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Hoboken Dog Brides and Grooms Who Slayed Their Wedding Day

by Will
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When it comes to love, Hoboken dogs are 100% living their best lives in the Mile Square {and not just from their owners}. To prove it, we rounded up the best of the best dog brides and grooms — all in the name of holy matrimony. Some of our favorite dog weddings that have happened this year — all photographed by Will Ferman.

Below are some pups proving that they are slaying wedding season — one happy marriage at a time.

Mack & Lady 

These two lovebirds have  known each other since they were puppies. They’ve always been each other’s best friend — but only later in life did their love really blossom. From puppy play dates to eternity!

Bear & Indigo

This cute couple met at dog training classes. They had great chemistry from the start. Sadly Indigo went to study abroad in France, and they lost contact for a couple of years. They reconnected at the dog park two years ago & realized they were still madly in love. Bear proposed on New Year’s Eve and they had a nice little court house wedding in NYC.

Simba & Bear

Simba first ran into Bear at Cornerstone Pets. They both were buying the same brand of dog food. Then they struck up a conversation & couldn’t stop seeing each other. Simba loves Bear’s youthful zest for adventure, while Bear loves Simba’s intellectual ways. They both agree, they complete each other.

Hudson & Nala

Nala originally wanted to get married at The Sagamore but choose Hoboken because it’s both her and Hudson’s hometown.

Teddy & Snax

Teddy had Snax’s bridal gown custom made and flown in from Florence. They are honeymooning in Greece.

Reggie & Mara

During his proposal prep Reggie accidentally ate the treat he baked Mara’s engagement ring into — Mara thought it was hilarious!

Cole & Oakley

Cole had a huge crush on Oakley for years and finally mustered up the courage to ask her out last year. Little did he know Oakley had also been crushing hard on him too!

Franklin & Pierre

These handsome hunks met while running a marathon. Sparks flew and their romance began. In a scary turn of events, Frankin was involved in a serious car accident. Although he made a full recovery it brought them both closer together. It made them realize how much they meant to each other.

Sunny & Greyson

Though there’s nothing wrong with big, fancy weddings, Sunny and Greyson decided to keep it simple. They eloped and are instead going on a month long honeymoon to Bali.

Karl & Nala

Nala loves tall, funny men and Karl likes feisty French girls. It was love at first sight!


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