5 Bookstores in Hoboken and Jersey City {and the Books You Need to Read When You Get There}

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Sometimes an ideal night isn’t a night out — it’s a glass of french wine & falling asleep to a good book. And not an illuminated Kindle or Nook, dear readers. A real, paperbound, feel-the-weight-in-your-hands book. They certainly make a commute to NYC in a smelly metro train more bearable…don’t you agree? We’re firm believers that everyone should spend less time on social media {yes, believe it or not!} and more time with their noses in a book, so here’s a list of reading recommendations {and places to find them in town!}. Enjoy & don’t forget to hashtag #HobokenGirlReads with any of your favorite finds! 

What You Should Be Reading

1. For a {really} good cry.


Me Before You {+ After You} by JoJo Moyes

Have tissues in hand people. I repeat, have tissues…a lot of them. You may have seen the trailer for ‘Me Before You‘ and thought “this looks like a darling little love story”…NO. It’s a beautiful, TRAGIC, love story that will break your heart and put it back together again. And if the first book wasn’t enough, it’s sequel, After You, is a delicious serving of seconds.

2. For the hopeless romantics.


Chasers of the Light by Tyler Knott Gregson

A collection of words by a man that will give you higher expectations than Nicholas Sparks. Who knew THAT was possible?

The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan

If you’re a sucker for juicy metaphors and ooooo weeeeee does this book deliver. The author takes everyday words and defines them through his personal feelings and memories. I’ve probably read this book four or fives times.

3. Books on love, life & careers.


Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

My love for the HBO show,’Girls’ and Lena Dunham in general, led me to this book. I’ll say right off the bat, it is NOT for everyone. Those of you who shy away from pure, raw, what the f@$!, honesty–should pass on this. I, on the other hand, appreciate it and think this is an easy, awesome read.

I’m Just Here For the Wifi by Chelsea Fagan

Though I had to order this on Amazon {my go-to for books that I can’t find in local stores}, I needed to read it. I’ve admired Chelsea’s brutal honesty and advice on life through her site, The Financial Diet, and her book did not let me down!

Why Not Me? Mindy Kaling 

Mindy Kaling is a delight to read and she’ll surely make you laugh–unless your sense of humor sucks. Warning: this one is selling like hot cakes so you may only find one or two copies in stores.

4. Just REALLY good stories. 


The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Don’t let the size of this one scare you..you’ll breeze through the pages once you get into it’s gripping story. Not revealing any secrets! 

Room by Emma Donoghue

If you haven’t seen the oscar nominated film yet, do yourself a favor and pick this up. As you’ll come to find out, it is told entirely through a five-year-old’s perspective so the writing style may annoy you at first…but THE STORY he tells. Wow.

 Books I’m dying to get my hands onThe French Phrasebook at Anthropologie, Yes Please by Amy Poehler, Werk Your Wardrobe by Tiffany Pinero & #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso.

Where to Find Those Gems

1. Little City Books — 100 Bloomfield Street 


Image via @redbeanswisco

Hoboken’s newest little bookstore, Little City Books, is the perfect place to find newly released books and popular authors. They are just off Washington Street and have awesome book clubs & events. Find out more here!

2. Symposia Community Bookstore — 510 Washington Street 


Image via @darlingindots

Gently used books for a fraction of the price you’d pay in stores. Though they may not have the newest arrivals, their collection is always chock-full of goodies. I’ve purchased books such as The Devil Wears Prada, The Hunger Games & A Harry Potter {or two} here. Don’t forget to donate any of your old reads! 

3. WORD — 123 Newark Avenue {Jersey City} 


Image via @wordbookstores

This spot is too cute for…words? They have so many new arrivals, an in-house cafe to read your newly purchased book and don’t even get me started on their stationary section {featured image}. Their cafe has one of the coolest Instagrams EVER–check it out here & definitely make the trip to Jersey City to see this place!

4. Anthropologie — 412 Washington Street 


Image via @wispandwhim

We’re convinced Anthropologie only carries pretty books…and that’s said in the best way possible. If you need a new cookbook, travel guide or something inspiring, this place is a go-to. And where you’ll find Chasers of the Light by Tyler Knott Gregson, mentioned above! 

5. Hoboken Public Library — 500 Park Ave || Jersey City Public Library — 472 Jersey Ave


Most people love a good bookshelf and collection of books, but if you’re not the purchasing type–the library is a no brainer place to go! All about the Hoboken Public Library here.

What are you reading & where? Happy Saturday! xo 

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Meg is a twenty-something “old soul” and is known to leave {red} lipstick marks on her coffee mugs. She moved to Hoboken last year for a boy {a wonderful one at that} and has happily resided uptown since. When she’s not writing our weekly events guide, she’s a real estate agent and an amateur photographer. You can usually find Meg at a local coffee shop, a hot yoga studio, or home with her two cats, Penny Lane & Lucy. She loves a good glass of wine and cooking to her favorite band, The Beatles. Show this girl a sense of humor or recommend some good fiction and she’ll love you, dearly.