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Where to Get Carving Pumpkins in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Stephanie Brown
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Spooky season is in full swing and in between sipping pumpkin spice lattes and planning where to go apple picking, it’s time to start thinking about where to buy a future jack-o’-lantern. There’s nothing like going to a pumpkin patch, but for those looking for something quick + local, there are a few places in Hoboken + Jersey City to pick up a pumpkin and get the fall vibes started right away. Keep reading for a round-up of some of the places in Hoboken + Jersey City to buy a carving pumpkin.


Hoboken Farmer’s Market | 400 Garden Street


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The Hoboken Farmer’s Market takes place on Tuesdays from 2PM-7PM. The vendors provide an assortment of locally grown pumpkins and gourds throughout the season.

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Kings Food Markets | 1212 Shipyard Lane

Kings Food Markets has a selection of pumpkins in the front of the store. The soon-to-be jack-o’-lanterns cost between $7.99-$9.99. The specialty grocery store also has mini pumpkins for sale and there are seasonal flavors throughout the store including pumpkin loaf cakes, doughnuts, and muffins in the bakery.

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ShopRite | 900 Madison Street

ShopRite is a big supermarket where Hoboken shoppers can pick out a carving pumpkin while grabbing other weekly groceries. This is also an easy spot to go ahead and stock up on Halloween candy before the 31st.

Trader Joe’s | 1350 Willow Avenue

Trader Joe’s always gets in the seasonal spirit and has a big selection of traditional carving pumpkins, fantasy pumpkins, and mini pumpkins. Plus this is a great place to stock up on fall-flavored treats, like pumpkin Joe-Joe’s or pumpkin ice cream, so you can turn your pumpkin carving party into a full-blown pumpkin palooza.

Uptown Farmers Market | 404 14th Street


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This is another farmer’s market option in Hoboken that runs on Saturdays from 9AM-2PM. Shoppers can pick up carving pumpkins, gourds, and all kinds of fresh, seasonal produce during their visit.

Jersey City

14th Street Garden Center | 793 Jersey Avenue

The 14th Street Garden Center transforms its outdoor space into a mini pumpkin patch each fall. There is an assortment of orange and white carving pumpkins along with multi-colored gourds and heirloom pumpkins covered in “warts.” The garden center also has mums and skull planters for sale for those looking to incorporate flowers into their Halloween decorations.

ACME | 125 18th Street

carving pumpkins acme jersey city

ACME has a bunch of gourd options outside the store. There’s a display and a huge cardboard box filled with traditional orange carving pumpkins. Customers can also pick up pie pumpkins for $2.99 each which can be turned into mini jack-o’-lanterns. The store even sells specialty pumpkins, like the unique blue doll variety, which can add some fun variety to fall displays.

Historic Downtown Jersey City Farmers Market | Grove Street PATH Plaza


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The Historic Downtown Jersey City Farmers Market runs on Mondays + Wednesdays from 4PM-8PM. Local vendors have a variety of carving pumpkins, mini pumpkins + gourds. Shoppers can also pick up farm-fresh apple cider and seasonal flower bouquets at the market.



Home Depot | 180 12th Street

The Holland Tunnel Home Depot has carving pumpkins in the garden center. The store also has some spooky decorations for those who need to add the finishing touches to their Halloween displays.

Hudson Greene Market | 77 Hudson Street

carving pumpkins hudson greene market jersey city

Hudson Greene Market has an autumn display right at the entrance of the store. Carving pumpkins are available for $5.99 each and mini, decorative pumpkins are just $0.99 each. Ornamental corn is also in stock and on the same display as the pumpkins.

Key Food Fresh + Natural | 574 Jersey Avenue

Key Food has fall options throughout the store. Customers can find pumpkin cake doughnuts and apple pies on display and a member of The Hoboken Girl Insiders Facebook Group shared a tip that a ton of pumpkins were being unloaded at this store just the other day.

Paulus Hook Farmers Market | 158 Washington Street

carving pumpkins paulus hook farmers market jersey city

The Paulus Hook Farmers Market has locally-grown gourds from Stony Hill Farms. The selection includes carving pumpkins, mini pumpkins, and decorative gourds. Shoppers can also grab seasonal produce like acorn squash and parsnips in addition to the pumpkins. This market runs on Saturdays from 10AM-4PM.

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Sprove Market Place | 70 Columbus Drive

carving pumpkins sprove market place jersey city

Sprove has a selection of orange carving pumpkins for $7.99 each. These pumpkins are the ideal size for jack-o’-lanterns. The display is in the produce section near the front of the store and this is a convenient stop for any pumpkin lovers who live near the Grove Street PATH station.

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