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WundaBar Pilates Opens This Week in Jersey City

by Diana Cooper
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WundaBar Pilates is ready to open its 10th location. The fitness studio is opening its first location in New Jersey at 65 Bay Street in Jersey City on November 4th. After a decade of establishing WundaBar in 2011, creator and CEO, Amy Jordan, is excited to bring the WundaFormer (Pilates reformer) and the WundaBar Pilates Method to the ever-growing downtown Jersey City neighborhood. She shares with Hoboken Girl what prospective members and first-timers can expect at the new location. Read on to learn more about WundaBar Pilates.

wundabar pilates studio opening jersey city

(Photo credit: WundaBar)

About the Owner

Amy Jordan, a former Entertainment Marketing Executive turned Pilates instructor extraordinaire, tells Hoboken Girl how WundaBar Pilates Jersey City came about.

“Our Manhattan and Brooklyn studios are jam-packed and we knew it was time to expand to New Jersey. We wanted to share the WundaLove across the Hudson,” she says. 

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Studio manager and resident of Jersey City, Blake Vaknin, “scouted the perfect spot” at 65 Bay Street. WundaBar will be joining a slew of other studios in the area including CycleBar, F45, CKO Kickboxing, Powerflow Yoga, and 150 BayFit. 

wundabar pilates founder amy jordan

^ Founder Amy Jordan

(Photo credit: WundaBar)

Other locations of WundaBar across the nation include six locations in California (Los Feliz, Montrose, Pasadena, San Diego, Studio City, and Westlake Village), and three in New York (Soho, Upper East Side, and Brooklyn Heights).

Inside WundaBar Pilates Studio

What can one expect during a WundaBar workout? First-timers can expect to use the exclusive WundaFormer machine (see below), only found inside a WundaBar studio, as well as small group classes and “camaraderie and accountability.”

The patented WundaFormer machine is a “Pilates reformer, WundaChair, jump board, and ballet bar all-in-one.”

wundabar pilates reformer jersey city

(Photo credit: Courtesy of WundaBar)

“The workout [on the WundaFormer] is fun, high-energy, and the most efficient use of your exercise minute. When you work out the body responds more to intensity than it does to the amount of time spent in a workout,” Jordan explains.

“A more intense workout burns more calories per minute and will result in a much stronger post-exercise reaction. Traditional Pilates and Yoga are taught at a much slower pace, and are not [as much] cardio driven to promote fat burning like WundaBar does.”

The mother of two adds, “Our cardio-conditioning and powerful movement classes are intense and efficient minutes spent to build your best behind, lithe legs and amazing arms and abs. You can achieve your strong, sculpted, sleek physique while strengthening your core and cranking up your heart rate (without heavy impact on the joints).”

Becoming a WundaBabe 

WundaBar will be offering a special discount as part of the studio’s pre-opening offer beginning in August. Instead of $350 for 10 classes, the discount will be $250 for 10 classes. In addition, one class costs $42, but first-timers can book their first class for $32. 

Additionally, the studio is hosting free Community Classes from November 4th – 7th and invites locals to check out the classes.

wundabar pilates teachers

(Photo credit: @wundabarpilates)

The Pilates studio also offers no-commitment monthly auto-pay class packages and virtual on-demand access. For more pricing options, visit WundaBar’s website.

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“We’re so excited to open our first studio in New Jersey and are currently sponsoring trainees to join our educator team,” Jordan shares. “Set up a profile on our site to make sure you get the email when it’s officially announced. We can’t wait to work out with the NJ WundaBabes!”

To follow WundaBar Pilates on Instagram for the latest updates, click here.


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