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10 Socially-Distant Activities to Do in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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“Socially distant” is one of the most commonly heard phrases lately and it seems to be the top thing to do — aka spending time with others while six feet apart, with masks on. Of course, although being six feet apart from our friends and family is a better alternative to not seeing them at all {we’re looking at you, quarantine}, there are few activities that allow for us to be that physically far apart. But rest assured, there are a few that can be done, especially right here in our hometowns. Hudson County has set a precedent when it comes to safety and now it’s time to set the precedent on safe activities to do in the area. Here is a round-up of a few local activities that are social distancing-friendly. 

Enjoy a Day in the Park

liberty state park history 1

Summer weather is in full swing, making visiting a park a must. Gather a small group of friends or family with a comfortable blanket, a cozy book, or a small game for entertainment. While alcohol is not permitted at parks, soft drinks and food are typically enjoyed by all — think of it like a picnic with your pals in the park {even if you are six feet apart} Respect others in these open areas by staying in small groups and of course, staying socially distant. Current local parks that  are open include:

  • – Church Square Park {401 Willow Avenue, Hoboken}
  • – Elysian Park {1001 Hudson Street, Hoboken}
  • – Southwest Park {58 Jackson Street, Hoboken}
  • – Stevens Park {Hudson Street Between 4th and 5th, Hoboken}
  • – Columbus Park (Hudson County Park) {9th Street and Clinton Street, Hoboken}
  • – 7th and Jackson Park and Plaza {7th Street and Jackson Street, Hoboken}
  • – Harborside Park {1501 Park Avenue, Hoboken}
  • – Maxwell Park {11th Sinatra Drive, Hoboken}
  • – Pier A Park {100 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken}
  • – Shipyard Park {1 13th Street, Hoboken}
  • – ShopRite Green Plaza {900 Madison Street, Hoboken}
  • – 14th Street Viaduct between Grand and Adams Streets {Hudson County Park}
  • – Van Vorst Park {257-287 Montgomery Street, Jersey City}
  • – Newport Green Park (14th Street, Jersey City}
  • – Jersey City Reservoir {119-199 Reservoir Avenue, Jersey City}

Go for a Bike Ride

jersey bike share hoboken

A bike ride is a sure bet to stay a safe distance from others. With miles of open path, Hudson County is home to some of the best views of NYC, making it a picturesque place to ride. Recent news has come that Hoboken and Jersey City will be merging bike-sharing services, but for now, several options are available. For the longest bike path through most of Hudson County, start at the Liberty Science Center park-and-ride lot {which is free on the weekends} through Jersey City, Hoboken, and Weehawken for an ending all the way in North Bergen. Hudson County is home to the following bike-sharing services:

  • – Hudson Bike Share powered by NextBike
  • – JerseyBike
  • – Citi Bike

Have a Doggie Park Day

jersey city dog parks

While they cannot tell us so, we know our furry friends are just as stir crazy being cooped up indoors as we are. Recently the closure of dog parks was lifted and dogs everywhere have rejoiced {or more likely, did an enthusiastic tail wag}. One activity you can do while staying socially distant is to take your four-legged-friend to the nearest dog park. Most parks have signs and directions on capacity and other rules, so please be respectful of the limitations the city has placed for now. For more information on open parks and regulations, visit our article here.

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Take an Outdoor Workout Class

Our downstairs neighbors can finally rejoice that our daily workouts no longer have to be in the living room. Socially distant, outdoor workouts are open to all. Check the schedules of favorite studios and head to a local park to blow off some steam while enjoying the company of others. While it is a bit different than the “Fitness in the Park” Hoboken is used to at this time of year, the benefits on the body are still the same. For details on parks open for classes as well as rules, take a look here. 

Build Your Own Bar Crawl

barbes to go cocktails

All of Hudson County heard the news far and wide when restaurants and bars were allowed to start serving cocktails and single-serve drinks to go. At home bartending was working for some, but truthfully there are no better drinks than ones made by professionals. Gather a few cocktails from close-by eateries and compare or just enjoy. Be sure to finish the crawl at home as open container laws are not in effect. An ultimate guide for easy planning is found here

Dine Outdoors 

{Photo credit: @bin14winebar}

One of the top moments we have all been waiting for is a chance to dine with friends, and that day is finally here. Through a socially distant lens, Hudson County is serving visitors of local dining facilities. Plan a dinner, brunch, or even just a snack out with others or alone for the first time in a while. Following all rules is necessary to continue moving forward with these efforts. Learn more about staying safe while dining out here. 

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Play Tennis

columbus park tennis

Hobbies old and new are coming alive during the quarantine. A fun event, whether skilled or not, is playing tennis. Naturally, the game allows for a socially distant good time while burning tons of calories. Be sure to bring personal racquet and balls for use. Some tennis courts open include the following:

  • – Columbus Park {9th Street and Clinton Street, Hoboken}
  • – Stevens Park {Hudson Street Between 4th and 5th, Hoboken}
  • – Elysian Park {1001 Hudson Street, Hoboken}
  • – Lincoln Park {West Side Avenue, Jersey City}
  • – Hamilton Park {Downtown Jersey City}
  • – Pershing Field Memorial Park {201 Central Avenue, Jersey City}

Visit a Drive-In Theater

Another oldie but goodie that is making a come-back during this time are drive-in theatres. Since traditional movie theatres are risky during this time, staying in the car is the next best thing. Outside of needing a car for the actual event, car transportation is needed as these theatres are a bit outside this immediate area. For information on where to find a drive-in theatre,  find a full list here. 

Go on a Trip to the Farmers’ Market

historic downtown jc farmers market

Just like everything else, trips to the farmers’ market these days look a bit different. Instead of browsing aimlessly alone, the farmers’ market now is more “drive-thru” style with wonderful service from market hosts. Safely request desired items and be ready with contactless payment. Farmers markets open to the public include the following:

  • – Hoboken Farmers’ Market {Garden Street between 4th and 5th} June through November every Tuesday from 2:00PM-7:30PM
  • – Hamilton Park Farmers’ Market Jersey City {8th Street, Jersey City} Wednesdays 3:00PM-7:30PM
  • – Jersey City Historic Downtown Farmer’s Market {Grove Street Plaza, Jersey City} Mondays 4:00PM-8:00PM

Enjoy a Meal from a Food Truck

angry archies food truck

It seems that everyone in Hudson County enjoys a good food truck. Being able to mix and match different types of food in one meal draws crowds from all over. This year, food trucks are all the craze as long as social distance is kept while waiting, as the food served has always been meant to be curb-side and to-go. Food trucks can usually be found in hidden gem areas, like outside of larger apartment buildings, or in front of high-rise offices. For more consistent locations, check out areas like Pier 13 or Sinatra Drive, where food trucks are daily staples. 


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