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Celebrity Soccer Player Lionel Messi is in Hoboken This Weekend

by Danielle Farina
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It’s been a minute since a celebrity was spotted in Hoboken — after a star-studded June in the Mile Square, things tamed for a bit in wake of the WGA Strike. Alas, in the last hours of summer, it’s rumored that one of (if not the) most famous athletes has stepped foot in our little city. You might know him: he goes by the name of Lionel Messi, and recently signed a contract with Inter Miami CF, making him an official member of the MLS. Messi’s team is playing against the New York Red Bulls at their home stadium in Harrison this Saturday, August 26th. Read on for what we know about Lionel Messi’s arrival in Hoboken. 

lionel messi in hoboken new jersey Photo Credit: Creative Commons 

What We Know

In the late afternoon of August 24th, The Hoboken Girl received a tip that internationally famed Lionel Messi was in Hoboken. Though the tip was scarce, a little research confirmed that Lionel Messi’s soccer team (as of recently), Inter Miami CF, is playing the Red Bulls this weekend at Red Bulls Stadium in Harrison. Enough to pique our interest, sure, but not enough to seal the deal just yet.

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A few minutes later, HG received another tip that Lionel Messi wasn’t only passing through the Mile Square — he’s staying for the weekend, and that some Hoboken streets are blocked off in preparation for his arrival.

For those uneducated in sports (no judgment), Lionel Messi is an Argentine professional soccer player, regarded as one of the best in the world. Just last year, Lionel gained international recognition for securing the FIFA World Cup for his home country, Argentina. Earlier in 2023, Lionel made the surprising move to play in the MLS (Major League Soccer) as a forward for Inter Miami CF.

Inter Miami CF plays the Red Bulls Saturday, August 26th, at 7:30PM. Red Bull Stadium is just a short PATH ride away from Hoboken, and we’ve got a complete guide for navigating the arena here.

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As of now, there’s been no sightings of Lionel Messi yet — but of course, we’ll keep you updated as details unfold. Be sure to follow @thehobokengirl on Instagram + TikTok for all the latest Hoboken and Jersey City updates.

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