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New Boutique Gym, MEGA, Coming to Jersey City

by Diana Cooper
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MEGA, a new boutique fitness studio, is expected to open its doors this fall on the 2nd floor of 150 Bay Street. Founded by Kyra Huxel, MEGA will be bringing the Lagree Method to the bustling downtown Jersey City fitness community. Read on to learn more about the type of machines and classes MEGA will offer upon opening in the next few weeks in Jersey City.

mega fitness studio opening jersey city

(Photo credit: @megajc.fit)

About the Lagree Method

Founder Kyra Huxel tells Hoboken Girl exclusively that MEGA’s classes will be centered on the Lagree Method. “Lagree is a high intensity, low impact, core-focused, muscular endurance, and strength training workout,” she says. “It’s a true total body workout meant to give you all the components of physical fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition, and dynamic core stability training.” 

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A typical class will consist of spending half the time on a treadmill and half the time on the Megaformer. The founder explains MEGA has brought in “two of the world’s most advanced machines” to the soon-to-come studio: the Lagree EVO Megaformer and the Technogym Skillrun 5000 treadmill, a luxury treadmill that offers three functions (tread, sled, and parachute).

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technogym treadmill machine

(Photo credit: MEGA)

Zap Fitness

“I can officially announce we will be the first studio on the East Coast to house Lagree’s newest Megaformer, the EVO. This machine is truly the future of fitness and will give our clients the ultimate Lagree and MEGA experience,” Huxel shares.

Morgan Guido, a seasoned Lagree trainer and longtime Jersey City and Hoboken resident, has joined MEGA as the Head of Training and Development, bringing her seven-plus years of Lagree passion and experience to the community. 

mega jc owner photo

^ Founder Kyra Huxel (left) and Morgan Guido, Head of Training and Development (right)

(Photo credit: Brendan Burke for MEGA JC)

About the Owner

Kyra Huxel has been a resident of Jersey City for the past decade. However, her family has been part of the neighborhood since her great grandparents immigrated to Jersey City from Russia in the late 1800s. Her grandfather has been the owner of Harbor Casino Bar on Warren Street for almost 40 years now, and her mother has been the Head of School at Hamilton Park Montessori for the last 10 years.

Huxel says this is her first time as a studio owner. “My love for fitness started extremely early throughout my aspiring youth career as a ballet dancer. After studying with a number of programs, I hung up my pointe shoes to pursue new dreams,” she shares.

megaformer machine mega jersey city

^Sneak peek of the Lagree EVO Megaformer

(Photo credit: @megajc.fit)

“My journey with the MEGA began here in Jersey City where I was first introduced to the Lagree Method and the Megaformer in 2016. Ever since then, I knew I would never live without one. I hopped on a flight to train at Lagree Headquarters in Los Angeles in 2019, and eventually joined a prominent Lagree studio in the Metropolitan Area.”

MEGA’s Mission 

Huxel’s mission for MEGA is to cultivate an inclusive, supportive, community-focused workout to inspire, recharge, challenge, and ultimately transform the body and mind,” she says. “We merge the top-of-the-line fitness machines and technology to give you the most effective workout designed  to test our limits both physically and mentally while fostering a non-judgmental environment for all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.” 

MEGA studio jersey city coming soon

(Photo credit: @megajc.fit)

Huxel tells Hoboken Girl that MEGA will be offering single-class and multi-class packages. There will also be two monthly membership options and eventually, an unlimited membership option. All classes will be available to book through MEGA’s app upon launching. 

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“The opportunity to bring the Lagree Method back to Jersey City in a fresh and unique way is beyond my wildest dreams,” Huxel adds. “Now, joining the Lagree community as a studio owner, and soon to be Lagree master trainer, I’m excited to share the Lagree Method with the Jersey City community and to support and mentor future Lagree trainers.”

mega jc treadmill

(Photo credit: @megajc.fit)

Stay in Touch

MEGA is aiming for an October 2021 opening date. In the meantime, those interested in following along with the progress of the gym can sign up for email updates on the studio’s website, found here. Interested in working for MEGA? The studio is in the process of hiring, so if you know someone interested, they can email [email protected] to learn about career opportunities. To follow MEGA on social media, click here for MEGA’s Instagram.


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