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Our Visit to YO1 Health Resort in the Catskill Mountains

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Fall is the season of transition: the leaves change color, the air gets colder, and the days get shorter. In the spirit of this transition, it always feels like a great time for a personal reset, and where better to reset your mind and body than a wellness retreat? Spoiler: There is none. 

Yovan Health Resort (YO1) is one of our personal favorites — it’s a health spa focused on wellness in the middle of the mountains. Located in Monticello, New York, this transformative wellness resort and spa sits in the Catskill Mountain region and is surrounded by picturesque views. We recently got to visit this luxury health and wellness destination, which specializes in holistic healing practices such as yoga, ayurveda, and acupuncture. Guests can also enjoy outdoor nature trails, reflexology walkways, and a spa + fitness center. Read on to learn more about this holistic wellness center. 

All About YO1 Health Resort

Yovan Health Resort is located in Monticello, New York, just under 100 miles outside of Hudson County. Situated in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, the retreat rests on 1,300 acres of land with views of the mountain range and neighboring Bailey Lake (the views are beautiful, and the walking paths are a must!).

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Although relaxation is the end goal, planning a wellness retreat can still be pretty overwhelming. At YO1, wellness experts guide guests through this immersive experience. The resort’s restorative packages and unique health programs are designed alongside experts, based on each individual client’s needs. There are a host of physical health informational sessions, including a Diabetes-II management class, a weight management class, and an immunity booster class. 

Our Experience

We did a one-night experience which was honestly not enough. The resort is clean, not super crowded when we went in October, and the rooms were immaculate — plus, the staff was very helpful.

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If you’re looking for pools and hot tubs galore, this is not the place for you — as there is one pool and two hot tubs, but the treatments and yoga schedule themselves are worth the trip. They include a variety of classics like deep tissue massage and mud scrubs, as well as acupuncture and ayurvedic treatments.

(Photo Credit: @yo1catskillsny)

A few favorites from our trip: Juice at the in-house juice bar, eating gluten-free breakfast that included pancakes, yoga overlooking the lake, a mud scrub, and a deep tissue massage after dinner. Cozy up with a good book and hydrating after dinner, and it’s truly a perfect rejuvenation of a vacation.

Daily, there is a schedule of yoga and yoga-adjacent activities — things like meditation, sound baths, yin yoga, and more. All are accessible to guests throughout the day. We tried several of them, and it easily could fill up most of your day.

When you need a break from relaxing (it’s hard work, let’s be honest), there are plenty of other options to check out. The space boasts a salon, an indoor theater, and a kitchen specializing in vegan and vegetarian meal options — with tons of gluten-free goodies. There is no meat served at YO1, but plenty of vegetarian options.

Options for Guests

Guests can stay overnight or opt for a day-pass — we stayed overnight for one night, but some of the guests stayed for several days.

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 The experiences included in the day pass are pre-fixed, meaning daytime visitors are not able to personalize their experience, but they’re still welcome to enjoy multiple treatment options and all of the campus amenities.

And if you stay overnight, you get all the good breakfast eats!

Yovan = Optimum Mental State of Health

In the Indian classical language, YO1 or “Yovan” means “youth,” and is thought to represent the human quest to attain eternal youth. Many of us perceive youth as the absence of wrinkles or gray hair, but at YO1, youth is a mental state: the optimum mental state of health and self-empowerment. 

(Photo Credit: @yo1catskillsny)

This ideology informs all of the wellness practices offered at the sanctuary. Guests can enjoy traditional healing treatments including ayurveda, yoga, and acupuncture, or explore the facility’s outdoor nature trails and indoor fitness centers. There are both group and individual activities to enjoy, so guests have the opportunity to meet new people and take some time to themselves, too. 

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It’s no secret that The Catskill Mountains is one of our favorite destinations here at The Hoboken Girl (pssst: follow our sister Instagram account @thecatskillsgirl!). This region spans four New York counties and offers a wide variety of local gems including boutique hotels, shops, and restaurants. We’ve previously rounded up some of our favorite spots in the area, including Willa Bakery, Deer Mountain Inn, and plenty more. We’re excited to add YO1 to our list, as it truly is a haven of a retreat that will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, and centered.

To book your stay at YO1, click here.

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