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Being the first President of the United States has its perks: your face on the dollar bill + quarter, a bridge connecting the two best states in the country {#noshameinourgame}, and even having the main street in Hoboken named after you. However, nothing is more honorable than having a day devoted to celebrating your life and contributions to American history and that is exactly what Presidents’ Day is. Of course, the holiday wouldn’t be complete without a few select presidents taking a trip to the Mile Square and Jersey City to show their love for our neck of the woods. Read on to find out more about presidents who have visited Hoboken and Jersey City.

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About the Holiday

The tradition of Presidents’ Day dates all the way back to the late 1880s and was a way to honor the first President of the United States {and the Commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolution}. Following his death in 1799, Americans wanted to celebrate the late, great George Washington thus leading to the formation of Presidents Day.

The holiday was established in 1885 and originally celebrated on February 22nd, Washington’s birthday. However, in 1968, Congress proposed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which shifted the dates of a few federal holidays to allow them to be celebrated on a Monday {#GodBlessAmerica for the long weekends}. Their intention was to make sure there were a certain amount of three-day weekends in the calendar. Now, because someone had a heart, we observe Presidents’ Day and a few other holidays on a Monday because Sunday Funday was a necessity.

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As we honor all of our nation’s past leaders and the fact that {most of us} do not have work on this day, let’s take a look at some notable presidents and politicians who have visited Hoboken and Jersey City.

Clinton, Obama, and George W. Bush

PGA Presidents Cup JC

{Photo courtesy of @pga via Tim Mickelson via Twitter}

In 2017, former presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, + Barack Obama joined forces at The President’s Cup at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City. The three Former Presidents were seen embracing each other in a photo taken with JC Mayor, Steven Fulop. The camaraderie shown in this picture restores our faith in politics and reminds us that at the end of the day, we are all just human. {The NJ State Golf Association details that Liberty National is one of four golf clubs in the United States to host The President’s Cup, an international golf competition}.

Joe Biden {Yes, a former VP, but still counts because #UncleJoe}

Joe Biden Presidents Day

{Photo courtesy of Hoboken Walks via Facebook}

After the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, former Vice President Joe Biden visited the Mile Square to tour the Hoboken Terminal after suffering severe water damage from all of the flooding. While here, Biden made sure to stop the iconic Benny Tudino’s for a slice and even sat down to talk with pizzeria owner, Bari “Benny” Drishti, for a bit.

Biden also made it a point to swing by Hudson Tavern to visit, bar owner, Tom Brennan {brother of Former President Obama’s National Security Advisor}. In a YouTube video, Biden was spotted walking outside, interacting with Hoboken residents and even squeezing in a few selfies. One person even shouted, “New Jersey loves you, Joe!” {And we sure do}.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan made his debut in Hoboken at — what better than — the St. Ann’s Italian Festival in 1984 as part of his campaign trail. As he ate in the church gym with other Hoboken residents and parish members, he spoke about what led him to Hoboken {if the answer wasn’t zeppoles, then he was duped}. The invitation to the festival looked so appetizing, however, that he just couldn’t turn it down. Sources say his wife even said to him at one point, “Honey, I think you ought to go to Hoboken.” And although Sinatra already preached about his hometown to Reagan, he felt compelled to pay the Mile Square visit, especially to try one of our famous zeppoles. Reagan went on to talk about how Hoboken is a symbol of continuity, tradition, faith, and family.

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Woodrow Wilson

WWI Hoboken 2

{Photo courtesy of @hobokenmusem}

During World War I, Woodrow Wilson and his troops were based out of Hoboken. The Mile Square served as the main port for major shipping and passenger lines. Being a city right on the water was incredibly helpful during this time and Hoboken became a military town. According to The United States World War I Centennial Commission, former President Woodrow Wilson declared that all enemy aliens were not permitted to “live, work, or even travel within 100 yards of docks, piers, and waterfronts,” which left a thousand German families without homes. Hoboken even went through Prohibition in order to prevent soldiers from drinking, closing 278 of 338 saloons throughout the town.

If that’s not enough history for you, not to fret. Hoboken’s history can be truly appreciated by visiting the Hoboken Historical Museum at 1301 Hudson Street — as this short article is just the tip of the iceberg. We hope you enjoy Presidents’ Day and spend some time learning more about the city’s history while throwing back a few mimosas {or man-mosas} at brunch.

Have you got a tip on a president who has visited Hoboken? Let us know in the comments!


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