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A Guide to Psychotherapy Businesses in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Erica Commisso
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There’s no debate that the past couple of years have brought on new concerns and worries — and talking to a licensed professional can provide comfort and advice when times are tough. There is no shame in asking for help when you need it — and more and more, focusing on one’s mental health has become more widely talked about + encouraged. Therapy sessions can focus on any area of a person’s life, ranging from personal coaching to couple’s therapy. There are many local professionals who can help, so we have compiled a list of therapy businesses in Hoboken and Jersey City for all of your mental health needs

Disclaimer: This is a list compiled through research and our team’s experiences + knowledge. If you would like to have your therapy practice added to the list, please email hello@hobokengirl.com.

psychotherapy businesses hoboken jersey city


Allison Lemberg | 924 Jefferson Street

Individual psychotherapy allows Allison to work one on one with children, adolescents, and adults. She uses a wide range of counseling needs to customize care. 

Anchor Therapy | 80 River Street, Suite 306

Anchor Therapy is a group of licensed therapists who specialize in helping kids, teens, adults, and couples. The team of counselors can help with anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, postpartum depression, school/work issues, relationships, LGBTQ+ issues, addiction and substance abuse issues, and anger management.

Be.WELL | 36-42 Newark Street, Suite 201

Be.WELL Psychotherapy believes that your mental and emotional wellbeing are always a priority. The services include individual, couples, and group therapy – currently all via telehealth.

CaringSense Counseling | 129 Washington Street #101LL

Larissa Quinn specializes in bringing integrative, wellness-based solutions to anxiety, depression, trauma, and substance use. She uses a blend of psychotherapy and yoga to improve client’s lifestyle and decrease stress. 

Chaitanya Counseling Services | 51 Newark Street, #202

Chaitanya seeks to empower and uplift anyone who uses their services. Founded and directed by Dr. Sallie Norquist, the group of licensed psychotherapists can offer individual or couples therapy for stress, panic attacks, trauma, infertility, family conflict, and more. 

Children’s Art Therapy | 50 Harrison Street

Art therapy encourages creative and emotional expression, using different materials and techniques to encourage stronger relationships, improved quality of life, and acceptance of self and others. The service can be offered to children, families, and groups. 

Daniel Brewer | 221 River Street, 9th Floor

Daniel Brewer diagnoses and treats a variety of illnesses using an evidence-based approach. He has helped clients with ADHD, adjustment or mood disorders, as well as anxiety and panic disorders. He sub-specializes in treating anxiety and panic disorders in children and adolescents. 

Diana Chacon | 223 Bloomfield Street, #112

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Diana Chacon focuses on individual and couple’s therapy using a collaborative and practical style. She works primarily with adults and is bilingual, offering services in both English and Spanish. 

Denise Brandon | 223 Bloomfield Street, #111

Having spent the last 15 years in private practice, Denise Brandon’s practice style includes goal-oriented, solution-focused therapy to target issues like mood disorders, anxiety, stress, and anger management. She helps develop plans of action to achieve their goals. 

Dr. Jodi Streich | 80 River Street

Dr. Streich’s clinical interests include trauma, PTSD, affective disorders, learning disabilities, and more, and she serves veterans who suffer as a result of their service. She also deals with grief and bereavement issues as well as disease management and chronic illness.

Dr. Rohini Vira | 223 Bloomfield Street, #118

Dr. Vira is a family and marriage therapist who uses an integrative treatment approach with a focus on skill-building and acquiring new skills through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. She specializes in working with couples feeling isolated or disconnected.

Francesca Wehr, LCSW | Virtual

This Hoboken-based practice provides tele-heath/video individual psychotherapeutic counseling for individuals ranging anywhere from 8 years old to 80 years old. Francesca also does parent coaching through her certification as a Nurtured Heart Parent Coach. She also has EMDR therapy as well.

