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Las Chicas: A Uruguayan Bakery in the Heart of Hudson County 

by Nadine Ahrabi
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There is something about a place that boasts authentic food from a specific country — it gives you a quick look {and taste} into a brand new culture. Among the various restaurants and storefronts along Bergenline in North Bergen that have some of the best savory and sweet authentic foods, Las Chicas bakery offers Uruguayan treats and beverages. With two brick and mortar shops in Union City and North Bergen {located at 4707 Bergenline Avenue, Union City, and 7553 Bergenline Avenue, North Bergen}, Las Chicas is centrally located in North Hudson County, and open early morning until late, seven days a week. Read on to learn all about Las Chicas, a Uruguayan Bakery in the heart of Hudson County.

las chicas

{Photo credit: @laschicasbakery}

About Las Chicas

The family behind Las Chicas originally opened their doors as a place to gather, connect, and develop relationships with friends and strangers. They wanted to create a welcoming place that felt like home. And that’s exactly the ambiance that resonates through their bakeries, whether you’re stopping in to grab a coffee-to-go, or staying to enjoy a sweet after-dinner treat.

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What’s on the Menu

las chicas bakery

{Photo credit: @laschicasbakery}

Uruguayan baking styles often resemble those of Spain, Italy, and France, so it’s likely some of the baked goods that line the shelves of Las Chicas resemble European pastries you’re already familiar with. Everything in the bakery is made from scratch using only high-quality ingredients. The recipes have been tested and perfected, so everything tastes delicious

Stop in one of the bakery’s locations to enjoy one of their signature iced coffee flavors like caramel macchiato, coconut, or chai latte. Or, opt for a java choco-chip or dulce de leche frappe. In the winter, Las Chicas is the perfect place for a hot cafe con leche or warm chai tea latte. 

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las chicas sandwich

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The baked goods range from savory to sweet. Start your day with a breakfast sandwich served on homemade ciabatta or a croissant. Or try a traditional Uruguayan favorite, the pascualina, a spinach pie made with a flaky crust. It gets its name from the word pascua, which means Easter in Spanish. Although they were created to be eaten around Easter, Uruguayans now eat them year-round. You can also find tortilla de papa, a Spanish omelet or tortilla made with eggs, potatoes, and onions + a range of vegetarian and meat-filled empanadas. 

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For those looking for something a little sweeter, try the guayaba y queso {guava and cheese pastry}, pastelito de guayaba {guava pastry}, pasta frola {jam-filled sweet tart}, or membrillo y crema {cream and quince paste pastry}. They also serve sugary churros with a cup of warm chocolate for dipping. 

Las Chicas is also a destination for one-of-a-kind cakes. Gaze at the pre-made confections that line the bakery’s shelves, each more colorful and intricate than the next. Or place a custom order to get a unique cake for your next event that’s truly a work of art.


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