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Meet Jordan Lacey: Founder of The Black Girl Glow + Hoboken Resident

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Event planning, lifestyle blogging, non-profit organizing, Jordan Lacey does it all. The Hoboken resident has her hands in everything but maintains the same mission throughout all of her endeavors, inspire people to live their best lives. Read on to learn about how Jordan purchased a condo in Hoboken at age 23 and manages her busy work and social life.

About Jordan

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Jordan has lived in Hoboken for three years now, originally from Matawan, Monmouth County. She moved to town on her 21 st birthday. She graduated from Johnson and Wales in Providence, RI with a BA in Sports, Entertainment, and Event Management. Jordan is an event planner, non-profit founder, and founder of a blog about her life, pop culture, current events, and more.

The apple doesn’t fall from the tree, as they say. “My parents are the best and hardest working people I know. They grew up in the projects and wanted a better life. My mom went into the airforce at 18 and my dad the marines. Growing up, I didn’t really understand the magnitude of how truly wonderful people they were until my adult years. They push me to work my hardest every day. I am who I am because of them!”

Jordan founded The Black Girl Glow, a blog about life as a woman of color growing up in the area. “Growing up, I really did not have a lot of role models that looked like me. I post about budgeting, fashion, eating, workouts, and the non-glamourous things like managing your work-life balance, cutting out toxic friends/roommates, making adult friends, and going through breakups. I hope that people can relate to me and maybe see something that they always ‘thought’ about but never brought up,” Jordan told Hoboken Girl.

HG: How did you get into event planning?

JL: I knew I wanted to be an event planner from a young age. I started by getting as much experience as I could. In college, I interned for major companies like The Big Apple Circus, The US Open, and went on two tours of a dance competition company. I worked in hotels for three long years out of graduation to really learn the industry. I studied for my certified meeting professional {CMP} exam, passed, and successfully transitioned into a meeting planner role in finance. No day looks the same, it’s a lot of late nights and traveling, but it’s so rewarding to truly do what I love.

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HG: What is the process like of planning a big event?

JL: Details. Details. Details! I always say as event planners, we have to think of not only plan B but plans C-Z. You have to anticipate the need before there is a need and really be proactive rather than reactive. Shows in the media like Say I Do on Netflix and David Tutera really make it look glamourous but its a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into putting together the perfect event.

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HG: Tell us about your philanthropy.

JL: I founded Light The Candle, a non-profit that is dedicated to making birthday cards for foster children that have not been adopted yet and are living in group homes. I started Light The Candle when I was 17 and my cousins were adopted through foster care. I wanted to make sure that every single child in the foster care system got a birthday card on their birthday. Every year I have been able to grow the brand, and it’s a wonderful way to combine my passion for giving back with my passion for event planning. Light The Candle is always looking for volunteers! Think about getting your office or friends and family involved. We make card-making and giving back fun.

HG: Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?

JL: My biggest inspiration is being told no. Early in my career, I used to let “no” break me. I recently just bought my first home and let me tell you it was a process, constantly getting outbid in this area and sellers/agents not taking me seriously at age 23 at the time. But, I always say that when someone tells you can’t do something, do it, do it twice, and take a picture!

HG: What has been the highlight in your career/life so far?

JL: Buying my home at 23. It took blood, sweat, and tears. I was living with four roommates when I first moved to Hoboken and knew that I wanted to be a homeowner. I truly believe that if you manifest it then it will happen. So, I took on a second job at Athleta on the weekends to help save for the down payment. That still wasn’t enough, so I also started working at a gym in the morning from 5AM-7AM before work. I was working three jobs, but being able to put down that down payment and tell my roommates that I would not be resigning with them were the best tears of my life. I worked so hard for this condo and it feels amazing to be here.

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HG: What are your goals for this year?

JL: Expect more content from the black girl glow, light the candle expansion, and I also am working on my fitness goals – I can thank project sculpt and soul cycle for holding me accountable.

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HG: What’s a typical day look like for you?

JL: I am an early riser. I get up at 5AM and get after it! I start my day with a nice workout and then enjoy coffee on my balcony, another perk of living alone. I start working with clients and my days are filled with meetings, site visits, and events. After work, I always have to do something in between work and sleep to really feel like I am not just living to work, rather working to live. That means having a friend over for dinner, another workout, a nice walk, or watching any Bravo or Shark Tank episodes I can get my hands on! On the weekends, brunching is my favorite sport and I am determined to find the best brunch spots in the area.

HG: What are your favorite local spots?

JL: My favorite spots in town are Northern Soul, The Madison, Project Sculpt, Athleta, and Quality Greens. I also love massages at Moonlight Spa and getting my makeup done by @marjorieglams.

To stay up to date with Jordan follow her on Instagram at @theblackgirlglow and Light The Candle at @welightthecandle.


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