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It’s True…Trader Joe’s is Coming to Hoboken {and Opens May 19th!}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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No more schlepping to Edgewater to get your edamame and Trader Ming’s shumai — it will be right here in the mile square. It was originally reported that it would open May 1st, but we just found out from Trader Joe’s that doors will now open May 19th at 9AM with a ceremonial lei cutting {how else would they celebrate the opening?}! Last year, Trader Joe’s was approved to come to Hoboken {by a unanimous vote might we add} — and the developer agreement with Advance Realty was signed. The long road to everyone’s fave grocery store is finally coming through —  YES, TRADER JOE’S IS COMING TO HOBOKEN ON MAY 19th, 2017. Yes, we’re being straight with you; this is not a drill!


^If this cart looks familiar to you, it’s because you have a friend named Joe.

The grocery store mecca will be located at 1350 Willow Ave. next to Rite Aid near 14th and Clinton/Willow. While the new opening date is a far departure from the winter 2017 we were first promised, we’re being patient!

“Trader Joe’s is one of America’s favorite grocery stores, and I look forward to welcoming them to Hoboken,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer at a council meeting. “My administration has worked to ensure that they can open in a way that their truck deliveries are safe for everyone, especially the seniors, families, and all residents who live nearby and walk in the neighborhood.”

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The issues in question were about parking spaces being removed {24 of them from 13th Street and Clinton Street} to ensure pedestrian safety concerns in conjunction with TJ’s delivery trucks, Hmag previously reported. There will be a 2-year window for monitoring this aspect, and the city will have the right to make changes to the spacing and areas for delivery, etc — which is a great move.

The best part about Hoboken’s Trader Joe’s? The store will be decked out in a mile square fashion. Inside, there will be paintings paying tribute to Sinatra Park and Hoboken Terminal just to name a couple famous areas. And make sure to look out for some mail from Trader Joe’s — their “Fearless Flyer” might be inside your box. It includes a selection of products the company thinks you should try out. If it’s Joe approved, then we must test it ourselves after all.

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We are so excited for Trader Joe’s to arrive, and already dreaming about the copious amounts of $2buck chucks {fingers crossed they get a liquor license!} and pumpkin-flavored things they carry in the fall. Eeek, can’t wait! Share in the comments the TJ’s food you can’t wait to buy in town 🙂

Fingers crossed that there are no more delays so we can get our hands on some of that delish guac. We are SO eager for your arrival, Joe!

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