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4 Binge-Read Books For Spring {Found Locally}

by Alexandra Maravic
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Books have the unique power to find you when you need them the most, especially when you least expect it. They can teach you to listen harder, love deeper, act kinder, and smile brighter. On top of it all, they’re a great way to escape reality without the help of a screen, but sometimes finding a great book to dive into can be tough. One writer {and the woman behind @HobokenBooksta}, however, wants to help make that process a bit easier for you {and make browsing through shops like Little City Books, WORD Jersey City, Symposia Community Book Store, and more less duanting}. Just in time for tomorrow’s Sign Off Saturday {ahem, that means ZERO screens or media if you can do it}, check out these top binge reads for spring that can be found locally.  

The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh

thewatercure booksta march

Genre: Science Fiction

Brace yourself for a riveting female revenge story set in a post-apocalyptic world with Sophie Mackintosh’s debut novel. Three sheltered sisters and their mother struggle to survive without their father’s protection after his sudden disappearance. The girls had a seriously strange upbringing, which instilled in them a strong fear and disdain for men. At their parents’ insistence, the sisters were forced to participate in bizarre rituals designed to enforce their love and loyalty to each other. There was nothing more important than protecting each other and their hidden sanctuary from the threat of man.

However, the unexpected arrival of three male strangers forces them to question everything about life, as they know it. Despite the fierce efforts of her parents, one sister finds herself falling in love with one of the surprise guests, which puts everyone’s life in jeopardy. The Water Cure’s unique narrative paints an interesting picture of what the future may hold for all of us. This is definitely one of those novels that reveals more and more each time you read it, so don’t be afraid to pick it up again to work through all the hidden meanings and innuendos.

No Exit by Taylor Abrams

no exit booksta march

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Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Driving in inclement weather is stressful enough, especially during the holidays. Then add some serious family drama and all the guilt you’ve been strategically avoiding like the plague for the last few years awaiting you at your destination. Then, imagine the weather is so horrific you physically cannot make it any further, forcing you to spend the night at a desolate rest stop with four strangers.

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In your frantic search for cell service, you come across a van with covered windows in the relatively empty parking lot. A seed of apprehension is planted deep within your gut as you peer into the little opening where one of the sheets blocking the window has slipped. That’s when you see a hand. A small, pale hand gripping the bars of a cage. The flash of the skin is so fleeting, you worry you imagined it. But dread spreads through you like a terminal illness, quietly and slowly. You know one of those four strangers inside that rest stop is holding a child captive inside that van. You know that a child’s life rests solely in your less than capable hands. What do you do?

The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

theproposal booksta march

Genre: Romance

Who wouldn’t love the most awkward event of your life happening live with 45,000 of your closest friends watching? For Nikole Paterson, spending the day at Dodger Stadium celebrating her B-list actor boyfriend’s birthday with the guys is less than ideal. There are a million things she’d rather be doing, including catching up on work {which says a lot}. Just when she thinks she has a moment to sneak a glance at her overflowing inbox, her boyfriend eagerly diverts her attention with a rather unfortunate proposal {complete with her misspelled name on the JumboTron for the entire stadium to see}.

When she says no, her boyfriend, his bruised ego, and his friends all abruptly leave the scene of the crime as Nikole is left stranded. Luckily for her, a brother and sister are watching this travesty unfold from a few rows back and rush to her rescue as they help her escape the media circus.

Carlos, a handsome pediatrician, is the perfect rebound candidate for Nik. She invites him to have a drink with her and her friends to pay him back for his kindness. Thus begins the flirty text messages and spontaneous dinner dates. At the insistence of her friends, Nik finds herself giving into the mutual attraction and a whirlwind romance soon ensues. The two struggle to maintain and define their “casual” relationship without the constraints of monogamy. With sharp wit and a feminist edge, this novel is easily relatable for the millennial female trying to find love, keep her independence, and live her best life. The Proposal is the perfect feel-good read that will leave you feeling light and relaxed long after you put it down.

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Text Me When You Get Home: The Evolution and Triumph of Modern Female Friendship by Kayleen Schaefer

textmewhenyougethome booksta march

Genre: Nonfiction

A true testament to the divine power of sisterhood, Text Me When You Get Home explores and discredits the negative stereotypes surrounding female friendships. Journalist Kayleen Schaefer interviews over one hundred women who describe how much their best friends have impacted their lives in a monumental capacity. As the interviews unfold, we watch the societal shift over time through familiar examples of movies and television shows. Schaefer also reflects on her personal experience with both men and women, which provides a valuable and genuine component to the narrative.

The stories of these women might even compel you to examine your own friendships with a fresh perspective and profound appreciation. True friends are hard to come by, and there is no better feeling than experiencing that defining moment when you both just click and there is no going back, this person is now a permanent and irreplaceable fixture in your life.

Have a top spring read that you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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