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Jamie Forward of FWD Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching Shares Her Self-Care Routine

by Jen Gonzalez
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Jamie is the founder of Jamie FWD Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching, helping women achieve their wellness goals, reduce their stress, and feel energized in their bodies and minds through nutrition, mentality, and movement. She believes in making wellness fun, sustainable, and achievable with customized action-plans. Jamie is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a lifelong dancer who is combining her two passions to help all of us make it through this challenging time. As the creator of the FWD Reset Program, she is sharing daily dance-a-long videos during this time where we’re all hanging at home{join the party on Instagram @jamiefwd}. We were lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with Jamie to learn more about how she is powering through this pandemic and her current self-care +wellness routine. 

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How do you stay healthy and not go stir-crazy during a quarantine?

For me, starting the day off with some quiet time and meditation, as cliche as it may sound, has been setting the tone for the day. I’ve been making a point to step outside and walk in Liberty State Park and also am taking advantage of the plentiful online workouts available. I’ve also been recording some dance fitness videos for people to follow along with. Something I’ve done my whole life and stopped teaching just a few years ago — it’s become very therapeutic for me. 

What have you been eating? Do you have any recipes to share? 

We definitely stocked up on some things for the “just in case” moments, but for the most part, my eating habits have stayed the same. I like to start my day with some form of protein {either a shake:1/2 frozen banana, a handful of greens, collagen powder, non-dairy milk, and some wild blueberries}, and for lunch/dinner homemade soups are great, and incorporating some fresh greens is a must for me. 

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What is a self-care tip you can easily do at home with no equipment? 

Breathwork. Diaphragmatic breathing {think yogi breaths} are so soothing but also cleansing to your blood, your mental hygiene, and your overall health. Also, having an impromptu dance party changes your energy immediately, and usually puts a smile on your face. 

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How do you destress during the hysteria? 

Same as above — self-care and de-stress usually go hand-in-hand for me. But I have to say too, limiting media exposure for me has been very helpful. I also tried Qi Gong with Erin Kumpf this morning and totally recalibrated my body. Good stuff.

What product do you admit to stockpiling? 

I definitely stocked up on some Busy Bee frozen soups this week and her Buffin mix is so good! 

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Are there any online exercises you recommend? 

Feel free to check out my daily dance videos on my Instagram page @jamiefwd, but also Jane Do launched their fitness app last week which has been a total godsend — they have five different class formats and are offering a free week trial. Melissa Wood Health also has a great app and offers a free week too {these are more pilates-esque}. 

jamie forward fwd nutrition lifestyle self care tips

What have you been able to creatively recreate from your daily routine at home? 

Just generally making a point to get movement in my day. I typically average 10K+ steps in a day, so taking time to have a “workout break” to break up the day has been really helpful mentally and physically. 

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What is your favorite local businesses that you can’t wait to reopen and are currently supporting from afar}? 

Busy Bee and Erin Kumpf Acupuncture + Herbs — although Erin is currently offering daily Qi Gong classes which have been a great way to combat stress and also foster community. 

Keep up with Jamie at @jamiefwd!

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