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We’ve Rounded up the Most Unique Waffles Near Hudson County

by Jean Lee
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Waffles are something to enjoy any time of day. They’re great for breakfast, a weekend brunch, or after dinner for an indulgent dessert. Everyone is familiar with sweet waffles with chocolate, caramel, or maybe syrup — but there are also savory waffles with chicken, pork, and other heartier ingredients. It can be hard to find the right waffle dish for the occasion, but don’t worry, Hoboken Girl has done that for you. Keep reading for a list of some of where to get the most unique waffle dishes near Hudson County. 

The Belgian Plate by @waffleitandco I 210 Hudson Street, Jersey City

the belgian plate jersey city

(Photo credits: @waffleitandco)

This cute spot is within walking distance of Exchange Place in Jersey City. There are plenty of waffle dishes on the menu, such as the Mediterranean waffle with tomato, mozzarella, arugula, and basil, or the Good Morning Jersey Waffle with ham, gruyere, spinach, and a maple syrup drizzle. The southern chicken waffle is another unique dish, made with chicken, cheese, arugula, and ranch dressing. The French Kiss Waffle is excellent for dessert, made with chocolate mousse, strawberries, and whipped cream.

Brownstone Pancake Factory | 860 River Road, Edgewater

unicorn waffle brownstone pancake factory nj

(Photo credits: @brownstone_pancake_factory)

This family-owned business is a staple on top 10 breakfast spots  – it even received a nod on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. The young and young-at-heart can pick from such original offerings as the Ultimate Unicorn Waffle Tower, two Belgian waffles baked with rainbow sprinkles, topped with red velvet cake, cotton candy, lollipops, and drizzled with colorful sauces. There’s also locations in Brick and Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Buddy’s JC | 247 Washington Street, Jersey City

Buddy’s is a Jersey City staple that went viral for the cereal pancakes. While these are a great option, the waffle dishes are just as good. What’s great is they have a single waffle available as a side to order for any brunch option for those who love trying as many things as possible during one meal. Or if a waffle dish is more the vibe, check out this place’s rendition of chicken and waffles: the mac and cheese waffle with golden fried chicken. Either option is seriously delicious, and the main waffle dishes are on any menu (because who doesn’t love waffles at any time of the day). 

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Carnegie Diner | 700 Plaza Drive, Secaucus

(Photo credit: Carnegie Diner’s Facebook)

This famous NYC staple recently expanded to Secaucus. Not only does it have an entire page of plant-based options (yes, please), but it also has some yummy waffles on the menu — and some are really unique. For those looking for a fruity vibe, there’s the tropical crunch waffle — which is served with fresh banana, strawberries, ango, crunchy granola + strawberry reduction. There’s also a southern chicken + waffles plate served with fried chicken tenders, chopped bacon, sweet dried cranberries, and homemade sausage gravy. But perhaps the most unique one on the menu is the salted caramel waffle. It comes with chopped bacon, whipped vanilla mascarpone, brown sugar roasted walnut crumble, caramel drizzle, + coarse sea salt. It’s bold and unique, hitting on many different tastes + flavors.    

Life Pancake Company | 426 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City

(Photo Credit: Life Pancake Company’s Facebook)

Don’t be confused by the restaurant name, this place has some great waffle dishes to try. Sweet and savory taste buds can rejoice because there are plenty of menu items to satisfy any craving. From the chocolate-lover waffles to the pork chop and apple waffles, there is really something for everyone. Come visit any time of day, because this place gives off a diner vibe (but with Instagram-worthy decor).

Original Pancake House | 15 The Promenade, Edgewater

(Photo Credit: @ophedgewater)

This is another place that is named for the pancakes, but still makes a great waffle. The line to dine here says it all: it’s the place to be on the weekend for breakfast in Edgewater. Inside is like a retro diner with beautiful flower pieces. The waffles are classic flavors including chocolate chip, strawberry, and blueberry — so this is a spot for people who like a wide range of flavors but nothing too complex on each waffle. Though the flavors are a little simpler than other spots, Original Pancake House serves up one unique flavor: toasted coconut, and it’s light, subtle, and sweet. There’s also a Georgia pecan waffle that’s served with toasted pecans. There is a second location in West Caldwell. 

Pier 115 | 115 River Road, Edgewater

(Photo Credit: @pier115barandgrill)

Pier 115 is a fine dining experience. There is a dress code of no athletic outfits or baseball hats, so be sure to dress appropriately. On a day where a dressier brunch is on the calendar, head here and order the Belgian waffle tower. It’s more than a waffle dish, it’s an architectural wonder. This waffle dish is piled high with almond gelato, Oreos, butterscotch, caramel, chocolate syrup + sprinkles, seasonal berries, and a caramel apple cake. The views here are great, but the waffles are even better. Make sure to visit on Saturdays and Sundays from 12PM to 4PM for the brunch menu.

The Crepe Escape | 502 Kearny Avenue, Kearny


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(Photo Credit: @thecrepeescapenj)

The Crepe Escape is more than just a punny name. This place is cute and has a great staff tending to guests. Patrons can order any option as a crepe or a waffle. These dishes are topped with delicious add-ons like Nutella, Oreos, fruit, cheesecake bites, and more. The waffles and crepes taste just as good as they look.

The Highwood | 500 Avenue at Port Imperial, Weehawken

(Photo Credit: @the_highwood)

This indoor-outdoor restaurant is right by the water and gives off a tropical and classy vibe. Come for brunch and order the chicken and waffles. It’s no ordinary chicken and waffles though — it is boldly topped with Nutella and caramel roasted bananas, along with mango-habanero whipped cream and fresh berries.  

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Tops Diner | 500 Passaic Avenue, East Newark

(Photo Credit: @thetopsdiner)

Sure, any diner will have waffles on the menu, but Tops Diner is more than just the average New Jersey Diner (not that there’s anything wrong with the average New Jersey diner). It truly feels like stepping back in time, but the menu represents what diners today want to see: creative and fresh menu items. There are a few waffle dishes to choose from, including waffles Benedict (think eggs Benedict, but with waffles instead of English muffins). 

Turning Point | 1420 Sinatra Drive North, Hoboken

(Photo Credit: @turningpointrestaurants)

Breakfast is a must here, and the waffle dishes don’t disappoint. There is a classic Belgian or chicken and waffle option, but the most creative waffle dish is the Tropical Crunch waffle. Much like Carnegie Diner’s, it’s topped with bananas, strawberries, mango, crunchy granola, and strawberry reduction. And we can’t forget about the 100% real maple syrup available to order. 

Waffle + Bubble | Multiple locations in Union City, West New York, and Secaucus

(Photo Credit: @waffleandbubble)

Waffle and Bubble is so much more than just a waffle place. It has different chicken dishes as well as bubble tea. There are a few waffle options on the menu here. For diners looking for a savory option, try the waffle cone with meat or veggies (think ice cream cone, but for chicken and waffles). If decadent dessert is more the vibe, try the basic waffle. It tastes almost doughnut- or cake-like with sweet sugar syrup on top. It’d be a tasty late-night bite too.

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