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This Jersey City Couple’s Rainbow-Filled Engagement Will Spark All the Joy

by Arielle Witter
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Love — it’s the one thing that keeps us all going, even when times get tough. This year, needless to say, has been a little…different for everyone. But if there’s one thing we can count on, it’s love.

Pandemic or not, love always wins, and Amanda Macio and Tara Writt are excellent examples of that. Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic is still very much a reality, these two still found a way to take their love story to a new level with a bright, vibrant proposal. This is their engagement story.

How They Met

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This love story dates back to May 2017. Tara and Amanda met on an app called HER, an LGBTQ+ app. Like with most online romances, the two exchanged a few messages for a few days and decided to meet up.

“After a few days of getting to know each other, we met for a drink in the West Village and hit it off right away,” Amanda shared. Just like that, a romance was born.

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Crossing the Hudson

When the duo met, Tara had been living in Hoboken for five years while Amanda called NYC Home. In fact, prior to meeting her now-fiancé Amanda “never spent time on this side of the Hudson.” But, as we all know, the Mile Square and Jersey City have a special charm to it that is hard to resist.

“I immediately fell in love with Hoboken and Jersey City during my first few visits here and knew I should move to the area when the time was right,” Amanda shared. “After a year of dating, we moved to downtown Jersey City. We’ve been in our Jersey City apartment for two years and just renewed our lease for another two years!”

Perfect timing as little did Tara know, Amanda had proposal plans in the works.

The Engagement

jersey city engagement

As with many engagements, this engagement was a surprise. For these two, their engagement story begins in June. “Pride Month in NYC is always my favorite time of the year,” Amanda shared. “Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the NYC Pride March was canceled, but Tara wanted to make it special nonetheless!”

Like we said before, even a global pandemic can’t stop love — love always wins.

Which brings us to Monday, June 29th.

“Tara found out that Lincoln Center was doing a special Pride rainbow light installation and thought it would be the perfect backdrop for a proposal,” Amanda said.

That evening, the two drove into the city for what would be a typical date night — picking up food from their favorite pizza spot. But this particular evening had something else in store. Tara had found out that the Lincoln Center was doing a special rainbow light display in honor of Pride month and, well, it was the perfect backdrop for the proposal.

After picking up their favorite pizza, the couple decided to drive by the Lincoln Center to catch the display…and for Tara to get down on one knee.

“Much to my surprise, she popped the question,” Amanda shared. And just like that, the night became even more special.

“Afterwards, we picked up a bottle of Veuve, sat on the couch with our Boston Terrier, Bartolo, and closed out the night in the perfect way by watching a new episode of 90 Day Fiancé,” Amanda said. “I truly couldn’t imagine a better proposal!”

And of course, their story has a local spin, too — Tara hired an NYC-based photographer to capture the very special moment and worked with W. Kodak Jewelers to craft the perfect ring for her bride-to-be.

“We look forward to planning the wedding and incorporating as many Hoboken and Jersey City vendors as we can,” the couple shared.

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Wedding Plans

jersey city engagement

This newly-engaged couple, although over the moon about their engagement, are now faced with something many couples in 2020 are familiar with — planning a wedding during a pandemic.

Luckily, since their engagement is relatively new, the duo has time to plan their wedding day, which will take place down in Asbury Park.

“We both love Asbury and how LGBTQ+-friendly it is, but anywhere down the shore would be perfect! We’ll start looking at venues in September,” Amanda said.

For now, however, despite the circumstances at hand, the couple is simply basking in the glory of their engagement — as we all would be doing!

“Right now, we plan on enjoying engaged life. We want our wedding planning to be as fun and stress-free as possible, which is difficult to do in a global pandemic. Our main goal is to enjoy every step of the planning process,” Amanda said. After all, a wedding is a big party and should be fun!

Congratulations, Amanda and Tara!


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