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Scorpio Season Is Here: What That Means for the Zodiac

by Shawn Engel
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It’s officially Scorpio season, Hudson County. This sexy, sensual, and somewhat brooding season lasts from  October 23rd to November 22nd. Scorpios are known for being the detectives of the zodiac and are highly psychic, and this season brings that energy to us all uniquely. Keep reading to learn all about Scorpio season and what that means for the zodiac.

scorpio season

About Scorpio

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac and rules the house of sex, death, and taxes in our chart. Rummaging in the depths and representing investments of all shapes and sizes, Scorpio asks where we fit in and what it’s really worth. Scorpio is mysterious and works behind the scenes, so this can feel like a bit of a secretive time for us all. With its ruling planets being both Mars, the planet of aggression, and Pluto, the guardian of the underworld, we see the intensity that Scorpios bring.

The element of Scorpio is water, which influences our emotions and creativity. Water is sensitive, influenced by movement and sometimes chaotic, which tends to impress on Scorpio greatly. While some Scorpios may seem intense, their ability to create, connect, and see through to the deeper meaning of external circumstances is one to be admired. Much like large bodies of water, Scorpios run profoundly deep and can even consume you.

Another detail of Scorpio is that they have a “fixed” quality. Of the three qualities {the other two being cardinal and mutable} fixed denotes stability. Being the Scorpion of the zodiac, Scorpio gets the reputation of using its stinger when threatened, but fixed qualities also create a foundation. While opinionated and rather rigid, you’ll never have to wonder where you stand with a Scorpio.

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In the Tarot deck, Scorpio’s ruling card is Death. This card signifies rebirth and change, and if you’ve ever met a Scorpio, you know they are resilient. Representing the Phoenix rising from the flames, a Scorpio is a master of reinvention.

The following famous Scorpios are truly deep and dedicated. Transforming from Jimmy on Degrassi to one of the most recognizable hip hop stars, Drake shows the rebirth a Scorpio can achieve. And talk about transformation, Bill Gates changed the game with Microsoft as one of the most successful businesses in history. 

What Scorpio Season Means for You 

At face value, the next month is going to feel passionate. The Sun in Scorpio also tends to bring out everyone’s psychic abilities, whether you’re actually a Scorpio or not. You might feel a bit more emotional and sensitive than usual as well. It’s uncharted territory for some, so be sure to set emotional and energetic boundaries this season.

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If you want to learn more, check out the article on the Twelve Astrological Houses and see where Scorpio lands in your chart. Then, depending on what central theme that house influences, you can expect to bring some intense and driven energy into that subject.

Happy Scorpio season!

What are you most looking forward to this Scorpio season? Let us know in the comments below! 

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