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Join Our Social Media Detox! Starts Monday, February 25th

by Hoboken Girl Team
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From the moment you wake up and check your email to that last scroll of your feed before bed, technology is in almost every part of our day. Even we realize, as a digital company, that every once in a while you need a social media break. So we’ve created a week of social media detox strategies and calls to action that we’re inviting everyone, community-wide, to join. For the week of February 25th – March 2nd, Hoboken Girl is going UNPLUGGED, and you’re invited {yes, that means we actually will be taking a break from social media}:

Unplugged Week

Each day we will prompt readers to detox from their technology in a new way, ultimately leading up to going fully offline on Saturday, March 2nd.

Join us in the challenge with the guidelines below. And share the graphics to let your friends/family know about it {and perhaps join!}.

Here are our daily challenges for the ultimate social media detox week, starting Monday, February 25th:

No Cyber Monday {February 25th}  

no cyber Monday

For the entire day, no online shopping.

This includes: That lunchtime Postmates, Seamless, GrubHub, or UberEats order will need to take a raincheck, all Uber/Lyft rides are off limits, and essentially — all online shopping activity is off the table.

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Instead: Take the opportunity to visit that new restaurant you’ve been dying to try {no Open Table, sorry!} or pop into your nearest vintage shop to see what’s new in stock. Shopping is on the table, just have to swipe your CC in-person.

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Text-Less Tuesday {February 26th}

textless tuesday

For the entire day, NO texting.

This includes: Texting, WhatsApping, Facebook messaging, sliding into any DMs, and no dating apps.

Instead: Use Tuesday as an opportunity to have more personal conversations. Whether it’s over the phone, over FaceTime, or in-person, take some time to check-in with on your loved ones sans text bubbles, group chat, gifs, and emojis.

Web-Free Wednesday {February 27th}

web free wednesday

For the entire day, no googling anything. No searching for any information

This includes: No using google, Yelp, internet searches, GPS/Navigation/MapQuest, Siri, Google Home, Alexa, or Instagram geotags searching.

Instead: Hoboken Library is located at 400 Park Avenue. Bust out the almanacs, encyclopedias, or better yet — ask a friend. But don’t text them {just kidding}. If you’re hungry, rummage through the drawer that contains all your paper menus, and get number you need the old-fashioned way.

We’re also hosting a Hoboken Girl Social — completely UNPLUGGED — on Wednesday evening. Join us and get tickets here!

“Thank You” Thursday {February 28th}

thank you thursday

For the entire day, practice gratitude — technology-free.

This Includes: Not using email or texting to send your appreciation.

Instead: Take a few minutes on Thursday to write a personal card or simple post-it note to show the people in your life that you appreciate them. Drop it off on their desk or—better yet—send it through snail mail.

Unfollow Friday {March 1st}

unfollow fridayPick a time during the day to delete, erase, and unfollow…or whatever.

This Includes: Purging yourself of any bad vibes on social media.

Instead: Say au revoir to negative accounts clogging up your news feed. Hit the “unfollow” button on any accounts that deprive your feed of that daily dose of positive energy you deserve. If it doesn’t spark joy a la Marie Kondo, adios! Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, a healthy feed is necessary.

Sign-Off Saturday {March 2nd}


For the entire day: Shut. It. Down.

This includes: No technology — period. No phone, no TV, no email, no laptops, no work, no Netflix, only chill.

Post this graphic in your stories or feed on Friday to let everyone know you’re offline on Saturday.

Instead: Shut down, log off, and unwind on Saturday for a full phone and tech detox. Put your out of office up, so people know not to expect a response till Sunday/Monday.

Some ideas for the day:  

– Take your dog for a long walk

– Bust out the board games

– Go to brunch WITHOUT your phone/and definitely don’t post an Instagram Story

– Throw a pajama-cooking party for you and your friends

– Take a new workout class

– Walk to the waterfront {if it’s warm} and enjoy the views

– Read a book

– Head to the spa

– Get a massage

– Take a nap

– Write in a journal

– Color a mandala

– Do a DIY project

– Clean a closet Kondo-style

– Think about all the things that you can do without your phone

Put the screens away and be present with your surroundings.
Interested in participating? Make sure to follow along on social media @HobokenGirlBlog and share each day’s accomplishments with us!

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