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Where to Take Boxing + Martial Arts Classes in Hoboken and Jersey City

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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Boxing and martial arts can be an exhilarating form of exercise for all fitness levels. Punching and kicking are two ways to improve cardiovascular health while simultaneously building muscle tone and leading to a better overall state of well-being. A bonus of incorporating boxing into a regular exercise regimen is its benefits on mental health. Boxing has been proven to support a healthy mental state, decrease stress, and improve mood. Hudson County is filled with opportunities to throw your best shot. Read on for a list of places to box or practice martial arts around town.

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Crunch Fitness | 110 Sinatra Drive

Crunch Fitness is a Hoboken favorite. The gym is conveniently located just steps from the PATH and NJ Transit stations for a pre-or post-work sweat. The group classes are incredibly popular with the most highly sought-after being Mash-Up: Zumba vs. Hard Knocks. This class is a combination like no other: it combines the famous dance cardio class with high-intensity boxing training. It is sure to get even the most fit person’s heart pumping and leave all who attend drenched in sweat. To learn more about this class and to check out the full schedule, click here. 

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David Branch Jiu Jitsu | 720 Monroe Street, Building C

David Branch Jiu-Jitsu focuses on solely Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at its Monroe Center facility.  This martial arts studio is located inside the Monroe Center and has a jam-packed schedule filled with options for children and adults. The staff at David Branch Jiu Jitsu is highly trained and highly decorated with many of the instructors winning various titles in the jiu-jitsu world during their decades-long careers. To learn more about the different class styles offered and to book your first class for free, click here.

Edge Hoboken | 417 Newark Street

Edge Hoboken is well-known throughout North Jersey and New York City as a top place for wrestling training. The studio has classes for all age groups including kids, high schoolers, and adults. The trainers have led hundreds of kids to top NCAA wrestling programs across the country with their unmatched knowledge of the sport. Adults can join in on the fun and rigorous activity during adult classes that are designed to support all fitness levels. These classes are even great for individuals in law enforcement, those looking for self-defense lessons, or those looking to go into a professional wrestling career. To learn more and to check out the schedule, click here.

Stop Crying Studios | 564 1st Street, Hoboken


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Stop Crying Studios in Hoboken is a small but mighty gym in the downtown area of The Mile Square. As the name suggests, the main goal of the studio’s fitness programs is to build confident, strong members. The gym’s signature workout class is the Boxing/Kickboxing class. The class uses boxing fundamentals for a cardio and strength workout combination. To learn more about the studio and to look at the schedule, click here

REMIX MMA | 100 Marshall Street, Hoboken

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Remix MMA is a one-stop shop for boxing and martial arts instruction. The gym offers classes and private lessons in a variety of disciplines including boxing, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu. Each class and training session is personalized to the fitness level and needs of the attendees to ensure the most effective and safest workout. The adult membership is $199 per month after a seven-day free trial. Classes range from boxing basics to sparring and even open gym for those looking to get some practice. To check out the schedule and learn more about REMIX MMA, click here. 

Rumble Boxing Gym | 1202 Shipyard Lane

One of the latest workout gyms to hit the scene is Rumble Boxing. The Hoboken location opened its doors recently and members are hooked. Participants can expect a 45-minute class split into ten rounds. Each round lasts about three minutes and gym-goers switch between floor exercises and punching series on the heavy bags. To learn more and to book classes, click here.

Tiger Schulmann Martial Arts | 84 Washington Street

Tiger Schulmann Martial Arts is a fitness establishment for the whole family. This national brand has helped thousands of people, ages preschool through senior citizens, learn more about martial arts and the benefits that come with a consistent practice. Classes can be booked in various disciplines. The kids’ classes are broken into age groups and adults can choose a style of martial arts like kickboxing or jiu-jitsu. To check out the schedule and learn more about the class types and instructors, click here.

