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This Local Mental Health Practice is Celebrating 1 Year in Hoboken

by The Hoboken Girl Team
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Every day, professionals wake up in Hoboken, eager for another chance to make a difference in the community. The culturally-diverse staff at Be.WELL Psychotherapy Group is well acquainted with this continuous effort as it serves not only Hoboken + Jersey City but all of Hudson County and clients in New York City — and has done so for the past year. Located at 36-42 Newark Street, Suite 201, the all women therapy practice highlights the importance of tailoring therapy to each individual in a comprehensive and holistic way. Keep reading to learn more about the practice and the exclusive offer for Hoboken Girl readers to celebrate Be.WELL Psychotherapy’s one year anniversary in Hoboken.

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An Integrative Approach to Mental Health

Be.WELL Psychotherapy is a women-only team of more than 25 therapists and support personnel who provide one-on-one health and well-being consulting, individual, couples, and group psychotherapy. At the end of the day, mental health is just as important as physical health, which is a message that Be.WELL founder Diana Gasperoni wants to share with everyone.

“Our Integrative Psychotherapy and Wellness Practices offer individual, couples, and group therapy and a unique holistic health coaching program all designed to support the overall health of the individual, in mind and body,” Diana told Hoboken Girl. “Our approach to treatment allows for 360 degrees of mental health care. We are committed to creating a place for everyone to be curious and thrive by offering a variety of specialities and methodologies.”

Clients are often looking to resolve issues surrounding well-being, anxiety, women’s issues, and overall mental health. The expansive services and informational content at Be.WELL. Psychotherapy are all created with the intention of speaking to as many individuals as possible and to destigmatize therapy.

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Meet the Founder, Diana Gasperoni

Diana Gasperoni is the founder of Be.WELL. Psychotherapy Group, the co-creator of INDIGO108, host of the BeREAL Podcast, and creator of the BeHER Teen Program. Diana’s mission is to provide comprehensive services focused on mental health to as many people as possible.

Her first experience with both yoga + psychotherapy laid the foundation for the cutting edge approach to mental health she now has in place at Be.WELL Psychotherapy. This also jumpstarted her long-term career and personal mission to provide safe spaces for deep introspection for anyone who is interested.

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Diana Gasperoni, Founder of Be.WELL

Clients at Be.WELL Psychotherapy successfully create a space for understanding their ever-shifting identities and moving the past out of the mind + body to allow room for growth and freedom. Diana shared that supporting each client in this journey is part of what makes her job rewarding.

“I have the privilege to sit in a room with another human and listen to their experiences in the world and support them on a journey to be loved and understood; and at the same time, I have created a business that simultaneously supports staff and clients to thrive — I have a great job,” Diana mentioned. “The goal of Be.WELL. is just that — to support as many souls as we can with direct service and content to be well. We believe that each person has an individual path and we support each person individually on that path.”

One way Diana has created a supportive space for her clients is through the INDIGO108 Membership which is a monthly deep dive into personal mental health. The membership includes a 60-minute initial consultation, a personalized blueprint for health and wellbeing, information on your “true nature”, video content, weekly virtual 30-minute check-ins, a 60-minute closing session, and a final Mindy Body Balance Map outlining the best tools for maintaining interpersonal balance.

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In honor of one year in Hoboken, Be.WELL Psychotherapy is giving Hoboken Girl readers 22% OFF a yearly membership to INDIGO 108 now through Thursday, June 16th with promo code ‘HOB22’. New therapy patients will also get a FREE consultation.

Be.WELL Psychotherapy Group is located at 36-42 Newark Street, Suite 201, in Hoboken. You can call 646-863-0101 or reach out to contact@bewellpsychotherapy.com with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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