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This Couple’s Intimate, Curbside Wedding Will Spark Some Serious Joy

by Arielle Witter
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Ah love — it’s the thing that keeps us up at night and the thing that keeps us going even when times are tough {we’re looking at you, global pandemic}. No matter what the world or global circumstances are, it seems as if love always prevails. That’s why we’re sharing a story about amor today. Ruani and Cortney hosted their nuptials despite a global pandemic in Jersey City last month — this is their story.

How They Met

ruani cortney wedding

Ruani and Cortney’s love story dates back to college. The couple met during their junior year of undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania. They’ve been together for nine years and on their ninth anniversary on June 18th, 2020, the couple decided to get married.

The Proposal 

ruani cortney jersey city

“The day of the proposal, I was supposed to be introducing and interviewing two accomplished writers at the 92nd Street Y, and it was a big deal for me personally,” Cortney shared. “Because of that, it also provided great cover for the surprise.”

“I made sure to leave after Ruani that day for work, which allowed me time to set up the ring display and our celebratory bottle of champagne so it was ready later that night,” he continued.

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That evening, the couple reconvened after a long day of work {and a very rainy day} as usual, but little did Ruani know that she was in for a great surprise on this particular day.

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“We walked into our {purposely} dark apartment with pizza boxes in hand, damp from the rain. She turned on the lights and then caught the glimmer of the champagne flutes and the ring as she turned around,” Cortney shared.

And then, Cortney got down on one knee.

“As the confusion and surprise set in, I picked up the ring, dropped to my knee, and asked very sweetly and directly if she would marry me. And, well, she said yes!”

The rest is romantic history!

Original Wedding Plans 

cortney ruani wedding

The duo was engaged for a year and four months before their nuptials officially happened. As with many couples, Cortney and Ruani had plans to get married in much larger, traditional ceremonies. “We were planning to get married in Chicago, where I’m from. We set the date for Saturday, June 13th.”

Then, enter COVID-19.

The global pandemic put those original plans on hold. “In all the time we’ve spent planning our wedding, we never could have imagined we’d be postponing our wedding because of a pandemic,” they shared.

“It was really overwhelming at first, partly because we were also dealing with so much uncertainty in other areas of our personal lives surrounding the pandemic. It helped us to take a step back and remind ourselves of the bigger picture: we are fortunate to be safe and healthy, and we have each other,” Ruani added. “Postponing was a difficult and disappointing decision, but we felt relief immediately after we finalized the new date for 2021.”

Adapting to the Times 

Despite a global pandemic, one thing is certain — love always wins. Ruani and Cortney wouldn’t let this hiccup stall their romance — they’ve been together for nine years, their time to say “I do” was overdue.

“Without knowing if we will be in the clear to have our wedding next year, we started tossing around the idea of a private ceremony. It felt like the right decision for us,” Cortney shared.

Planning the details around the ceremony was a special process. Big weddings are a lot of fun to plan, but this was an opportunity to center ourselves and not let the details get in the way of being present,” Ruani added. “We had always wanted to get married on our anniversary, June 18th, so we knew immediately that this would be the date. We needed a space that was simple, safe, and facilitated social distancing, and our front stoop felt like the perfect choice. It was very poignant to be married at home.”

Their Small, But Special Ceremony  

ruani cortne jersey city wedding

{Photo credit: @milesquaremoments}

Fast forward to June 18th and the two are holding their small yet intimate ceremony. The entire guest list was cut down to three people and themselves — their official, the best man, and man of honor.

wedding jersey city

{Photo credit: @milesquaremoments}

“These three people were going to be standing with us for the wedding we planned in Chicago, so it was really meaningful to have them present as we got married on our stoop,” Ruani shared. “We had other guests, too! Our neighbors came out to watch, others were watching from out of their windows, and strangers stopped along the sidewalk to listen in.”

After they said “I do,” the couple celebrated with, you guessed it, a bottle {bottles} of bubbly and a socially distant celebration in their backyard with tacos, cake, and music. The entire event was brought to fruition with the help of a few local vendors as well — Blue Jasmine for the flowers, Hudson Cakery for their cake, and Mile Square Moments to capture it all on film.

jersey city wedding

{Photo credit: @milesquaremoments}

Although not what they planned, their wedding was just as special as they had originally imagined it to be.

“We wrote our own vows for each other, and at that moment, I don’t remember anything else but hanging onto every word Cortney was saying,” Ruani told Hoboken Girl. “When we shared our first kiss as husband and wife, there was cheering, clapping, and honking from up and down the street!”

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Advice for Other Couples

jersey city covid wedding

{Photo credit: @milesquaremoments}

Of course, this is a unique time for anyone planning a wedding, especially those who have had to postpone their special day. But, as two who successfully did it all, Ruani and Cortney have some sage advice to share.

wedding day ruani cortney

{Photo credit: @milesquaremoments}

“Have fun with it! The smaller scale means you can include unique details without needing to tap into your wedding budget. We chose florals in bright, summery colors that we didn’t have in our original wedding palette, we got a mini cake to mark the occasion, I had a lot of fun looking for a mask to match my dress {and there are so many tasteful options available now!}, and I even found floral face masks that the best man and man of honor graciously agreed to wear,” Ruani shared. “We started calling our wedding a curbside commitment to play on all of the changes the pandemic has introduced in our lives.”

Congratulations to the lovely couple!

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