XCEL Hoboken | 125 Marshall Street

XCEL Athletic Lifestyle in Hoboken is a one-stop shop for all things fitness. This state-of-the-art facility offers various fitness modalities including cardio machines, dumbbells, aquatics, and personal training. Memberships include group fitness classes and one of the class options is a Boxing Circuit class. This class includes HIIT and plyometrics with boxing fundamentals for 60 minutes of calorie-torching. To check out the class schedule and to book, click here

Jersey City

CKO Kickboxing | 900 Madison Street, Hoboken + 150 Bay Street

Attendees can expect fun for all fitness levels at CKO Kickboxing. This 45–to 60-minute workout promises to torch hundreds of calories while having a blast pounding a heavy bag. Punching and kicking series are taught and members are encouraged to go at their own pace to achieve their fitness goals. The boxing portion is mixed with other, common fitness moves like planks, push-ups, jumping jacks, and more for a full-body workout. CKO Kickboxing also offers various fitness series and challenges to push attendees to new heights. To learn more about the gym and sign up for a free trial, click here. 

CULTR Fight Club | 315 15th Street, Jersey City

CULTR Fight Club coined itself “more than just a gym.” It’s a place where members can come to learn to push themselves and persevere through all aspects of life. CULTR has a list of diverse class offerings including Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, MMA fighting, and even classes for kids. One aspect of CULTR Fight Club that is unique is its emphasis on a list of core values that are to be followed in the gym. These values include treating other members like family, working hard to achieve greatness in and out of the gym, having fun while working out, and giving your best in each class. To learn more and to check out the class schedule, click here.

JC Taekwondo Academy | 150 Newark Street

JC Taekwondo works with members ages three and up. The school has been dubbed Jersey City’s Number 1 Martial Arts school and the team lives up to this honor every day. The gym has been around for more than 30 years and has transformed the lives of hundreds of students. Parents and guardians can sign students up for after-school programs and even host birthday parties. In addition to kids and teen programs, the gym offers adult kickboxing and martial arts classes. To learn more and to check out the schedule, click here.

Jersey City Muay Thai | 3487 John F. Kennedy Boulevard

Jersey City Muay Thai has been a fitness staple in Jersey City for 14 years. This small but impactful gym has hosted hundreds of members and has even produced award-winning individuals in the art of Muay Thai. The gym is truly for all levels with classes ranging in skill level from little kids Muay Thai all the way up through training for professional fighters. Children’s classes are broken into age groups and non-professional adults have the option of choosing between beginner classes and advanced. To learn more about the gym and to schedule a class, click here.

Project Sculpt | 319 Washington Street, Hoboken + 133 2nd Street

Project Sculpt offers full-body workouts that combine running and other cardiovascular exercises with strength training. One class that is offered is called Run, Box, Lift and, as the name suggests, attendees can expect to train their bodies using these three modalities. The class is 40 minutes long. To learn about the other class types and to schedule, click here.

Renzo Gracie Jersey City | 151 Newark Avenue + 3487 Kennedy Boulevard + 2815 Kennedy Boulevard

Renzo Gracie Jersey City specializes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Students of all ages are welcome and can choose a class that best suits their fitness needs and goals. Beginner classes focus on the fundamentals, basic techniques, and self-defense with the advanced classes building on those techniques and introducing competition strategies. Additional disciplines like kickboxing and Nogi are offered as well. To learn more and check out the schedule, click here.

Team Endurance MMA | 785 West Side Avenue

Team Endurance MMA offers a full schedule of mixed martial arts for all ages. Adults who are looking to learn self-defense techniques, become stronger athletes, or just looking to improve self-esteem can check out the adult martial arts classes. Kids classes are available, and parents can enroll children in weeks-long series throughout the year. Be sure to keep up with Team Endurance’s website as upcoming events are listed regularly. To learn more and to find the schedule, click here.

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World Boxing Gym | 29 Division Street


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World Boxing Gym is the go-to choice for those looking to combine modern fitness trends with an old-school boxing gym. The facility has state-of-the-art cardio and strength machines while also offering a suite of boxing classes and training areas. At World Boxing Gym, members interested in boxing can choose group sessions or private training. Group sessions are one hour long and there are beginner and advanced options. The classes are designed to teach fundamentals and different forms of boxing like pad work and footwork. Private sessions start at $80 for a single class or bundles can be purchased for a discount. To learn more about the gym and to schedule a session, click here.

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