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How to Make Magickal Flower Tinctures

by Shawn Engel
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Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, the weather is finally warming up, and there’s a new surge of energy. Being spiritual in the city can be incredibly magickal and one way to connect yourself to nature is by creating a flower tincture to anoint yourself with intentionally. Flowers and herbs alike carry their own energetic properties and making a DIY tincture can help you create right along with Mother Nature. Our spiritual contributor, Shawn Engle of Witchy Wisdoms, explains how to make a flower tincture right in the comfort of your home. Keep reading to discover how to make magickal flower tinctures {and yes, the ‘k’ is intentional}.

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What To Do

Making a flower tincture is quite easy, and only requires a stovetop, a pot, some water, and your flower of choice to make the small liquid concoction {which you can store in a similar bottle that an essential oil would come in}.

Simply pick off the petals and toss them in your pot, filling the pot with water only to slightly cover the top of the petals. The more water you use, the more diluted it will be, so be mindful of that. Simmer your concoction {don’t boil} until the petals lose their color, and then strain into a bottle of your choice.

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How to Use Them

Flower tinctures don’t have the longest shelf life, so be aware of any mold that may begin to grow after a few weeks’ time. However, before that, you have pure energy to work with during your morning routine. Use this mixture as a facial toner, a light perfume, or even a home spray to bring in the energy you desire.

Different Tinctures + Their Energetic Properties


The rose is a flower of romance and sensuality and using a rose tincture can help you level up your senses in terms of a luxurious romp between the sheets. Use roses when you want a steady and romantic love.

Cherry Blossoms

One of New Jersey’s biggest spring highlights is the vast amount of cherry blossoms. Making a tincture of this gorgeous and aromatic flower will help with many aspects of your life. In terms of abundance, cherry blossom tinctures are great for a quick windfall of money. Because their beauty is fleeting, create and wear this tincture to make some fast cash.


In terms of health and purification, the sweet daisy is your friend. Just as this simple white flower energetically embodies, daisies will help you to feel fresh and renewed. Do not replace medication with a daisy tincture, but definitely use it when you feel under the weather.


The most iconic spring flower, the tulip, is kind of a powerhouse. This flower helps with grounding, beauty, and alignment with the goddess. If you’re feeling overly emotional and less than confident, this tincture will help to bring you back to yourself and closer to your divine feminine.

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Creating a relationship with flowers is a very fun spring activity to practice. Be wary of any allergies you may have, but beyond that, the world {or garden} is your oyster.

Happy creating!

Have you tried creating your own flower tincture? Let us know in the comments!

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