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Carole-Anne Rodriguez, Founder of Pink Moon 

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Everyone has a gift, something that they were meant to do. Some people are fortunate enough to have rare gifts and capabilities, like being able to help guide others through obstacles with universal or spiritual healing. Carole-Anne, a born intuitive, as she describes herself, has such a gift and she wields it through curating healing crystal bundles and spiritual life coaching. Read on to learn more about Carole-Anne’s journey and the popular crystal bundles that can be purchased online. 

About Carole-Anne

Pink Moon by Carole-Anne

Carole-Anne is of Eastern European and Puerto Rican descent. She was born in NYC and moved from the Bronx to Bayonne NJ when she was in the 4th grade. She is married, is a dog mom of two chihuahuas, a marathon runner, a spiritualist, and an intuitive empath.

“What I love the most about Bayonne is the parks. Bayonne is a runners’ dream.  I also love the variety of restaurants and bistros. This city has the best pizza in New Jersey,” Carole-Anne told Hoboken Girl. My go-to restaurants are Casa Lupita for Mexican cuisine, Café Bello for Italian cuisine, and The Little Food Café for fresh salads. As for shopping, I single-handedly keep HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and Michael’s in business.”

carole anne rodriguez pink-moo

In her free time, Carole-Anne looks to unwind with books about spirituality, psychology, philosophy, and poetry. A fun fact about her is that she is also an artist and when she isn’t working on curating healing crystal bundles or working with clients on their spiritual journey, she’s painting beautiful artwork. “I create spiritual paintings inspired by Buddha, Jesus Christ, and the Archangels. Prior to COVID-19, I frequently traveled the U.S and overseas for leisure and learning,” she explained. “Fitness is also part of my everyday life. I practice yoga at home and I run several times a week outdoors.”

Her Spiritual Journey

carole anne rodriguez pink moon

As the saying goes, you cannot help others without helping yourself first. Carole-Anne’s personal and spiritual journey to the place was not an easy one. She had to acknowledge and ultimately overcome the obstacles in her life. Her struggle is what makes her special and is her superpower. It is through her life’s experiences that she is able to draw on a place of understanding and wisdom and harnesses it to help others.

“It’s important for me to be transparent because I want to carry a message of hope to people who identify with my story. I have overcome a long battle with depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. My healing journey began the day I gained the courage to admit my life was spiraling out of control. I progressed through intensive therapy, spiritual mentorship working with intuitive coaches, breathwork and meditation instructors, reiki and energy healers, and EFT practitioners. Once I became abstinent of alcohol and got the help I needed, I started to see and feel with clarity, every part of my being began to evolve, and I strengthened my connection to the universe,” Carole-Anne told us.

carole anne pink moon

A full transformation doesn’t stop at internal growth, physical health plays a vital role in reaching an overall healthy place, Carole-Anne came to learn. “I underwent a physical transformation as well. I was overweight when I started my spiritual journey and it had caused underlying health issues. Several years back, I became friends with a colleague, Claudia Diaz, who is a Beachbody Coach and she coached me throughout my entire fitness and weight-loss journey. I have lost over 50 pounds working with her. She is one of my greatest influences and a healer in her own right,” she said. “Personal wholeness only occurs when the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony.”

Founding Pink Moon

Pink Moon carole anne

Like many other people around the world, quarantine was a changing point in Carole-Anne’s life. It was during isolation that she came to a realization about what she wanted to do with her life, what she was meant to do, and ultimately, she decided to start her business, the Pink Moon brand. 

“Prior to Covid-19, I had a highly successful 15-year career in corporate America. After working from home during quarantine and having more time to self-reflect, I realized that I wasn’t pursuing my purpose in the insurance industry. I was driven and motivated by the financial rewards of the corporate world. Trusting my intuition, I retired from my full-time position at the firm,” she shared.

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Carole-Anne made a huge career pivot and took a chance on herself. “I will say it took a lot of courage to make such a life-changing decision. The majority of the people I know thought it was crazy of me to walk away, leaving a stable career to follow your dreams is not the norm, especially during a pandemic. The truth is, I’ve always had an unexplainable desire to connect to people on a deeper level. I know that if I could transform my life, I could help others do the same,” she said.

Pink Moon carole anne

“After my resignation, I hit the ground running with Pink Moon and simultaneously began my education in healing. As the law of attraction and manifestation works, I was recently hired back at the insurance firm on a consulting basis working several hours a week in a mentorship role, but Pink Moon is the focus of my work life and I am extremely passionate about it.”

The story behind the name Pink Moon is a fascinating one. She explains, “Every year there is a super moon in April known as the Pink Moon and it symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and collective consciousness. Pink Moon by Carole-Anne hopes to inspire the same through her crystals, spiritual art, and healing services.”

“I bought my first healing crystal in a metaphysical shop simply because I was drawn to the beauty and energy of the stone. I never really understood the actual benefits of working with crystals, but shortly after I started my crystal collection, {or should I say obsession}, I decided to purchase books on crystals and chakra healing and watch videos to educate myself on the specific healing qualities and how they assist with activating the chakra system,” she explains. 

