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The Best Places for Chicken Parmesan in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Erica Commisso
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There is certainly no shortage of Italian restaurants in the Hoboken and Jersey City area. Hearty portions of delicious food can be found at almost every corner, filling up bellies with local ingredients and recipes. Chicken parmigiana {or parmesan} is a classic Italian dish of breaded chicken beside pasta {usually spaghetti} covered in cheese and tomato sauce. The dish can be made as a platter or a sandwich, either way, you can’t go wrong.  Many restaurants in New Jersey offer the delicacy, but we’ve rounded up some of our favorite chicken parm dishes in Hoboken and Jersey City. 


Cafe Michelina {423 Bloomfield Street} 

cafe michelina

{Photo credit: @cafemichelina}

This family-owned restaurant became a Hoboken staple because of the homestyle, heritage-inspired cooking. The pollo alla parmigiana can be served with spaghetti, penne, or linguine. {$16.95} 

Grimaldi’s {411 Washington Street}

Traditionally known as a pizza place, Grimaldi’s does not disappoint with the chicken parmesan. It’s served with marinara and your choice of linguini, ziti, spaghetti, or penne. {$17.75} 

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Augustino’s {Washington Street}


A hoboken staple, this chicken parm is matched with cozy, old-school Italian vibes that even brings celebrities inside its doors. Finish it off with icebox cake — and remember this spot is cash only, so come prepared.

Johnny Pepperoni {219 11th Street} 

Johnny Pepperoni

{Photo credit: @johnnypepps}

There are few restaurants more dedicated to parmesan dishes than Johnny Pepperoni. They have a whole section of the menu dedicated to classic Italian parms, including eggplant and shrimp. The chicken option is served with both mozzarella and parmigiano cheese. {$18}

Il Tavolo Palmisano {700 Clinton Street}

This traditional Italian restaurant owned and operated by retired Battalion Cheif and part-owner of Biggie’s Clam Bar, Frank, knows a thing or two about classic cuisine. The star of the chicken parm dish is the sauce, it’s seasoned to perfection. But don’t sleep on the large portion of chicken either. All of the plates are generously sized.

Leo’s Grandevous {200 Grand Street}

Established in 1939, Leo’s has a history of serving famously delicious food. The chicken parm is no exception. It’s served in the classic style with mozzarella and Pomodoro sauce. {$22.95}

Margherita’s {740 Washington Street} 


{Photo credit: @margheritasrestaurant}

Margherita’s reopened with completely new decor, but the menu of Italian staples stayed the same. The chicken parmesan dish is served with linguine and mozzarella cheese and comes with marinara sauce. {$21.95} 

Napoli’s {133 Clinton Street + 1118 Washington Street}


{Photo credit: @napolishoboken}

Napoli’s is big on the pizza, but the entrees are not to be missed, either. The chicken parm is served with mozzarella and with homemade marinara or vodka sauce. Napoli’s does homemade whenever they can, and you can taste it in the heritage-inspired menu items. {22.95} 

Rosticeria da Gigi {916 Washington Street} 

Rosticeria da Gigi

{Photo credit: @gigishoboken}

This restaurant serves the chicken parm in two ways: homestyle as a dinner plate, or in a bun as a chicken parmesan sandwich. {$13.95 dinner, $10.95 sandwich} 

Torna’s {254 9th Street}

Torna’s is a classic go-to joint for no-frills slices, dishes, and sandwiches — like the chicken parm sandwich with the signature meatballs. Don’t forget to ask for extra sauce and cheese. There’s no going wrong with anything on the menu at this Mile Square staple.

Jersey City

Cangiano’s Marketplace {225 Pavonia Avenue}


{Photo credit: @cangianos_jersey_city}

This new marketplace offers up food and takeout items by the pound, as well as cold-cut, deli, and grocery options. You can get a pound serving of chicken parmesan or a chicken parm sandwich while picking up goods to cook later. {$10.99/pound, $13 sandwich}

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Delenio’s {357 7th Street} 

Freshly made in Jersey City, Delenio’s is located in Hamilton Park and uses fresh ingredients wherever and whenever possible. The chicken parm is no exception and is made with love and care. {$14.50}

Laico’s {67 Terhune Avenue} 

Laico’s chicken breast parmigiana mixes a classic Italian dish served in a modern-day presentation, in a traditional hole-in-the-wall setting. {$18.95}

Renato’s Pizza Masters {278 Central Avenue}

Tucked away in the Heights in an unassuming storefront, this spot for classic Italian fare has many locals on rotation. The chicken parm hero is the one.

Roman Nose {125 Newark Avenue}

This downtown spot has delicious meatballs that are definitely something to write home about, but its chicken parm is also noteworthy.

Rustique Pizza {611 Jersey Avenue}

This Italian-American spot has locals loving its brick oven pizza situation, but don’t sleep on the chicken parm OR the penne vodka.

Pasta e Vino {89 Sussex Street} 

Homemade spaghetti is the key to this chicken parm dish. It’s one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, served with mozzarella and tomato basil sauce. {$22} 

Tony Boloney’s {Hoboken + Jersey City}

Originally hailing from Atlantic City, Tony Boloney’s is the late-night pizza go-to for many locals in Hudson County these days. It has a seriously drool-worthy chicken parm sammy that is available for delivery until the early hours of the AM. You’re welcome.


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