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Taurus Season Is Officially Here: What You Need To Know

by Shawn Engel
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Taurus season is officially upon us. This earthy, Venusian season, denoted by the Bull, lasts between April 20th and May 20th and is extremely slow-moving and sensual. Taurus energy is all about creating and nurturing, existing along with the blooms of spring, but following the spark of Aries, it has a more steady and balanced speed. Our spiritual contributor Shawn Engle, of Witchy Wisdoms, breaks down everything you need to know about Taurus season this year + what you can expect.

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All About Taurus Season

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and governs the house of possessions. Ruling the material, Taurus energy is to covet, keep, and cultivate, and does so using all of the senses. Enjoying the finer things, Taurus loves luxury in food, music, art, scent, and sex.

The element of Taurus is Earth, which is feminine, foundational, and fertile. Thinking of fresh soil, imagine its ability to grow and manifest a lush garden, a large forest, or even a single flower. Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet named after the Goddess of beauty and fertility, you can expect the focus of a Taurus to be on the superficial. But this doesn’t mean a Taurus can’t go deeper; it’s quite the opposite. It just means that they are masters at curating a life with an incredible aesthetic.

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Another detail of a Taurus is that they have a “fixed” quality. Of the three qualities {the other two being cardinal and mutable} fixed denotes stability. Being the Bull of the zodiac, Taurus gets the reputation for being very stubborn, but fixed qualities also create a foundation. While opinionated and rather rigid, you’ll never have to wonder where you stand with a Taurus.

In the Tarot deck, Taurus’ ruling card is the Hierophant. This card represents spirituality, conformity, and tradition, but is linked to Taurus mainly because of the stability of Taurus energy. Being the most reliable sign of the zodiac, Taurus energy makes for some of the best teachers. While their fixed quality definitely bleeds conformity and tradition into their relationships, Taurus is also highly creative. It is truly the trust that they build that allows people to follow their voice.

Some celebs that you may or may not have known were Taurus have created an extremely luxurious aesthetic. Wes Anderson, for example, has one of the most distinct visual voices in film and a very stable career. Similarly, Tina Fey has had supreme longevity with a comedic style that is super recognizable. Being a feminist icon, she is rooted in her values, and it shows. Adele is also a Taurus and her style is more Venusian than you could make up. Her soothing voice and unique style has made her one of the most iconic voices of this century.

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What Taurus Season Means For You

Taurus energy is goddess-like and fancy. This is a great time to be a bit more self-indulgent and indulge in your senses. However, Taurus season will have you feeling more practical and reign you in before you become too impulsive. It’s a slower pace, but you’ll be moving along with more balance.

If you want to go deeper, go back to the article on the Twelve Astrological Houses and see where Taurus lands in your chart. Then, depending on what central theme that house influences, you can expect to bring some Venusian energy into that subject.

Happy Taurus season!

What do you expect from Taurus season? Let us know in the comments!

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