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Signs Have Gone Up at Brooklyn Dumpling Shop in Hoboken

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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For anyone who loves great dumplings in Hoboken, we have good news for you. Signs have gone up outside Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, located at 514 Washington Street, suggesting its opening may be inching closer. Three years ago, there was a fire in the restaurant Dili Junction, and since then, the mid-Washington Street fast-casual spot had been closed. Now, The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is making its way from NYC to the Mile Square. Read on to learn more about Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, opening in Hoboken at 514 Washington Street. 

brooklyn dumpling house hoboken

(Photo credit: @brooklyndumplingshop)

All About Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

According to Jersey Digs, the shop, as its name suggests, will specialize in dumplings — with 32 flavors to choose from. The concept was founded by NYC restauranteur Stratis Morfogen, who took his family’s legacy trade, the New York diner, and reinvented it as this winning combination: diner dishes in delectable dumpling form.

The first location at 1st Avenue in Manhattan opened officially in spring of 2021 — but before it even opened, the business announced it was expanding to a second location in Hoboken next to Off The Wall, at 514 Washington Street, which will be run by a partner, Nickesh Desai. The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop will hopefully be open to the public soon — signs have gone up as of early June 2022 — and you can follow along on the restaurant’s Instagram page.

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If you thought turning traditional diner dishes into dumpling form was unique enough, you’re in for a treat, depending on your current dining out preferences. The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop — as a concept — will be an automated experience. As a direct effect of COVID-19 and restaurants aiming to offer customers a contact-less free exchange, this company has reinvented the concept.

The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop will have metal detectors scanning customers’ temperatures and glass compartments with food that open by scanning your smartphone. See here for a visual of the process. Each compartment is temperature-controlled, keeping the food fresh at all times. The compartments flash red when an order is placed, yellow when the order is two minutes from coming out, and green when it’s ready to be picked up. This news came last year just a few weeks after the official opening of Jersey City’s Automat Kitchen, which had a similar concept, proving that contactless dining experiences are gaining some traction.

The Menu

brooklyn dumpling house hoboken

(Photo credit: @brooklyndumplingshop)

All of the dumplings on the menu come in three per order and were inspired by classic diner dishes, including pastrami, Reuben, Philly cheesesteak, lamb “gyro,” turkey club, cheeseburger, chicken satay, peanut butter and jelly, chicken parm, pizza, and more.

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brooklyn dumpling shop

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The variety of breakfast dumplings include flaky croissant-shaped dumplings, bacon, egg + cheese, spicy sausage + egg, and more. For the seafood lovers, there will be shrimp, lobster, crab, scallion, and lobster spring roll. Additionally, there will be chicken, lobster, and shrimp wontons.

For veggie eaters, there will be edamame + white truffle broth, an impossible burger, and crispy eggplant. Variations of soup and spring rolls are also on the menu.

brooklyn dumpling shop

(Photo credit: @brooklyndumplingshop)

We would be remiss not to mention the dessert menu that will consist of apple, fried banana, warm Nutella, and cinnamon saffron dumplings.

As far as opening dates, we’ll share updates as they become available. Stay in the know with @thehobokengirl on Instagram and TikTok.


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