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This Hoboken Couple’s Mile Square Love Story Will Spark All the Joy

by Arielle Witter
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While the world might feel like a scary place and the future might seem uncertain, there is one thing that is – love. Even in the midst of a major health crisis that spans the globe, love always finds a way to prevail. Whether it’s love in the romantic sense, love for your friends and family, or showing just a little bit of extra love in the form of an act of kindness, love always finds a way to outweigh whatever troubles might be going on in the world.

lauren kevin deutsch wedding hoboken

The type of love that we’re diving deep into today is the kind of romantic nature. Like most engaged couples this year, Kevin Deutsch and his now-wife Lauren changed their plans on a dime to tie the knot – this is their Hoboken love story.

A Real-Life “Meet-Cute”

Meet-cute — the Cambridge Dictionary defines this as a “humorous or interesting situation in which two people meet, that leads to them developing a romantic relationship with each other.” For Kevin and Lauren, that’s exactly what happened.

This Hoboken love story began on a Friday night in 2017. Lauren was out at dinner with three of her friends to celebrate her birthday over at City Bistro. As lady luck and probably cupid would have it, Kevin also happened to be at City Bistro that night, too.

lauren kevin deutsch wedding hoboken

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“Kevin turned around and something about the looks of Lauren got him to approach the table,” the couple shared.

Right about now, Kevin was on what he calls a “riddle kick,” aka a particular interest in dishing out and solving riddles. He sauntered up to Lauren and shared a series of riddles with her {oh, how we hope one was “mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all!”}. 

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Kevin’s riddle game was so strong, Lauren’s friends even asked if he was the restaurant’s entertainment for the night! Luckily for Kevin, the riddles worked and after spending two hours chatting with Lauen and her friends, he asked for her number.

Wasting no time, their first date was at Dino and Harry’s the following night, and three and a half years later, the rest is history.  

Popping the Question

lauren kevin deutsch wedding hoboken

This movie-worthy romance was kicked up a notch on December 22nd, 2018. December 22nd was the perfect date because as Kevin explained, his birthday is on December 12th and Lauren’s is on February 22nd, “so the perfect engagement date was obviously 12/22 — a combination of me and you.” {Now is where you should start grabbing the tissues.}

On that date, Kevin told Lauren that they would be meeting one of his clients’ for dinner at the River Café in Brooklyn. But what Lauren wasn’t aware of was that her soon-to-be fiancé had a romantic, overnight evening planned at The 1 Hotel, Brooklyn Bridge.

When they made it to the rooftop bar of the hotel, the moment of truth happened – Kevin got down on one knee with, you guessed it, the scenic Brooklyn Bridge in the background. 

Now the two of us were ready to become one,” the couple shared. Of course, she said yes! 

After that, they checked into their room and called their closest friends and family to share the great news and had an intimate, celebratory dinner for two at the River Café.

A Wedding, Interrupted 

Fast forward a year and seven months later and the now-engaged couple was preparing to say “I do” a St. Ann’s Church right where their love story began, Hoboken. The reception was supposed to be at Hudson House in Jersey City on July 4th of this year. 

But, as many of us already know, this thing called COVID-19 threw a wrench into their {and many other couple’s} nuptial plans. 

“As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation, we kept in constant contact with our family taking their advice and/or not their advice and kept in touch with all of our vendors,” the couple shared. “Ultimately moved our wedding reception to May 1st, 2021.”

Pushing their reception date, however, didn’t stop this couple from saying “I do.” Like many other couples, they made lemonade out of lemons. After all, love always finds a way to win.

A Change of Plans 

lauren kevin deutsch wedding hoboken

The couple decided to move forward with their nuptials, even though their reception was pushed back a year. Of course, this didn’t come without its own series of hiccups. One of which was the number of people allowed to attend their wedding.

“Father Remo informed us weekly — [first] 10 people, then 50 people, then 50% of the church,” the couple shared. “Which made us change our minds and our plans man times. However, in the end, we were still able to get married on the 4th of July at St. Ann’s.”

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Naturally, with social distancing orders in place, any original wedding attendee numbers were cut down. Thirty-one people with customized wedding-day masks were in attendance for this intimate wedding ceremony. 

lauren kevin deutsch wedding hoboken

“After the ceremony ended around 4:30PM, the U.S. Department of Defence was doing the ‘salute to the great Cities of the American Revolution,’ including a flyover of NYC,” the couple shared. 

So while their family and friends went to check out the waterfront spectacle and wait for the reception dinner at Halifax, the couple made good use of the downtime — they went back to where it all began, City Bistro. 

“As a pleasant surprise to us, the entire place was empty,” they shared. “We enjoyed a celebratory drink just the two of us.” 

lauren kevin deutsch wedding hoboken

The rest of the night included a tiny reception dinner at Halifax, decked out with 4th of July decorations including name tags, decorations, themed doughnuts, and sparklers. 

Although more low-key than they imagined, the day still turned out to be special and memorable. 

“The memories and stories that we’ll cherish forever are unprecedented and we look forward to celebrating with the rest of our closest friends and family,” they shared. “Whether it can happen on May 1st, 2021, or July 4th, 2024, or at any other time that the world allows us.”

Keeping it Local

lauren kevin deutsch wedding hoboken

Of course, this wedding day wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a few great vendors. For Kevin and Lauren, their rehearsal dinner happened at Hoboken locale Frankie & Ava’s with a cake from Carlo’s Bakery, Lauren’s bouquet came from Hudson Flowers, Kevin’s hair cut was courtesy of Hoboken Hair, their pre-game drinks came from Cork Wines, sandwich plates were made by Vito’s Deli, and their wedding bands came from a local spot, W. Kodak Jewelers.

Advice for Other Couples

As the future remains uncertain and other couples are faced with similar predicaments, Kevin and Lauren have some advice for them.

“Don’t change your life plans and the love for each other due to the uncertainties of 2020,” they shared. “Changing your date, potentially multiple times can be stressful, but what matters the most is that you have each other.”  

Congratulations, Kevin and Lauren!


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