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Hoboken Public Library Debuts Library of Things

by Danielle Farina
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Hoboken residents have much to boast about to their suburb-settled friends — walkability, easy access to NYC, more pizzerias per square mile than any other city. Of course, there are shortcomings (albeit, a few): limited apartment space means limited storage space, which often comes at the sacrifice of those not-totally-necessary household items that you want anyway. The Hoboken Public Library has launched a Library of Things, where library card-holding residents can check out unique items for two weeks at a time. The library has a range of items to explore, from a record player, vintage Atari console, and cassette player, to different tools, board games, and more. We stopped by HPL to browse the Library of Things — and in the process, discovered all of the other happenings HPL has in the works. Keep reading to learn more about Hoboken Public Library’s Library of Things, and other exciting updates from the library. 

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Beyond the Books 

The Library of Things sits on the second floor of the Hoboken Public Library, located at 500 Park Avenue, and is open to anyone with a library card. Currently, there are two display cases filled with all sorts of newly purchased items — from entertainment systems and board games to tools. There’s even a water quality tester, air quality tester, air compressor, and a power washer. 

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Checking out items from the Library of Things is not much different than checking out a book. Any card-holding Hoboken residents can take out the item of their choice (as long as it’s on-shelf) for two weeks at a time, and return it to the library once the time has expired. The Information and Digital Services team will guide cardholders through the process at their desk across from the shelves. First-time renters must sign a waiver to check out an item. 

Nicole Macroni is the collections manager at HPL and is largely the one to credit for Hoboken’s new Library of Things. Alongside Jennie Pu, the library director, the goal was to fill the void of certain items that aren’t readily accessible to residents, or simply wouldn’t fit in their apartments. In a conversation with HG, Nicole described the collection as a “live, growing collection that’s responsive to the community.” Jennie added that the library (both of things and HPL at large, really) is “serving the residents… [we] want it to be used and useful.” 

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As the collection grows, residents can suggest different items for the library to add. All suggestions can be emailed to requests@hobokenlibrary.com

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If you don’t already have a library card (change that), it’s super easy to get one, and, HPL recently launched the most adorable, colorful cards. You can apply for a card online right here at this link



What Else is Going on at HPL?

The Hoboken Public Library dates back to 1888, but it’s constantly reinventing itself to serve the community. It’s an amazing resource in town, with three sprawling floors of books, magazines, records, archives, and more. There’s a newly renovated play space for children on the third floor, which sits right next to the new Makerspace. 

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We popped into the Makerspace earlier this week and are already plotting our next visit. The room boasts an impressive selection of creative tools: a Cricut, button maker, 3-D printer, mug maker, and so much more. Library members are welcome to visit the Makerspace during hours of operation (12PM-7:45PM Monday, 10AM-5:45PM Tuesady – Thursday, 10AM – 4:45PM Friday, closed Saturday + Sunday), with no appointment or registration required. Mondays are also Open Tech Time, where locals can bring their own technology or computer questions and the library’s IT team will try to help. Learn all about the Makerspace here

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The library also hosts events almost daily, for residents of all ages and interests. You can see the full schedule on its website here

For all the latest Hoboken + Jersey City happenings, be sure to follow @thehobokengirl on Instagram + TikTok . 

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