chaves Diaz
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Hudson County local, entrepreneur, and international singer, Quiona McMollum has always been an artisan which began as a child by helping her friends and family with beautifying their skin. Years later, she decided to make a business out of it. Quiona founded Childish Glow, a clean beauty skincare and lifestyle brand founded on the premise of promoting self-love by working on the inside until it gets to the surface. Keep reading to learn about Childish Glow based in Bayonne.

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Hoboken Girl: Tell us about your Hudson County roots. 

Quiona McCollum: I’m originally from Jersey City, born and raised, but I moved my daughter and myself to Bayonne because I needed a change.

HG: What is your favorite aspect about living and working in Bayonne?

QM: Bayonne is a very community-oriented and welcoming town. I love the support that’s displayed towards business owners and residents.

HG:  What inspired you to get into skincare? What were your first experiences with it?

QM: I’ve always been an artisan. I was the go-to girl for makeup when it came to my friends and family. I experimented with beautifying the skin at a very early age which lead to me falling in love with esthetics. I’m also soon-to-be licensed as an Esthetician. 

HG: Tell us about your brand Childish Glow.

QM: Childish Glow is a clean beauty skincare and lifestyle brand and glow parlor founded in 2019. Our motto, “The glow commences on the inside and works its way to the surface,” proves true that if you feel good about yourself internally it’s reflected externally. Childish Glow’s scope of business and products are geared towards preserving youth via the skin (full body).

Our products consist of but are not limited to skincare products like handmade facial cleansers, serums, toners, etc. As well as anti-aging agents, body care, feminine care, hair care, makeup and more.

Our services include lash extensions, brow lamination, shaping & tinting, and facials and waxing will be coming soon.

Our lifestyle line (home essentials) consists of: Hand-poured candles, aromatherapy (Sage, Essential Oils, etc.) Hand-sewn decorative pillows, plants, and more.

Our events consist of live Poetry & Music every second Friday of the month to decompress and catch a good vibe! We are a full fledge “Self Love Station”

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HG: What is your process of making skincare products?

QM: I start with the bare necessities and the layering processing and the other moving parts or products are to follow. We will also customize products per the customer’s needs. So, it all goes back to what the customer needs. 

childish glow bayonne

HG: What are your most popular products?

QM: Oh wow, that’s a tough one but if I had to go with 3 products they would be Drama – a cleansing acne soap bar, Turmeric Tricks – a facial mask for acne, and hyperpigmentation, Haze Toning Milk – to tone, tighten and seal pores, and Gold Mine 24K Vitamin C Serum – to balance the skin and clear blemishes.

HG: What would you say makes your business special?

QM: Our business is a uniquely Self Love Station. Our customers can come in and sit with us as if they’re sitting in their own living room to discuss anything from life’s woes to skincare. We take the time out to encourage and uplift each other given you never know what someone’s experiences are. We believe that love is a universal language that everyone should be fluent in and we spare no expense when rendering it. Come, sit, have tea, cry and laugh with us first and we’ll make you glow thereafter! 

HG: What’s something about you or your business that people might be surprised to learn about?

QM: Well it always comes as a surprise to people to learn that I’m a traveling international singer having performed with the likes of U2 to the Roots, Dave Stewart, and more. That’s always a pleasantly cute detail to share!

HG: Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?

QM: That’s easy – GOD, my daughter, and my mom. 

HG: What are your goals for this year?

QM: My goals for the rest of this year are to simply finish strong and prepare for 2022. I’m just grateful to be breathing after what the world experienced for the past year or more. I’m definitely letting GOD take the wheel.

HG: What has been the highlight in your career/life so far?

QM: The highlight of my life will always be becoming a mom. My daughter is the core of my motivation and the very reason why I stand strong and firm on my beliefs. I’m excited about preparing for her future. I have one job to do. 

childish glow bayonne

HG:  Anything else you want to share about Bayonne, your business, or yourself.

QM: I’m elated to have become a black/woman-owned business in Bayonne and feel cultural arts and diversity is growing. I am grateful to be a part of the change that’s happening here and I’m looking forward to being here for a very long time. 

Local Fun

HG: What is your favorite restaurant in Hoboken or Bayonne?

QM: La Casa in Hoboken.

HG: What is your favorite boutique in Hoboken or Bayonne?

QM: Ann’s Thrift Shop in Bayonne.

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HG:  What is your favorite thing to do in Hudson County?

QM: Spend time with my loved ones at any park or anywhere I can have brunch!

HG: Tell us about another business in the area you admire.

QM: The Herbal Tea House in Jersey City. Ms. Diane has been a staple in Jersey City for years with her holistic healing business. She deserves a field of flowers for her contributions to our community.  

HG: What is your favorite outdoor place to spend time in Hoboken/Bayonne?

QM: Bayonne Parks Pier.

HG: What is your favorite place to work out in Hudson County?

QM: Planet Fitness in Bayonne.

HG: Where do you go out with friends in the area?

QM: Thrifting or any Bookstore.

HG: What is something you think needs to come to Hoboken or Bayonne? 

QM: A skating rink! It’s a great way to stay fit and preserve your Childish Glow!


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