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New Plant Shop, PLNTD, Opening This Week in Jersey City

by Diana Cooper
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A new plant shop is opening on October 29th in Jersey City at 16 Erie Street called PLNTD. An idea imagined by sisters Danielle and Lauren Gambino is now in the process of coming to life, and it will be nothing short of a greenery takeover at the downtown Jersey City space. Read on to learn more about PLNTD arriving in Jersey City.

Meet the Owners 

Danielle and Lauren Gambino are the faces behind the small business, which will be the women’s first joint venture. Each sibling has decades’ worth of retail and wholesale experience and is ready to bring her expertise in botany and retail to Hudson County.  

danielle caputo plntd

^ Owner Danielle Gambino (Photo credit: @plntdshop)

Danielle’s background has been in the fashion industry as Vice President for a designer brand and she’s helped open over 100 retail shops across the country. Lauren has a media sales background and specializes in social marketing. 

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“Although this is a big change for us, it’s also one that just feels right,” Lauren told Hoboken Girl. “Danielle and I have always been plant lovers. For years, we found joy in cultivating our own gardens, indoor and out. Nurturing something, watching it grow, learning the needs and little tricks to help plants thrive has always been something we both really enjoyed, not to mention the stress relief and mental health benefits you get from it!”

lauren gambino plntd shop

Zap Fitness

^ Owner Lauren Gambino

Taking Over Jersey City

Once the pandemic hit, the Gambino sisters spent more and more time growing plants and turning their hobby into something they could build and make a business out of — “a pandemic daydream,” as they call it.

“It was one of the only sources of joy in such a dark time. We both shifted our focus to self-care, nature, and creating a more peaceful and relaxed living space. We casually chatted that one day we would love to turn all of these elements into a shop: a tranquil space where others can also find this feeling, learn and reconnect with nature, and feel inspired in their own spaces,” the founders share.

Lauren and Danielle both figured the city where Lauren resides, Jersey City, was the perfect place to launch their business.

“We love the community and vibe of the whole city. There is so much history and culture, so much to learn, and so many like-minded people just wanting a happy life, and that’s exactly what we wanted,” the women share. “We are looking forward to being a part of the community: to educate, to inspire, to encourage, and to grow together.”

plntd shop jersey city coming soon

(Photo credit: @plntdshop)

After all, the meaning behind the store’s name is, “No matter what life throws your way, you can always grow where you are ‘PLNTD’.”

About the House Plant + Apothecary Shop

PLNTD, we’re told, will be a houseplant, wellness, apothecary, and home shop. The plants will be sourced from plant nurseries in New York and New Jersey.

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The houseplants will range from ones that are “super easy to care for” to ones that are “a little more exotic.” The owners will share instructions with their customers on watering needs and maintenance of each plant purchased, so they “know exactly what they are bringing into their homes and how to care for it.”

plntd coming soon erie street jersey city

(Photo credit: @plntdshop)

In addition, the Gambino sisters plan on teaming with other businesses and artists in the community as a form of giving back.

“We know there are so many other dreamers, creators, and artists out there so we want to include our local community in our shop to really raise each other up. With that being said, we will feature local creators with products like handmade planters, custom art, hand-poured candles, one of a kind homewares with a big focus on female artists in our own community,” they share. 

PLNTD is on its way to opening its doors on October 29th. In the meantime, follow PLNTD’s Instagram here for updates on the store opening.

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