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Shots, Shots, Shots…{of Wheatgrass}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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If you follow HG on Instagram or Snapchat {@HobokenGirlBlog}, you’ll know we’re biiiig fans of the grass. Not that kind, duh. WHEATGRASS.


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Wildly popular on the west coast for a while now, wheat grass is definitely gaining major traction on the east coast…{even though it’s been around for a while, it’s now trendy to drink it — besides all of the health benefits, of course}. Plus, it’s fun to take shots…of healthy stuff. You definitely still make the same “wooof, that’s disgusting” face when taking it. It’s a little bitter but definitely manageable {just imagine you’re drinking a shot of grass juice}, but not in that burn-your-esophagus-tequila sort of way.

So, what is it?

Wheatgrass: a food made from sprouted wheatberries–a member of the cereal grass family. It is harvested when the grass is at its nutritional peak. Wheatgrass is FILLED with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll, and phytonutrients. When wheatgrass is ready to be harvested, it looks like grass you’d cut on your lawn {but prettier}.


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What are the health benefits?

Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll which helps build blood cells, Vitamin C which helps detox the body, and it also has an alkalizing effect on the body which helps to restore its natural pH. Other attributes include helping skin quality and is a good source of Vitamin B, Beta Carotene, and Amino Acids. Plus, I’m sure there’s some sort of placebo effect for drinking something green which immediately makes you feel healthier. How can you go wrong?

How do I make it?

You need a special juicer to extract the liquid {nectar} from the actual grass. It grows literally like the grass on your front lawn {well, a front lawn in the suburbs}. You can take shots of it, or take it as a supplement. It’s more popular to take shots of it at juice bars, etc — and definitely easier. If you’re into making your own, kudos.

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Okay, where can I get wheatgrass in Hoboken?


One place that we enjoy that sells freshly made wheatgrass shots is Re-Juice-a-Nation {on Newark Street between Washington and Hudson across from CVS/NY Sports Club}. Note: the shots aren’t cheap {between 3-5 dollars depending on size}, but it’s less than a “real” shot – and different benefits. Ha.



Simply Juiced

Another wheatgrass spot that is clutch in Hoboken is one of our juicing faves — Simply Juiced on 1st Street. If you haven’t been here, you MUST go {tip: the cocoa kiss smoothie is da bombbb}.

Edgewater Whole Foods

Yes, yes…not in Hoboken. BUT, you can also get wheatgrass shots at the Edgewater Whole Foods on River Road while grocery shopping. Located by the checkout {in the Jamba Juice area}, there’s a full bed of wheatgrass growing and ready for consumption. Whole Foods, why can’t you come to Hoboken? {We know, we know…Trader J’s is coming…but STILL}.


Where do you get your wheatgrass fix? Have you ever tried it? Make sure to tweet or Instagram us your shots of green pics {@HobokenGirlBlog}


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