Gordon + Behar Counseling Associates | 223 Bloomfield Street, #118

This therapy is feedback-oriented and offers individual, marriage, and family psychotherapy with a solution-oriented approach. The office specializes in depression, anxiety, relationships, and grief counseling.

Growing Mindset Therapy | Virtual Hoboken Practice

This virtual practice focuses on making therapy both accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Founder Heather Rafanello MSW, LCSW has over 7 years of experience working in the field, from community non-profits to schools, an eating disorder treatment program, and a private practice. She works with individuals, couples, & families in therapy — and she also often writes wellness articles for The Hoboken Girl.

Healing on Hudson | 129 Washington Street, LL

Eating disorder treatments, individual psychotherapy, integrated yoga/talk therapy, and professional supervision, and community education are all areas of focus for Dr. Cassandra Lenza and Emily Henning. The team even offers a free phone consultation to assess your needs and treatment. 

Helen Smith LCSW | 86 Hudson Street

Short-term therapy, or brief psychotherapy is Helen Smith’s main focus. She uses solution-focused treatment and focuses on the present and the future to help her clients achieve their goals. 

Hoboken Psychotherapy | 223 Bloomfield Street #106

Depression, anxiety, and trauma are Steven Bielarski’s main areas of focus. He works primarily with adults to aid with intimacy and relationship problems, career challenges, substance abuse, and LGBTQ issues.

Hullinger Therapy Group | 317 Willow Avenue

Life transitions are the main focus for individuals, couples, and group therapy at Hullinger Therapy Group. Mindfulness tools, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, are used in a strengths-based approach to therapy. 

JK Therapy | 12 Hudson Place, #LO1

Focusing on the psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, family system, and solution-focused brief therapy treatments, Jessica Kasevich works to decrease depression and anxiety, help with substance abuse, and relationship struggles. 

Jody E Smith | 258 1st Street, #205

Licensed professional counselor Jody Smith uses clinical therapy, CBT, and holistic methods to help her clients heal from trauma, depression, anxiety, and grief/loss. She also aids in the reunification of families as well as coping mechanisms. 

Jose A. Hevia | 223 Bloomfield Street #117

Hevia is a certified and licensed psychoanalytic clinician and approaches therapy from four main areas of clinical interest: personal desires, personal abilities, personal values, and the influence of actual reality on your everyday life.

Larsen Behavioral Wellness | 720 Monroe Street, #E501A

Specialties include parent-child interaction therapy and parent consultation, but Larsen Behavioral Wellness can help with pandemic-related stress and couples issues. The team also has considerable experience working with veterans and their families. 

Liberty Psychological Services | 306 Washington Street, #202

Joseph P. Coleman’s approach to therapy is simple: he wants to know how your anxiety fuels vicious circles in your life. He offers visual and written learning tools to help break the cycle and, to further tailor your care, he offers care coordination services. 

Lukin Center for Psychotherapy | 80 River Street, #302

This center offers couples therapy and individual therapy for adults, adolescents, and children. Treatments include neuropsychological evaluations, cognitive behavioral therapy, and emotionally focused therapy, among others. 

Mary Murphy MSW 223 Bloomfield Street, #105

For nearly 30 years, Mary Murphy has been focusing on supportive, interactive therapy styles to help her clients work through issues. Through an array of experiences in counseling environments, she has worked with many issues and many people. She specializes in working with mood disorders, sexual abuse and assault, domestic violence, workplace issues, parenting, and postpartum depression. 

Mindful Power LLC | 51 Newark Street, #404A, and 50 Harrison Street, #212E

The coaching and therapy practice offered at Mindful Power includes CBT for the Millennials, Nutritional and Integrative Medicine as well as Technology with Therapy. The group of therapists mainly helps people who are preteens to older adults. 

Only for Light Counseling LLC | 50 Harrison Street, #209-B

This licensed professional counselor offers psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy psychoanalytic therapy {including dream analysis}, life coaching, and more. The type of treatment at any session is up to the visitor and depends on comfort level and expected outcome. 

