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The Astrological Houses: What They Are + How They Affect You

by Shawn Engel
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If your knowledge of astrology starts and ends at your Sun sign {the one determined by the day of the year you were born AKA your birthday}, then you’re in good company. But what if each one of us is far more complex than that? In fact, each one of the signs sits in our natal chart by way of the astrological “houses.” Our spiritual contributor Shawn Engel of Witchy Wisdoms breaks down those “houses” and how they affect us below.

astrological houses

The houses in astrology are essentially the pie in the sky at the time you were born. Each of us was born in a certain place at a certain time, and you can think of divvying up the stars in slices from your point of birth into 12 sections. Each house belongs to a certain sign, and depending on your chart, will move counter-clockwise to determine which sign rules which house for you.

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Your rising sign determines the starting point for these houses. If we’re following the wheel as it starts in the zodiac, it would start with Aries and end with Pisces. You can determine your rising sign {your ascendant}, or first house by going to cafeastrology.com and inputting your information.


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From the start of your ascendant, you can follow the wheel counter-clockwise to understand which sign governs which house for you personally. This will help shed light on what energy you bring to certain themes in your life.

The 1st House

The first house, ruled by Aries, which governs the self and appearances, is how you show yourself to the world. It indicates how you take on leadership roles, and how you deal with fresh starts and new beginnings. For example, if you have Taurus in your first house, an earth sign known for its stubborn demeanor, you could very well have a “my way or the highway” type approach to life.

The 2nd House

Next is the second house, ruled by Taurus, which governs the physical and material. It is a very sensory house, and dictates how you work within routines in your day to day life. Some challenges could arise if you have a sign like Sagittarius in this house, which needs freedom and expansion.

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The 3rd House

Communication and community are the key themes of the third house, which is ruled by social butterfly Gemini. Essentially, it’s in charge of how you deal with the public, and if you have a sign like homebody Cancer in this house, you might find this a difficult field to be in.

The 4th House

Speaking of this watery beauty, Cancer rules the fourth house of foundation and stability. Privacy and nurturing are also major players in this house, and they can be slightly tumultuous if you have the sign that always reinvents itself in this house, like Scorpio.

The 5th House

The fifth house governs drama and self-expression and is ruled by none other than superstar Leo. This house determines how you command attention, and if an earth sign like Capricorn sits here in your chart, you may skirt behind the limelight, or approach it differently.

The 6th House

Virgo rules the sixth house of service. Schedules, organization, routine, and health are all very Virgo traits, and if your sixth house is ruled by watery and fantastic Pisces, you may struggle with discipline.

The 7th House

Balance and partnerships are the themes for Libra’s seventh house. The way you deal with any relationship is determined by this house, and it can be extremely loyal and creative if you have a sign like Aries sitting here.

The 8th House

The eighth house, ruled by mysterious Scorpio, has everything to do with death, transformation, sex, and investments {monetary and emotional}. If you have a more extroverted sign like Leo in this house, these themes may have more of an ego-based approach than an intuitive one.

The 9th House

Sagittarius rules the ninth house of travel, expansion, and philosophy. Having a sign like Libra in this house may have you torn between a fair and balanced approach to something and the bigger picture at hand.

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The 10th House

Career paths are determined by your midheaven, or tenth house, which is governed by the tenacious Capricorn. All financial structure, fame, authority, and achievements are found here. So, if you have a sign like Aquarius in this house, you may take a career towards a social stance.

The 11th House

Speaking of this radical air sign, the eleventh house is ruled by Aquarius and governs friendships, society, eccentricity, and innovation. You may take a more calculated approach to creation if you have an earth sign like Virgo ruling this house in your chart.

The 12th House

The twelfth house is ruled by Neptunian Pisces and is thematically tied to endings, dreams, fantasy, creativity, and hidden agendas. Having a communicative sign like Gemini in this sector of your chart may have you unable to keep secrets, and you might find yourself speaking more about your creative process than actually creating.

The houses are just another way to take a dive into understanding how you approach your life. Astrology is an extremely complicated system and can be very eye-opening to your strengths and weaknesses, and teach you how to heal the things that need healing.

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