Pink Moon carole anne

“I am currently a student at The Graduate Institute of Holistic Studies. I am enrolled in the coaching with spirit course. I plan to continue my education when class is over this February. I have also taken various educational courses on crystals, inner child healing, oracle, and tarot readings, channeling and connecting with spirit guides and I am currently participating in a breathwork detox boot camp.”

“What I’ve learned is, crystals are energetic tools that assist with going to deeper layers within ourselves. While there are many methods of working with crystals, I incorporate them into my daily meditations, breathwork practices, and intention setting. Intention setting is where the magic lies with crystals as they act as an energetic component to manifesting your hearts’ desires.”

The Crystal Bundles

Pink Moon carole anne

She started her first crystal creation while home one night. She had an idea to pair the stones together with sage and wrap it into a bundle. She explained, “The bundles became a fun new crafting project for me. I shared my creations on Instagram to gain feedback. My followers loved the bundles and the support is what ultimately led me to open my Etsy shop in May of 2020. The crystal bundles are a retail component to my healing and coaching practice.”

Carole-Anne is very specific and intentional when curating crystal healing bundles. The crystals in her shop are imported from various mines and countries around the world such as Brazil, Morocco, India, Bolivia, Madagascar, and Peru. She works with an exclusive crystal importer to purchase the crystals and each stone is hand-selected. All of the crystals are ethically, environmentally, and economically sourced.

The stones and herbs in the bundles are purposely paired for a ritualistic experience. “I have given every bundle a fun name. The bundle names provide an indication of the experience you can prepare to invoke. A few of my bundles incorporate spiritual bath rituals and my signature bath salt,” she explains.

She comes from a place of authenticity. “Fun fact about the bundles, they are all inspired by my personal practices. I will not sell stones that I have not worked with. When I have pop-up events {she is a regular at the HDSID Artist + Makers Market}, I speak to every single crystal bundle and demonstrate how I use them.”

Pink Moon carole anne

What sets her crystal bundles apart from others, is that she includes a free chakra reading and step-by-step instructions on how to use your crystals for the best results. “I love working with oracle cards and I use a crystal pendulum to receive guidance from my spirit guides. I incorporate archangel oracle cards and messages with every bundle because it is uplifting and encourages positive affirmation. The purpose of the chakra reading is to educate clients on the chakra system and how to get back into energetic alignment. My clients are always excited to receive my messages and they almost always resonate with the receiver,” Carole-Anne told us. She also shares video tutorials and demonstration videos on Instagram. The special readings are what makes buying a bundle from Pink Moon fun and unique!

If you’re skeptical or simply uninformed about the healing powers of crystals, Carole-Anne shares some advice, “I find that people who are new to crystals are always curious about the use of the stones. I think it’s important to inform them of the many ways crystals can be incorporated into their spiritual practices. Below are examples of how I would recommend using crystals.”

  • Infuse crystals with your intentions and deepest desires {powerful manifestation practice}
  • Wear your crystals
  • Carry the crystals in your pocket or purse
  • Meditate with crystals
  • Create crystal grids and layouts
  • Put crystals in your bath {personal favorite}
  • Cleanse your home and scatter them around your living space
  • Perform rituals/practices
  • Incorporate them in tarot and oracle readings

Most Popular Bundle

Pink Moon carole anne

Her most popular bundle is “The Key to My Heart”. The heart-shaped rose quartz opens the heart chakra to encourage love, self-love, friendship, heart-healing, feelings of peace, compassion for self, compassion for others, mercy, and forgiveness. “To complement the Rose Quartz, I paired it with selenite which naturally activates other crystals and can be used as a charging plate. Selenite is also used to stimulate the crown chakra which heightens our connection to the universe and spiritual realms during mediation. The bundle also includes a sage smudge stick that is hand wrapped with pink rose petals which adds a floral scent while burning.”

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If you’re curious about how Carole-Anne uses her heart-shaped rose quartz, she sleeps with it under my pillow every night.

With anxiety at an all-time high due to COVID-19, Carole-Anne has a few words of wisdom, “To heal means to reconnect with your soul within the embodiment of love. Rose Quartz opens the heart Chakra and invites the energy of love to flow in your body with ease. When we reside with love, anxiety and fears begin to soften.”

Spiritual Life Coaching

The purpose of a spiritual life coach is to help others gain a new or deeper understanding of the world they live in. “I offer coaching sessions that help clients explore the deeper connections within themselves, between people in their lives and the universe. A coaching session essentially entails me creating a safe space for clients to be open, honest, and vulnerable so that they can share their feelings, fears, self-limiting beliefs, life goals, and everything in between. My mission is to be a resource for my clients to walk the pathway to self-discovery.” All of her sessions are facilitated through Zoom.

Get In Touch

Pink Moon carole anne

To shop Pink Moon crystal bundles, visit Carole-Anne’s Etsy shop here. To stay up to date and learn how to use crystals properly, follow Pink Moon on Instagram here. To inquire about her spiritual life coaching services, email her at PinkMoonCoaching@gmail.com.


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