Raul A. Plasencia | 223 Bloomfield Street, #116

Through understanding his client and his/her unique experience in the world, Raul Plasencia creates an environment intended to encourage symptom-reduction and explore self-discomfort. He frequently works with adults and adolescents who need help adapting to significant life changes. 

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Roseann T. Shaiman | 66 Hudson Street

For 35 years, Roseann Shaiman has worked with families, individuals, and couples to identify and help heal issues. She utilizes a Family Systems framework to explore issues and difficulties that contribute to relationship conflicts, work difficulties, and low self-esteem, which often result in anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Self + Relationship Therapy | 450 7th Street

Located in the Citadel Condominium building, this service offers, of course, individual and relationship therapy for the Hoboken area.

Starr Therapy | 306 Washington Street, #302

Starr Therapy uses an engagement-style of therapy to offer more professional input, helping people identify faulty thinking patterns and confront fears. The office uses evidence-based treatment plans and interventions to support individuals and couples alike, providing homework between sessions. 

Tamar Davidson | 330 Park Avenue

Davidson specializes in relationship issues and works with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She is a clinical worker with over 25 years of therapy experience. 

The Counseling + Wellness Center | 450 7th Street

The psychologists and counselors at this midtown therapy service offer strength-based behavioral and cognitive treatments for various mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, and more, as well as LGBTQ+ issues. 

Tricia DiMarco-Perez | 258 Newark Street

Tricia DiMarco-Perez has experience working with individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma. She adopts an eclectic approach, meaning she utilizes various tools to meet her client’s specific needs. 

Vivian Altamura | 223 Bloomfield Street #113

Using an eclectic approach to therapy, Vivian Altamura offers play therapy, individual psychotherapy, child-parent psychotherapy, parent consultation, developmental assessments, and psychological evaluations. She deals primarily with children, adolescents, and families. 

Wellsprings Counseling Center | 301 Garden Street

This all-encompassing center offers unique services like treatment for occupational burnout, spiritual concerts, sex, and pornography addiction, and more. The team offers treatment through individual, marital, group, and family therapy. 

Jersey City

Amanda Romano | 101 Hudson Street, 21st Floor

Romano creates a therapeutic relationship intended to foster growth and healing while attending to individual needs. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques and individually tailors the evidence-based approaches and assigns behavioral assignments to ensure growth.

Aspire Therapy Services | 101 Hudson Street #2152

This Jersey City practice provides mental health counseling and medication management delivered by licensed professional clinicians. The team specializes in mood disorders and relationship issues.  

Downtown Jersey City Counseling | 219 Montgomery Street, 2nd Floor

Shannon McLaughlin practices in areas like harm reduction treatment, grief and loss treatment, end-of-life counseling, addiction treatment, and anger management counseling. 

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Emily Lambert | 219 Montgomery Street

Emily is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in couples and sex therapy. She is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and uses those techniques and practices to help all kinds and forms of couples, and can also help address sexual issues such as differences in desire. 

Footprint New Jersey | 121 Newark Avenue #410

Footprint offers psychological and therapy services for all ages, including late in life therapy, as well as therapy for creatives. The team works with artists of all mediums and kinds to help unlock their creativity. 

Institute for Personal Growth | 235 9th Street

The many therapists at the Institute for Personal Growth ensure that several needs are met and many forms of therapy are utilized. The team firmly believes that their clients serve as collaborators in the process. 

James D Williams | 344 Grove Street #834

Williams uses practices from Acceptance + Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Nurtured Heart Approach, Motivational Interviewing, and Interpersonal Psychotherapy to offer individual and group therapy to men 18 and over. He uses mindfulness practices, creative and expressive arts, and relational models to help men discover their true selves.

Lisa Marie Jones | 219 Montgomery Street, 2nd Floor

Lisa Marie uses a holistic, collaborative approach to therapy to help her clients work through trauma, anxiety, illness, and grief. Using a psychodynamic and interactive approach, she builds on your individual needs and strengths. 

