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ONDO: A Taste of Korea in Jersey City

by Via Rutkowski
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Back in April of 2022, ONDO made its debut on the shimmering Jersey City Waterfront, already making a name for itself thanks to its high-quality cuisine and exciting interpretation of Korean classics. Located at 3 Second Street at Harborside Plaza, ONDO wasted no time impressing Jersey City locals. It was even ranked as Jersey City’s 6th Greatest Restaurant of 2023 by NJ.com and even landed a spot on the 25 Best Restaurants of New Jersey in 2023 according to NJ Digest. (Warning: You will be hungry after reading!). Read more to learn about ONDO in Jersey City.


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About ONDO

ONDO serves traditional Korean dishes alongside modern interpretations of classic Korean cooking. The menu features a variety of traditional Korean dishes infused with contemporary flavors that create a one-of-a-kind menu. ONDO’s menu is a thoughtful collaboration between Executive Chef Brian Kim and his talented team.

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ONDO states “Like the food, the space combines both modern and traditional elements to engage the senses. The design of the space respects Korean aesthetics while bringing in contemporary modern elements to create a transitional dining environment.” HG Tip: Did you know that HG reader’s favorite sushi spot, DOMODOMO, is ONDO’s sister restaurant? Read more from our archives here.

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Menu Highlights

The word “ondo” means temperature in Korean, which is the direct influence of its menu. In fact, the menu at ONDO is organized by temperature: cold, warm, and hot; allowing customers to experience dishes at their highest quality, flavor, and freshness.

korean restaurant ondo jersey city food

ONDO’s menu is ideal for sharing as it offers a wide selection of never-before-seen pairings suitable for a wide range of pallets. Each dish is also carefully labeled for those with allergies, indicating items that are safe for vegan and gluten-free patrons alike. Common allergens such as fish, shellfish, and nuts are also labeled for a safe dining experience.

Cocktails at ONDO are tastefully designed and crafted with care. It can be tasted with every sip. For a light and refreshing cocktail, opt for the ONDO Martini. Its tart and fruity essence is due to the combination of Seoul Night Soju, gin, cucumber, mint, St. Germaine, and lemon juice. Other cocktail highlights include various Korean spirits such as Jinro Soju and a twist on the traditional old-fashioned called the ONDO Fashion, infused with real smoked wood. In addition to an extensive cocktail menu, ONDO also has a full bar with over a dozen wines, bottled beer, draft beer, and top-shelf spirits. ONDO also has a handful of fruity mocktails infused with flavors like Korean pear, grapefruit, pineapple, and cranberry.

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The first thing on the current ONDO menu is a Fried Tofu Salad, which is just as colorful as it is tasty. This cold appetizer features lightly fried tofu, broccolini, green salad, glazed pecans, and a zesty mandarin yogurt dressing to set the scene for an amazing meal to come. For spice lovers, the Tteokbokki is a mouth-watering option to warm up from the inside out. This classic Korean meal features chewy wheat rice cakes, gochujang, fishcakes, chives, and Kurobuta Sausage nestled together in a steaming cast-iron pot.

For those who love a good Branzino but don’t enjoy the task that comes with eating it, have no fear, the team at ONDO does all the hard work ahead of time with its delicately prepared, de-boned, and filet Grilled Branzino with Risotto. Dressed with barley risotto, white kimchi, and seaweed powder, this savory dish is bursting with flavor.

The star of the show has to be the Bulgogi Cream Perilla Pasta. This decadent combination features Bulgogi, a traditional Korean grilled spicy beef, mung bean sprouts, quinoa puffs, perilla seeds, and leaves all dressed in a savory cream sauce. Add an optional sprinkle of Black Truffle to elevate each bite.

And of course, dessert at ONDO is a must. The Black Sesame Ice Cream is bold, nutty, and icy cold. Though gray in color, don’t be deceived, this dessert is nothing short of luscious. This is a great palate cleanser to finish off a dining experience at ONDO.

korean restaurant ondo jersey city desserts

On Friday, Saturday, and  Sunday from 12PM to 3PM, ONDO hosts a three-course brunch for $38 per person. Starting with the soup of the day, followed by a main entree and dessert. Main entrees include Spicy Stir-fried Pork, Bulgogi, Grilled Branzino, Korean Fried Chicken, Bossam, Charred Bulgogi, or Sashimi Rice. As for dessert, diners can choose between the Black Sesame Ice Cream or swap for green tea or coffee.

Every night after 8PM, ONDO also has a Late Night Hidden Combo for $65 per person. This hand-selected menu features specialty items ideal for late-night bites. While diners will have to inquire with a server for more details, the inside scoop from ONDO is that these items are often choices between beer or Soju, Potato Pancakes, and a rice dish.

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Dining at ONDO

For first-timers at ONDO, dining here is a breeze. The staff is extremely well-versed in the menu details and provides warm guidance when ordering. From recommendations to personal favorites, the kind staff provides insightful notes for each customer based on dining preferences and allergies. Starting simple with Korean Fried Chicken, Cast Iron Fried Rice, or one of the many Bulgogi variations is always a great place to start.

ONDO is open Monday through Thursday from 5PM – 10:30PM; Friday and Saturday from 12PM – 12AM; and Sunday from 12PM – 10:30 PM. Takeout is also available Monday through Thursday from 5PM – 9PM and Friday through Sunday from 12PM – 9PM.

Reservations at ONDO are available through Resy and can be made up to 30 days in advance. For large parties, email [email protected] with your name, phone number, the desired date, dining time, and the number of people in the party. Same-day cancellation fees of up to $35 per guest may apply.

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