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Planning a Wedding During the COVID-19 Pandemic? All Your Qs Answered by a Local Planner

by Hoboken Girl Team
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In the wake of all the global news happening, many couples have, unfortunately, had to postpone or cancel their wedding celebrations + ceremonies. The fact of the matter is that it is far too risky to put people’s health at risk during a large gathering. 

Rest assured, Jacquelyn Mavrookas of EVJ Wedding Co., is here to ease some of those worries. Her company motto is “There is no such thing as a problem, only an opportunity to create a solution.”  This statement has been the absolute foundation the company to help its couples and community get through this time of adversity. That being said, Jacquelyn + EVJ Wedding CO. are still available and can offer a shoulder to cry on, a conversation to cheer couples up, and advice on how to navigate and move forward. Jacquelyn does not want one couple to face this uncertain time alone, “we are here to serve as a pillar of strength and hope for all couples who need it,” she says. 

So in an attempt to shed some positive light on an otherwise grim situation, Jacquelyn sat down with Hoboken Girl to chat all things wedding + offer up some helpful advice during this tough time in the world. Here are some of her top tips.

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Where to Start

The best place to start is to prioritize what is most important to you.

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Take stock of where you are in your wedding planning process and what you are and aren’t willing to sacrifice.

Next, make decisions based off of your most prioritized answers. At this point, should you need to reschedule your wedding, something is going to be sacrificed — timing, guest count, vendor availability, financials, or something else.    

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Below are the most common questions and topics current couples are working to answer, and how Jaquelyn + her team recommend navigating this process. 

Topic: We are on a timeline to start a family and waiting longer isn’t an option. What do we do?

This is such a personal decision that nobody else can make for you. You’ll need to think about what you’re willing to sacrifice if you can’t postpone — you might need to sacrifice vendors, guest count, or the venue + location. 

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Topic: Our guest list and the guest count is super important. We always envisioned a huge party and a dance floor crowded with all of our loved ones or we have always envisioned an intimate wedding where each person holds such a special place in our hearts and it would devastate us if someone missed it.

The longer you wait, the more comfortable people will be traveling again and the more celebratory they will feel. We’ve all heard the expression “time heals all wounds” and no one is sure how deep this wound is yet. Time will give everybody a chance to get back on their feet in every way. Right now, many of your guests will be dealing with their own personal hardships due to the changing situation. Being gracious with time could be the difference in who is able to be in attendance.

Topic: It is important for us to get married in front of our family’s older generation + guests with underlying conditions

Right now, putting our older generation or guests with underlying conditions in a large group setting is not advised, per the CDC’s recommendation, and we don’t have a timeline yet on when this will change. So, the question becomes to ask yourself would you rather wait until the high-risk group can safely be out and about, or would you entertain the idea of proceeding without them being present on your wedding day?

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Topic: I need to work with a specific vendor. I am not sure if I am open to potentially substituting one or more of my vendors if they are not available on my new date. 

If you are not flexible about working with new vendors at all or potentially one specific vendor — for example, your band or photographer — then you have to be OK with being at the mercy of their schedule. It is completely acceptable to be committed to your very favorite vendor, but you need to know that their schedule is going to dictate your new timeline. Make sure you feel comfortable with this going into the rebooking process.

Topic: When should we start making new plans or when do we have to decide to change our date? 

Much like the airline industry, the wedding industry is asking for some grace as they help those who have the most immediate needs in terms of rebooking. Weddings booked in April, May, and June are the most at risk right now, and the industry is recommending and suggesting that wedding dates don’t become a hoarding debacle like seen in grocery stores, where people are fighting over items they don’t even need yet.  

Topic: Are vendors charging fees for rebooking? 

The great news is that many vendors are not charging a rebooking fee. We always stress how important it is to hire reputable vendors and now is the time when their business values are truly shining through. We have loved watching so many wonderful wedding vendors rally together to make quick decisions, make themselves available, and help couples in need. 

Topic: What if my wedding planner isn’t available on my new wedding date?

Speaking from the EVJ business philosophy, if you need to change your wedding date, we will absolutely honor your contract for any new wedding date of your choosing. In an ideal world, you would remain with your original planner and we will do everything we can to keep it as is for our clients. That being said — if your new wedding date conflicts with your original planner’s calendar, then you will be partnered with one of our other incredibly talented planners. 

About EVJ Wedding Co.

EVJ Wedding Co. was founded in Hoboken over eight years ago by the aforementioned Jacquelyn Mavrookas. At EVJ, customer service is a top priority and all of their senior wedding planners work closely with couples to make their special day, well, special. Jacquelyn works closely with her team of five wedding planners {Dana, Liz, Joy, Jeanna, and Nicole} to handle every couple’s wedding needs.

We hope these guidelines were helpful and that couples can use them to organize their thoughts during a time when it’s easy for our minds to be as chaotic as the outside world feels. 

Do you have any wedding planning tips to share? Let us know in the comments!


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