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Rabble + Lion Coffee Now Open in Jersey City

by Diana Cooper
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Rabble & Lion Coffee is the latest coffee shop to open its doors in Jersey City. The pop-up coffee brand that has become a fixture at Van Vorst Park and Hamilton Park Farmers Markets for the past three years now has a permanent location in town. Located at 156 Brunswick Street, R&L is officially open as of November 22nd. Read on to learn more about Rabble & Lion Coffee.

rabble and lion coffee coming jersey city

(Photo credit:@rabbleandlion)

About the New Storefront

Rabble & Lion Coffee is at the corner of Brunswick Street and 4th Street. Rather than entering through the doors and walking straight back to get to the counter, the store is set up in a rectangular shape where customers walk horizontally to the left to be greeted by R&L’s staff.

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In addition to coffee, which is usually sold at R&L’s pop-up, the Rabble & Lion shop will sell pastries. Other items include hot coffee like espresso, americano, macchiato, cortado, flat white, cappuccinos, and lattes including chai, matcha, and mocha.

R&L also serves tea, hot chocolate, and iced coffee drinks. There are options to add flavors to the coffee drinks and customers can choose non-dairy milk options like oat, soy, and macadamia nut milk.

rabble and lion coffee interior

(Photo credit: Rabble & Lion Facebook)

R&L has vinyl records for sale, which is something the coffee brand is known for selling along with the coffee. Per the website, the records are “the perfect pairing with coffee.”

Rabble & Lion

(Photo credit: Rabble & Lion Facebook)

“It comes down to the look, the feel of a record just as much as the sound. In today’s world, the ability to pick up a record and feel the weight of it and touch the cover art seems to pay better tribute to the music inside and the work put into making it come to fruition. The ritual of selecting the vinyl, pulling it out of its cover, and gently placing it on the turntable all create a level of respect for the music and the artists who create it,” the owners write.

rabble and lion coffee and pastries shop

(Photo credit:@rabbleandlion)

About R&L

Rabble and Lion entered the Jersey City scene in April 2018 when it began selling coffee at Van Vorst Park Farmers Market. R&L’s coffee flavors have grown since launching, and now there are 12 different flavors of 12oz coffee bean bags available for purchase.

For example, the Cajamarca APU comes from Cajamarca, Peru, is certified organic, and has flavors of caramel, cocoa, and honey. Duromina, beans from Ethiopia, has notes of blood orange, chocolate brownie, and raspberry pink lemonade. Then there’s Mamboo Sipi, from Uganda, which has notes of lemon-lime, chocolate, and graham cracker. Check out these and the other coffee bags sold on R&L’s website here

rabble and lion coffee pop up hamilton park

(Photo credit:@rabbleandlion)

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Rabble and Lion also has custom merchandise including a travel mug for hot and cold drinks, R&L branded baseball cap, gift sets that consist of 12oz bags, and also gift cards, which make for a great gift for Jersey City residents this holiday season.

rabble and lion coffee brunswick street jersey city

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