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Where to Get the Most Unique Lattes in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Lauren Alberti
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There’s just something about a latte – it’s creamy, flavorful, and packs that much needed punch of caffeine to end a midday slump. It’s the perfect drink all year round – available iced or hot. They can be plain and simple or decadent and delicious. Every latte starts the same: a shot or two of espresso, combined with steamed milk — typically a 1:2 ratio — and topped off with foam. However, not all lattes are created equal. Coffee shops are not naive to the power of the latte, and many have been experimenting with pushing the envelope to create some of the most unique espresso experiences possible. We’ve rounded up some of the most unique, unusual, and creative lattes in the area. Read on to learn more about the funkiest lattes in Hoboken and Jersey City — as well as where to find them.

Please note: Some of these drinks are seasonal, so be sure to check with each spot to make sure they are still on the menu. 

Almond Joy Latte from Empire Coffee & Tea | 338 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken

empire coffe

We choose not to listen to whoever says you can’t have candy for breakfast. Empire Coffee understands that sometimes life is hard, and a little Almond Joy latte can make it a lot better. Empire has a “Funky Latte” menu filled with unique flavors including Red Velvet, Milk Way, Creme Brulee, Nutella, and more. 

Cereal Milk Latte from The Hive | 1000 Park Avenue, Hoboken

The Cereal Milk Latte lives at only one place in Hoboken, and it’s at The Hive. This nostalgic Cinnamon Toast Crunch-inspired drink acts as both a form of time-travel as well as fuel for the day ahead. 

El Cubano Latte from Joey No Nuts Cafe | 638 Willow Avenue, Hoboken

el cubano joey no nuts

(Photo credits: @joeynonutscafe)

Hoboken’s only nut-free cafe serves up this latte with honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Whether it’s served iced or hot, it’s a great + sweet morning pick-me-up after a long night out. 

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Flash Brew Float from The Little Local | 519 Adams Street, Hoboken

This latte is made with vanilla syrup, cream, and vanilla ice cream. It’s  a delicious late summer, early September afternoon treat. 

Fall-fetti Latte from MOJO Coffee | 230 Willow Avenue and 801 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken

Any day can be your birthday with MOJO’s fall-fetti latte. This drink tastes just like ice cream, but you can have it before noon without raising any eyebrows. This drink is an autumnal twist on the popular Funfetti latte — it’s an iced maple latte with cold foam and fall-themed sprinkles. 

Green Tea Macadamia Ice Cream Latte from Lackawanna Coffee | Multiple locations in Jersey City

Ice cream in a latte — absolutely. This earthy, sweet, velvety drink is truly a unique creation.

(Photo Credit: @lildovecafejc)

Honey Lavender Latte from lil dove cafe | 589 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City

Take a deep breath and feel the relaxation set in with this honey lavender latte from the lil dove cafe. Whether it’s hot or iced, pairing one of these drinks alongside the next rainy day — and perhaps with a good book to read — is sure to let the stress slip away. 

Horchata Latte from Treehouse Coffee Shop | 434A West Side Avenue, Jersey City

(Photo Credit: @treehousejc)

With a twist to the traditional Mexican drink, this latte takes horchata, a sweet drink made from rice and cinnamon, and adds espresso for a delicious and sweet treat. 

Key Lime Pie Latte from MOJO Coffee | 230 Willow Avenue and 801 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken

(Photo credits: @mojocoffeecompany)

This latte is the perfect iced treat to brighten up your afternoon. The key lime pie latte comes topped with cold foam for an extra refreshing sip. 

Lavender Cold Brew Latte from bwé kafe | Multiple Locations

lavender cold brew

Picture this: it’s a warm day in Hoboken, the sun is shining, you just got a brand new book to read, and now you’re ready for a latte. Bwé’s lavender cold brew latte will brighten your morning. It’s truly like sipping on a flower while also getting that much needed caffeine boost.

Lavender Macadamia Matcha Latte from Maggie’s Farm Espresso | 88 Morgan Street, Jersey City

(Photo Credit: @maggiesfarmespresso)

It’s a mouthful to order, but it’s worth it. When a morning boost is needed, pick up this latte made with matcha, dried lavender, and steamed macadamia milk.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Chocolate Vanilla Iced Oat Latte from Modcup | 479 Palisade Avenue + 25 Senate Place, Jersey City

(Photo Credit: @modcupcoffee)

This latte consists of fresh lion’s mane mushroom powder (sourced from Lifecap Farms in Jersey City), Colombian 70% cacao chocolate (sourced from Forrest Coffee Colombia), a dash of Mexican Vanilla, double shot of Mod espresso (Colombian Ethiopia), and 6 ounces of oat milk. Shaken, not stirred. 

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Strawberry Cream Latte from O Kafe | 230 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City

(Photo Credit: @okafenj)

One of O Kafe’s most popular drinks is its Strawberry Cream Latte — and it only takes one sip to realize why. This creamy beverage comes hot or iced, with your choice of milk. Each latte is topped with dried strawberry chips for some added sweetness. 

Sugar Candy Latte from O Kafe | 230 Pavonia Ave, Jersey City

While you can add “sugar candy” to any drink at O Kafe, the Iced Sugar Candy Latte is a must try. A smooth, cold latte is topped with crunchy sugar candy that slowly dissolves and blends into the drink so you can taste it all the way through.

Ube Latte from Pour Amor | 123 Washington Street, Hoboken

ube latte

(Photo Credit: @pouramorcoffee)

Ube is a purple yam that originates in the Philippines, and it surprisingly makes a delicious coffee drink. This drink is sure to be as yummy as it is pretty. 

Viceroy’s Latte from Hidden Grounds | Multiple Hudson County locations

This is off Hidden Grounds’ brand new Coffee Mocktails menu — it’s made with bay leaves, jasmine, Silver Tip green tea, dark brown sugar mixed with oat milk, espresso, and topped with a dried bay leaf and brandied cherry. Our jaws are truly on the floor. read more button

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