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The Oil Well Scent Co., A Natural Approach to Personal Fragrance in Jersey City

by Alexis Spoden
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New discoveries on the harmful chemicals in our beauty products are brought to light constantly, and many consumers are turning to all-natural, vegan options. Stefanie Kautzmann built The Oil Well Scent Company, based out of Jersey City, upon her discoveries on the harmful toxins and their effects in today’s perfume industry. The Oil Well Scent Company is an all-natural, vegan perfume line, free of synthetics that are found in many of the fragrances we know and use daily. Read on to learn more about how The Oil Well Scent Company is redefining the future of botanical perfumery, one bottle at a time. 

The Background

Stephanie owner of The Oil Well Scent Co.

Stefanie Kautzmann has been fascinated with nature for as long as she can remember. She grew up in the woods of Northern New Jersey that bordered New York State so since childhood, she has loved learning about all the different flowers, trees, and animals. “I was always hiking and exploring whenever possible, literally smelling everything in my path—good or bad,” she shared. 

It wasn’t until she moved to an urban setting in the early 2000s when she started experiencing skin issues. “It became so personal that I started to research a more natural approach to skincare,” she explains. Stefanie began experimenting with different natural substances, creating her own natural remedies to help her skin. “Though my real obsession came through when I discovered which derived oils smelled the best,” she said. 

With time and patience, Stefanie started to combine these oils to achieve different results, while balancing them to the point that they were suddenly wearable. “There was one cold winter in 2016 where I basically locked myself in the studio and just hammered away at my new venture.” That year, The Oil Well Scent Company was born.

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The Products

The Oil Well Scent Co. fragrance Jersey City

The Oil Well Scent Co. features 100% handcrafted, vegan, and ethically sourced fragrances that can be purchased online. Synthetics are never used. Lavandin is one of Stefanie’s very first botanical perfumes and was specially made for her mother, a two-time cancer survivor. “My mother became my muse and my other nose. Now that we have over-educated ourselves about some of the harmful toxins and their effects in today’s perfume industry, I’ve made a promise to never use synthetics in my business line,” Stefanie said. 

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Although all of her perfumes are amazing, Stefanie can’t help but have her favorites, some of which are outlined below:

  • – QUEEN – $50, made of Indonesian jasmine petals, Bulgarian roses, black peppercorns, rosemary sprigs, and Italian bergamot.
  • – PERSEPHONE – $40, made from heavenly notes of Egyptian geranium, sweetened patchouli, varied citruses, and sweet rosewood.
  • – WOODLANDS – $40, made of petrichor, cedars, pines, spruces, forest floor, citrus, and sweet balsam.  
  • – HUNTER’S MOON – $40, made from notes of Indian vetiver root, coriander seeds, ginger lilies, nutmeg, cardamom pods, black peppercorns, and dry earth. 
  • – SAINTE – $40, made from whole cloves, smooth cocoa, coffee, myrrh, labdanum, bergamot peel, and vetiver root.  

Where to Find Her

The Oil Well Scent Co. frangrances

You can find The Oil Well Scent Company’s whereabouts on Instagram @theoilwellscentco, where Stefanie will list her in-house schedule. However, all of her great products can be purchased online at  www.theoilwellscentco.com


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