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Dyamond Fitness Opens in Jersey City

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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There’s a new workout spot in Jersey City that is adjusting to the times of COVID-19, and it’s in the Heights. Dyamond Fitness, located at 317 Central Avenue, is a predominantly outdoor and virtual workout experience focusing on more than just exercise to accomplish any fitness goal in mind. We chatted with owner and trainer, Dyamond Ruffin, to learn more about his business and his experience in the industry.

About Dyamond Ruffin

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Dyamond has been in the fitness industry for about five years now, but his love for staying in shape and working toward goals started long before becoming a business owner. 

I played football my whole life and fitness was a part of staying in playing shape, and I enjoyed the fitness part just as much as playing. I played collegiate football and really got started in fitness then,” Dyamond shared with Hoboken Girl.

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Dyamond graduated from Wesley College with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, and while obtaining this degree, he learned why he wanted to get into the industry in a big way. 

dyamond fitness jersey city

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“For my senior research project, I interned at a physical therapy clinic and realized I enjoyed helping people recover and reach their goals. So I combined my passion for fitness and helping people into one.

Starting Dyamond Fitness

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Now, through Dyamond Fitness, he is able to help people of all ages with varying goals achieve them. He says that his most common request is weight loss, but a mental improvement is actually what he wants for his clients. “I hope that people gain the confidence they have always wanted and for them to feel like the best versions of themselves. The results will come, but how you feel is what is most important.”

Dyamond is able to help his clients achieve their goals through more than just exercise, knowing that both physical and mental health play a role in full transformation

dyamond fitness jersey city

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“I tell my clients to focus on creating a habit of exercising instead of the end goals initially. Short term goals and habits lead to the overall outcome goal and habit change is most important.”

In order to continue to offer the highest quality of training and information to his clients, Dyamond is continuing his pursuit of knowledge through higher education. He is currently working on a master’s degree in Applied Kinesiology and Physiology to stay on track with the latest trends and gain a further understanding of the science behind fitness results.  

His Mission

dyamond fitness jersey city

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The Dyamond Fitness mission is to push people to ‘be their best selves through fitness.’ Dyamond offers a variety of training options, including personal training sessions, semi-private training sessions, and small group classes. 

For small group classes, clients can pick from options such as Bootcamp Class, High-Intensity Interval Training class, and Boxing. Sessions and classes can be adapted for all ages and fitness levels. Dyamond says when people sign up for his classes they can expect “fun, no judgment, high energy, a lot of sweat, and good music.”

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In response to COVID-19 restrictions, Dyamond has made sure to conduct many of his classes outside and limit the number of guests inside. Despite these changes, he says that his business has actually grown in 2020. “The pandemic has helped my business tremendously. I have decided to focus on growing my business and take the initiative instead of rolling over.”

Contact Info

To learn more about what Dyamond Fitness has to offer and to book a session, head to www.dyamondfitness.com, or email train@dyamondfitness.com.


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