Living Mindfully LLC | 306 Washington Street #303

Christine Soriano’s boutique practice specializes in individual therapy, corporate workshops, and life coaching, all of which are centered around the principles of mindfulness. She helps her clients work through anxiety, chronic sadness, relationship and work stress, and more. 

Lukin Center For Psychotherapy | 277 Grove Street #202

This center offers couples therapy and individual therapy for adults, adolescents, and children. Treatments include neuropsychological evaluations, cognitive behavioral therapy, and emotionally focused therapy, among others. 

Mindkind Counseling Services | 424 Baldwin Avenue

Danica Rozario is a licensed professional counselor who primarily treats pediatric clients, LGBTQ clients of all ages, and adults with a history of trauma and/or loss. She specifically deals with children with depressive symptoms, feelings of anxiety, parental separation, trauma, grief/loss, self-mutilative behaviors, identity issues, anger management problems, and impulsivity. 

Peggy Kraft Counseling | 121 Newark Avenue

Peggy has over 30 years of experience in private practice and specializes in working with both individuals and couples. She focuses on communication, conflict resolution, and the mind-body connection to help with depression and anxiety as well as fertility issues and relationship issues. 

Psychology for New Jersey LLC | 424 Baldwin Avenue

Dr. Mike Abrams and Dr. Lidia Abrams train other therapists in clinical practice, especially in cognitive behavior psychotherapy (CBT) for individuals and couples. The team can offer personal training with phobias, emotional or physical abuse, gay and gender issues, anxiety, and more. 

Pura Vida Counseling Services | 219 Montgomery Street, 2nd Floor

Don Mendoza provides counseling for adults dealing with depression, anxiety, addiction, anger management, social skills development, and stress management, among other things. He uses various psychotherapeutic approaches to tailor his service to his clients’ needs.  

Resolution Counseling Center | 33 Wayne Street

The group of therapists at Resolution Counseling Center works with couples, adults, teens, and children age 8 and above. Because each therapist or counselor works with different specialties, this practice can offer services in anything from grief and anxiety to gifted capabilities and can offer services in multiple languages.

Rios and Associates | 638 Newark Avenue

In-community services, behavior assistance therapy, parenting, and skill-building videos, as well as executive coaching and sexual abuse counseling, are just part of what Rios and Associates offer. The counselors also offer services in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. 

Sacred Walker | 121 Newark Avenue

Sacred Walker offers consulting and counseling as a part of her treatments. She seeks to coach and even created her own method of doing it: Love Medicine coaching helps couples, families, and individuals fall in love or self-love again. She helps professionals tame their inner critic, find clarity and direction, and build positive habits. She is also LGBT and POC-affirming. 

The Therapy Spot NJ | 219 Montgomery Street

Richa Sikka works with unique issues like colorism and female sexual issues, past and current friendships, managing micro-aggressions, and more. Her unique experiences allow her to offer a variety of treatments and draw from her prior training. 

Therapeutic Solutions | Harborside Financial Plaza

Lynda Maree uses mindful techniques to offer wellness and recovery planning to overcome drug and alcohol addictions and provide coping skills. She employs evidenced-based practices with solution-focused brief therapy integration to create and promote measurable and attainable goals.

Thriveworks Counseling | 35 Journal Square Suite 915

Thriveworks offers individual and couples therapy, as well as psychiatry services. The team specializes in dealing with depression and anxiety, as well as couples and family therapy. 

Yourself First, LLC | 101 Hudson Street

Jillian Holguin provides sexual trauma/sex-specific treatment, anxiety/depression treatment, and obsessive thought disorder treatment, as well as help with addictions, co-occurring disorders, bipolar disorder, and sex therapy. She has experience working with all kinds of populations, including at-risk youth/juveniles and adult sex offenders. 


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