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Where to Get Keratin Treatments + Brazilian Blowouts in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Alexis Spoden
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Nowadays, the service menus at hair salons are often longer than the average dinner menus at restaurants. Other than a simple cut and color, customers have the choice of adding on keratin treatments, blowouts, scalp massages — you name it. Keratin treatments and Brazilian Blowouts are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. They leave clients’ manes looking healthy, shiny, voluminous, and ready to star in the next shampoo commercial. Read on to learn more about keratin treatments and Brazilian Blowouts, and where to get them locally. 

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Keratin vs Brazilian Blowouts

Keratin hair treatments and Brazilian Blowouts have a lot in common and essentially reach the same end goal. Both are temporary hair smoothing treatments that improve texture, reduce frizz, and increase shine. They are designed to straighten your locks, and overall make styling quick and easy. There are a few differences, however, which mostly have to do with the chemicals used and the amount of time that each treatment will take.

Both treatments infuse protein into the outer layer of the hair to smooth and protect it against humidity, but the results tend to be straighter and sleeker after a keratin treatment than a Brazilian Blowout. Brazilian Blowouts are a bit more convenient, however, because they only take about 90 minutes and are complete when clients leave the salon. A keratin treatment, on the other hand, may take up to two or three hours to complete and the product needs to be left in the hair for three days until it can be washed out. Both treatments last about three months, sometimes longer with keratin {this all depends on the client’s hair type}.

The best way to know which treatment to choose is to consult your stylist and determine which one is right for your hair, as every client is different. 

Where to Get Keratin Treatments + Brazilian Blowouts Locally {+ Pricing Details}

If you’re looking to get your hair done in Hoboken or Jersey City, let our local guide to keratin treatments + Brazilian blowouts help you out.


Blo-It-Out Lounge {1212 Washington Street}

This salon is a one-stop-shop for all blowout needs and offers several keratin treatments designed for different desires and outcomes. The same-day keratin treatment is a customizable, zero downtime treatment that uses a proprietary juice blend of keratin, botanical, and amino acids. The signature smoothing solution is the regular keratin complex treatment. They also offer bangs and spot treatments to smooth out customer’s fringe or smaller problem areas, which starts at $25. The express blowout is a speedy keratin smoothing solution, complete in just one hour, and lasts for about six weeks. 


Same Day Keratin Treatment: $350+

The Signature Smoothing Solution: $350+

Express Blowout: $125+

Hair Cult {1124 Washington Street}

Hair Cult offers an array of services including men’s, women’s, and children’s cuts, coloring, balayage, and retexturing including a straightener/relaxer and keratin.


Keratin Complex: $350+

Mad One Jacks {92 Madison Street}

Mad One Jacks is Hoboken’s late-night salon. The stylists and apprentices have a quality experience and participate in ongoing education both in and outside of the salon. They suggest clients book a consultation prior to the treatment to get an accurate price and ensure realistic outcomes. 


Keratin Smoothing Treatment: $270+

Salon Gatto {22 Hudson Place}

salon gatto salons

Clients are sure to feel pampered at Salon Gatto. Opt to get one of the delicious teas or cocktails during treatment, you won’t regret it. Salon Gatto offers both an express keratin treatment for the client on the go {although it will not last as long}, as well as the regular keratin complex. The salon is clean, chic, and right next to the Hoboken PATH station.


Keratin Express: $265+

Keratin Complex: $365+

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Up + Out Blowout Lounge {1106 Washington Street}

Up + Out is another blowout favorite in Hoboken and also a full-service salon. They have a blowout bar location, the full-service salon location, as well as a studio location for events, pop-ups, and collaborations. The stylists at Up + Out continue to go above and beyond to ensure clients’ happiness. 


Brazilian Blowout Treatment: $300

Jersey City

Blowout Hair Bar + Beauty Lounge {127 Christopher Columbus Drive}

This full-service hair care spot is located just a short walk from the Grove Street PATH station. The keratin smoothing treatment is designed to last four to six months depending on hair type. Get your treatment done while sipping on some wine, mimosas, or spa water. 


Keratin Smoothing Treatment: $200-$300+ / Hairline $100+

Lakoet {301 1st Street + 581 Jersey Avenue}

LaKoet Salon is an eclectic boutique salon that specializes in hair design as well as using sustainable, natural ingredients, recycled material, and carrying brands that represent kindness globally. Lakoet offers a keratin smoothing treatment, among others like moisture and olaplex treatments.


Keratin Smoothing Treatment: $325

Mia Blowout Bar {579 Central Avenue}

For a slightly more budget-friendly treatment without sacrificing quality, Mia’s Blowout Bar in the place to go. They are located in Jersey City Heights, right next to Washington Park. 


Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment: $225+

NAZNAZ Salon {295 Grove Street}

naznaz hair salon jersey city

NAZNAZ is a full-service salon committed to delivering head-turning results. The gorgeous interior of the salon is just as chic as your hair will be. The handcrafted line of products available are free from harmful ingredients, leaving hair restored and nourished.


Keratin Treatment: $350+

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Tousled Hair Salon {500 Jersey Avenue}

Located in downtown Jersey City, Tousled Hair is a full-service salon, and offers both Brazilian Blowouts and keratin smoothing treatments. On the website, it says that the Brazilian blowout lasts up to three months, and the keratin treatment lasts up to five months. 


Brazilian Blowout: $250+

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment: $300+

The Hair Room JC {140 Bay Street + 467 Palisade Avenue}

With two locations, locals can easily access one of The Hair Room’s awesome salons. Among cuts,                        styling, coloring, balayage, makeup, and wedding services, keratin treatments are also available in three options including the classic keratin smoothing, the express keratin treatment, and the instant keratin treatment.


Classic Keratin Smoothing: $405+

Express Keratin Treatment: $305+

           Instant Keratin Treatment: $105+

Shampoo JC {107 Christopher Columbus Drive}

shampoo salon jersey city

Shampoo JC is located just a short walk from the Grove Street PATH station. They offer student discounts, as well as a loyalty program in order to take advantage of additional savings. The friendly, experienced staff will not disappoint but keep in mind, tips are in cash only. 


Brazilian Blowout: $300+

Do you know of any other salons offering this service in Hoboken or Jersey City? Tell us in the comments!


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