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LaKoet Salon: An Eclectic, Eco-Friendly Boutique Hair Salon in Jersey City

by Alexis Spoden
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It can be tricky finding a hair salon that ticks all the boxes – everybody wants quality, affordable service, experienced technicians, and a comfortable, welcoming environment. Luckily for Jersey City residents, LaKoet Salon offers all of these and so much more. For those who value sustainability and eco-friendly processes, LaKoet checks that box as well. Like its sister spa, Gaia’s Cavern, it is committed to using and selling sustainable, natural ingredients, and recycled materials from brands that represent kindness globally. Keep reading to learn all about LaKoet Salon, an eclectic, eco-friendly boutique hair salon in Jersey City. 

The Background

lakoet salon jersey city

Owner, Kitty Varco {who also owns wellness sanctuary, Gaia’s Cavern}, didn’t take a typical route of becoming a beautician. She grew up in Buffalo, New York with a dream to one day become a musician. Her biggest inspiration was Ani DiFranco, a Buffalonian folk-rock singer-songwriter. Kitty moved to New York City in 2002, with every intention to pursue her music career. To make extra money while she was chasing her dream, Kitty worked as a barista while doing hair on the side. Little did she know at the time, her side gig would soon turn into another passion.

Kitty believes everything happens for a reason, and her music pursuit was just a stepping stone to who she was meant to become. She received most of her training from Aveda and went on to become an Aveda Educator, working for several salons in Soho, and eventually, Jersey City. As a musician growing up, Kitty was always drawn to anything creative or artistic, so it felt like a seamless transition to pursue hair. Fast forward to October of 2015, LaKoet Salon officially opened. 

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The Salon Itself

lakoet salon jersey city

When customers walk in the door, it doesn’t feel like a salon, but rather a home, and that’s not only because of the friendly, bubbly staff. The salon’s bohemian vibes and eclectic decor will make customers want to stay and hang out forever. 

lakoet salon jersey city

All of the products used and sold at LaKoet {and Gaia’s} are eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, and sulfate-free. When choosing ingredients and products, making sure they are not made from or tested on animals is key for Kitty. Kitty also makes several of her own trusted products, including her Moringa Fusion Oil made with moringa oil and olive squalane {for the face}. Another homemade favorite is the Nectarous Dew which is a refreshing, moisturizing leave-in conditioning mist made with fresh orange and lime peel, raspberry seed oil, honey, and avocado oil {YUM!}. 

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The Services

lakoet salon jersey city

Each product and service offered at LaKoet can be customized to a client’s specific wants and hair needs. LaKoet offers a wide range of services from cuts, color, styling, and blowouts to smoothing hair treatments. Pricing is standard for the area, and won’t break the bank for a simple new do. Here is a list of a few services offered with prices:


  • Women’s Cuts – $75 to $100
  • Men’s Cuts – $50 to $60
  • New Color – $100+
  • Highlights – $145 to $205+
  • Ombre – $165 to $205+
  • Balayage – $165 to $205+
  • Blowout – $45+
  • Updo – $145
  • Keratin Complex – $300+
  • Milbon Smooth Treatment – $50

*All hair lightening services come with a complimentary quadraplex treatment*

Visit www.lakoetsalonjc.com for a full list of services offered. 

Have you visited this salon yet? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments! 


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