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COVID-19 + Wedding Planning 101: An Instagram Live Q+A with EVJ Wedding Co Tuesday May 19th at 4:30PM

by Corinne Batsides
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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there are a lot of questions about how and when we can all resume our normal lives, and for those who are planning a wedding during this time, the concern is super high. Although times are stressful and certainly far from normal, it doesn’t mean your special day has to be called off. To address all your questions and concerns about how to plan a wedding during a pandemic, we will be hosting an Instagram Live Q+A with the very talented founder of EVJ Wedding Co., Jacquelyn.

Jacquelyn will be joining the Hoboken Girl team on Tuesday, May 19th live on our Instagram account at 4:30PM for a special Q+A. She’ll be answering all of your most pressing COVID-related wedding planning concerns. Here’s what you need to know about Jacquelyn, EVJ Wedding Co. + our IG live:

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About Jacquelyn + EVJ Wedding Co.

Prior to our IG live, we want to make sure you’re completely caught up with everything there is to know about Jacquelyn and EVJ Wedding Co.

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Jacquelyn, the founder of EVJ Wedding Co., has always lived to be the “go-to” girl —the one who always has the answers, the one who not only helps, but usually saves the day. She turned that unique skill set into a business when she started her wedding planning company. Within the first few months of opening EVJ Wedding Co. in the fall of 2012 — and after producing a handful of wonderful weddings — the word of mouth referrals catapulted her one-woman wedding planning show into a high-demand business.


Nowadays, the company consists of Jacquelyn and five awesome wedding planners: Dana, Liz, Joy, Jeanna and Nicole. The team’s ability to make each and every couple feel like their top priority, while juggling multiple weddings at once, is it’s most valuable quality. Each planner provides the highest level of customer service, and that is what gives EVJ Wedding Co. its special touch. What may sound like an overstatement is always possible with EVJ Wedding Co.

With Jacquelyn and her team, wedding planning should be fun and stress should be out of the question. The team’s mantra is “There is no such thing as a problem, only opportunities to create solutions,” and when you plan your wedding with EVJ Wedding Co., you’ll feel that energy.

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About Our IG Live Q+A with Jacquelyn

To ensure that none of our brides-to-be feel any unnecessary stress while planning their wedding during this uncertain time, we’re speaking with Jacquelyn to address your concerns and alleviate your fears. Jacquelyn will be answering FAQs on our IG live on Tuesday, May 19th at 4:30PM, including some of the following questions:

– My wedding is in the fall. Should we make the call to postpone?
– Our invitations already went out but we might have to cut the guest list and have a smaller wedding due to COVID. What do we do?
– How will this affect my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses (purchasing, alterations, etc.)?
– I love my dress I want to wear it more than for just an elopement. Can I wear it twice or will people think it’s strange if I wear it for a reception since we’ll have the ceremony months earlier?
– Any advice for planning while everything is closed?
– What if my videographer cannot travel to film our wedding due to travel bans?
– If I have to cancel/postpone our bachelor/ette and then we elope privately, can we still have a bachelor/ette party after we are already married?
– What about a shower? We had to cancel ours. Can I still have a shower later if I am already married?
– Is there any other way to get a marriage license if the marriage bureaus and city halls are closed?
– How do we plan a private ceremony for now and a reception later to celebrate with family and friends? Will people not want to come later? Will guests think it is strange since we are already married?
– How can we include our wedding parties if the ceremony is separate and they can’t come?
– How do we help guests and wedding party members who have already bought airfare and hotel/Airbnb rentals?
– If we plan a reception later when things are safe, how do we make it more than just a party?
– How can we possibly do a gift registry when our guests have already lost jobs and income?

+ more.

Have a q? Submit it before the live to hello@Hobokengirl.com for Jacquelyn to answer! And share this with brides and grooms so they tune in on Tuesday 5/19 @thehobokengirl on Instagram, of course.

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