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Natoli’s: A Long-Standing Deli in Secaucus 

by Danielle Lynch
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It’s September 1977 in Secaucus, New Jersey, and 19-year-old Steve Natoli is a sophomore at William Paterson University desperately looking for a summer job. He sees a little store at 300 Clarendon Street, thinking it would be the perfect spot to open up a little candy + grocery store to earn some extra cash. And on that date to be exact, he gave the owner of the building $200 a month and a firm handshake to seal the deal and the rest was history.  Keep reading to learn all about Natoli’s, a long-standing deli the Secaucus community.

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About Natoli’s

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Natoli’s is a Secaucus staple, a local deli, pizzeria, and hang out that has been in business for 42 years. When he first began, Steve only sold candy and groceries. 

“My cash register was my father’s cigar box. I’m not kidding. I still have it upstairs,” Steve told Hoboken Girl. “I had a Casio adding machine but I felt like I was running General Motors.” From the day he began, he fell in love with being in business. And when he would have to go to class at William Paterson, his mother and father would help run the store. Steve decided that he loved the business so much that he never went back to college for the second semester of his senior year. His mind was focused on the store and there was nothing that could hold him back.

“I remember my father caught me on my way out one day. He was reading the newspaper. He said, ‘Steve I want to talk to you. Mommy tells me you’re not going back to college. You only have three months left…I have one question for you. Do you think you could provide for a family?’ And I told him, ‘Yes, I think I can.’ He wished me luck, picked up the paper, and kept reading and I was out of the house.” All he wanted to know was if Steve could provide for a family doing what he was doing and that memory has always stayed in Steve’s heart throughout his life and career.

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Expanding Natoli’s

The business eventually expanded. He moved from a candy and grocery store to a deli and prepared food market. As time went on, he found himself running four storefronts, catering for large companies, running a commissary behind the original Corrado’s Market and so much more. From 1984 to 1992, Steve had 11 cafeterias and four stores. But Steve is a hometown guy, so he eventually sold the properties and came back to his roots at the deli at 300 Clarendon Street. 

“The store has been nothing but good to me,” said Steve with a twinkle in his eyes. “It is my beginning. I can’t wait to get here in the morning, even 42 years later. When I leave at night, I feel like I’ve left too early.” 

There is something to be said about a man who has created a business that is so involved with the town. His allegiance to Secaucus is strong and Natoli’s has built their legacy by supporting the town and the locals. “We are very involved and try to support everyone. From the PBA, t-ball teams, Fire Department, Little League. The word ‘no’ does not exist for us. We will always say yes. No matter what,” Steve said. And it’s true —  in 42 years, Steve has never turned anyone away and has always helped whoever he could with whatever he had. 

And you certainly get that vibe when you walk into the store. Being in a very residential neighborhood, the majority of his customers come from right here in Secaucus. Anyone who comes to Natoli’s is treated like family. Steve and his partners know everyone’s name, their order, and are so accommodating to everyone’s needs. Hugs, handshakes, and memories fill the deli on a daily basis and those who come to Natoli’s know that they are always part of the family. 

What’s on the Menu

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Everything and anything imaginable can be found on the menu at Natoli’s. From classic sandwiches and salads to hot prepared foods, they have it all. Steve and his crew make homemade mozzarella twice a day, butcher their own meats, serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even have a huge selection of ready to cook foods and prepared foods for every meal of the day. They also have a large variety of grocery items available and even deliver in Secaucus for free — no matter if it’s a huge catering order or just a stick of butter. Some favorites on the menu {as told to us by Alexa, Steve’s cousin who manages his social media and posts all of the delicious food} include the garlic knots, rice balls, meatballs, and vodka sauce chicken parm. A known classic at Natoli’s is the fried chicken cutlet, fresh mozz, arugula + roasted pepper sandwich with balsamic glaze and EVOO. “People go crazy over that one,” Steve boasted. 

Natoli’s is truly a family business that is run by Steve and his partners. He does it all with one thing in mind, “say yes and figure it out.” It is that standard that Natoli’s was built upon and continues to serve the community with to this day. Steve is a friend to all and instantly brings you into his family. “The strength of the store is the people who work here. Kids start working here in high school, stocking the sodas and eventually move to the counter. They come back for holidays and summers during college and do all of the catering jobs.”It’s true, just ask the 17 Secaucus Police Officers {four of whom are now working for the Department of  Homeland Security} that once spent their summers working here as teens. This place is a hidden gem filled with so much love and compassion. If you stop by and look around, you’ll see Steve making his rounds, taking care of everyone, treating each and every person like they are family. That is the Natoli’s way.

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Natoli’s is open Monday through Saturday from 7:00AM-10:00PM and Sunday from 9:00AM-9:00PM for breakfast, lunch, dinner, catering, dine-in, and take out, and also has ready to cook meals, and prepared foods available.

Have you visited Natoli’s? Tell us all about your experience in the comments below!  

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