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Pitbull Mix Frank Walking His Senior Chihuahua Brother Tito Around Hoboken

by Briana
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If you’re a dedicated Hoboken Girl reader, you know we love dogs. From posting about adoptions, to even featuring puppy photoshoots — we just can’t get enough. When our animal adoption contributor, Kristina, shared a few cute pics of her dogs on Insta, well let’s just say we freaked. The picture, {if you didn’t see it already} is of Kristina’s dog, Frank, carrying his hospice brother, Tito, on his back in a weight vest {see below — we’re not crying, you’re crying}. Since everyone loved the pic of this dynamic duo so much, we thought we’d give you some background info on these two awesome pups and their stories. Read on to learn more, right from their owner, Kristina:



How did you come up with the weight vest idea?

A few things led me to the weight vest. Frank needs mental and physical stimulation to help him cope with his anxiety. A weight vest is used to help dogs exercise more efficiently, just like when humans add weights to their walks/runs. Tito, unable to use his back legs, cannot walk so he is typically carried around by me. I figured since they love each other so much, why don’t we combine these two things?


Does Frank mind wearing it?

Frank is still getting used to the weight vest but, as you can see, has caught onto it very quickly. Tito, who loves being carried around, enjoyed it within seconds. I had to McGyver it a bit to make sure Tito is secure in it but it works great.

How long does Tito have left?

Honestly, I am not sure how long Tito has left to live but my vet went from saying, “he’s knocking on death’s door” to “he’s going to live forever.” We try to make every day special for him and look forward to taking in more hospice dogs in the future. Tito’s 16th birthday is August 5th!


^^Can you even deal with that face?! It’s probably safe to say Tito LOVES being carried around by his brother

What’s been the best part about all of this?

People often are afraid to approach Frank {and Piper too} because of size or because they have irrational fears about Pit Bull-type dogs. I think this showed just how gentle and loving dogs can be and I see it as a real positive for the breed and big dogs in general.

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What’s it like having a big dog and a very small dog together?

Tito and Frank instantly bonded. I honestly think they were meant to be together. We nicknamed Frank “Nurse Frank” months ago when he started showing a keen sense of understanding other dogs’ needs. When Tito was struggling to breathe, Frank would alert me. They snuggle together and Frank frequently checks in on Tito in his bed just to make sure everything is ok.

tito frank wise animal rescue adoption

What are their personalities like?

Piper is often referred to as “The OG.” She and I have been through a lot together and she has a very “could care less” attitude at this point. Piper loves food and getting her back scratched, but can mostly be found napping, ignoring the world…unless it has food. Frank is extremely dopey and often comes off as dumb but he is actually very intelligent and knows a whole Rolodex of commands. He struggles with his anxiety and isn’t fond of all dogs but he is extremely sweet and really wants to please people. Tito is spunky, to say the least. Every morning, I am woken up by him screaming at me to feed him. This ritual also happens again around 6/6:30 every night when he knows it’s time for dinner. It took him some time to be ok with me forcing him to cuddle with me but we’ve made a lot of progress. Mostly he just wants to eat and be with Frank.

Where is Piper in all of this?

Unfortunately, Piper has had 2 surgeries to repair torn ACLs and doesn’t enjoy long walks anymore. She happily supports Team HelfPup, as they are affectionately called, by napping with them.

What food do your dogs like the most?

Tito is a turkey man—we often split turkey sandwiches. He hates fruits and veggies. Piper and Frank will happily eat absolutely anything #streetdoglife

tito frank wise animal rescue adoption

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To see dogs available through Wise Animal Rescue, and to learn how to volunteer, check out their website here

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