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This Jersey City Fragrance Shop Will Let You Customize Your Own Scent

by Alexis Spoden
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The sense of smell is said to be the strongest out of the five human senses and is the one most closely linked with memory. Scent can also change one’s mood, inspire someone to feel hungry, or spark arousal. Scent is more powerful than people may realize, and with so many perfume and cologne options in the world, choosing a personal scent can feel daunting. Samia’s Scent’s in Jersey City, however, can help. This local spot carries 140 oil-based fragrances and even creates custom scents specifically designed for clients’ tastes. Read on to learn more about Samia’s Scents, a fragrance shop in Jersey City founded by perfume connoisseur, Nadia, and her husband, Kaci. 

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The Background

Nadia’s love for fragrance began at an early age. She grew up in Algeria and often found herself creating scents with her mother from the raw materials in their own garden. She continued to pursue her passion which ultimately led her to Paris, France. There she was able to further her studies and better her understanding of raw materials and fine ingredients. Eventually, she made her way to New York City and worked in the wholesale fragrance industry for 18 years, perfecting her perfume chemistry skills to the point where she felt it was time to start her own business, Samia’s Scents, in October of 2019.

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The Products

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There is a fragrance for everyone at Samia’s Scents and all ingredients are IFRA {International Fragrance Association} regulated. Samia’s has 140 fragrances made from natural scents, designer-inspired fragrances, {think Chanel, Dior, and Creed} French imported scents, as well as Attar fragrances, which are more concentrated scents imported from Dubai and typically used for prayer or meditation purposes.

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They offer fragrances for women, men, as well as unisex options, and all at very reasonable prices. A ⅓ ounce roll-on is $3 and a 1-ounce roll-on is $7. A 1-ounce bottle is $6, 2-ounce bottles are $10, and a 4-ounce bottle is $15.

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Samia’s Scents also sells body butters that range from around $5 to $15, oil burners, candles, and more. 

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How it Works

All purchased fragrances are bottled at the shop. “I like to make the products in front of the customer so they know exactly what is being put into their fragrance,” Nadia explains. Customers can choose a bottle out of several shapes, with either a silver or gold cap. Once the bottle size and shape is chosen, customers will decide their fragrance from Nadia’s assortment, or they can even create a custom fragrance. After the fragrance is mixed and bottled, Nadia recommends leaving the new perfume bottle in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours after purchase, because the alcohol solvent will mix and dissolve better. Once customers are finished with perfume, they can bring their empty bottle back to the shop for a refill at a discounted price. 

The Info

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Samia’s Scents is located at 950 West Side Avenue in Jersey City. Stop by to waft the delicious aromas, and create your custom, signature scent. More information and pricing can be found at www.samiascents.com and on their Instagram @samiasscents

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