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Giphy, Cascade Ice Sparkling H2O, & Chris Madden Style

by Jennifer Tripucka
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A while ago, we were featuring the Friday Five — but decided to break things down a little bit more {after all Fridays are a little cray cray around here and it wasn’t always coming weekly}, and introduce the Thursday Three. It will be a mish mash of the fun things on our minds {+potentially on our Instagram [@HobokenGirlBlog] } that you may have missed!

Here are a few things we’re crushing on this week:

1. Giphy:

Need a gif but didn’t know how to get one? This site is AWESOME and has a ton…plus it’s easy to embed into a post. And here are 10 Gifs to Remind You That Casper Was Awesome, btw {in case you had no idea what was going on in the photo above}.


2. Cascade Ice Sparkling H2O

JK Therapy
Vepo Clean


So, clearly, we loved these zero cal sparkling water organic and delicious refreshers that Cascade sent me, because by the time I was able to take a pic for yours truly, they were EMPTY. I just love that they don’t have artificial sweeteners, are organic, and are SODIUM FREE. Totally hard to find all of that in one and still have it taste good. Plus, nothing gets me more excited than seeing that USDA organic logo. PS: fiancé approved. Found at: Whole Foods!

Zap Fitness


3. Chris Madden Style

photo 1

Atop the Hotel Giraffe

Recently, I was invited to preview the new line from interior designer & author Chris Madden’s new home collections: Chris Madden Style. I just love her eclectic yet classic approach to home decor and design. She has written many books on interior design and her new line epitomizes her ability to add chic yet simplistic touches to every room in the house. Exhibits A&B:

photo 4

Her new Alessandra pillows

photo 2

The Adelle Collection, bringing in the pink yet not going overboard {and adding some gold, my fave}.

Of course I have my copies of some of her most famous interior design books as my coffee table accessories, and I was excited to see them on display at her event as well:

photo 3

My favorite of her books has to be “A Room of Her Own,” which showcases women’s separate spaces and havens that they create in their own homes. We all need that cozy, quiet space to call our own and just get away. <3

And that folks, is all for this Thursday. Stay tuned for a new Thursday Three coming SOON!

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