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Meet Tinah Ogalo, Host of In Your Twentys Podcast + Hoboken Resident

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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This Hoboken resident is making the most of her talents by pursuing her dreams one step at a time, beginning with her very own podcast, In Your Twentys. Tinah Ogalo is a recent college grad, social media specialist, and podcast founder and host. Read on to learn more about her Tinah, her podcast, and her favorite things to do in Hoboken.

About Tinah

tinah ogalo in your twentys podcast

Tinah Ogalo is a recent graduate from Rutgers {Spring Class of 2020} where she received a B.A. in  Journalism + Media Studies. She is the host of ‘In Your Twentys’, {Spelled Twentys because the correct spelling was taken} a podcast about {you guessed it} being in your twenties. She is a freelance podcast engineer and social media strategist.

Originally from South Jersey, Tinah moved up to Hoboken to be closer to the city for her career. “Moving to Hoboken during COVID-19 has been rough because there isn’t really a social scene. My roommate and I cannot wait for things to get back to normal so we can meet new people! As much as we love hanging out with each other, we’d love to have some friends to get coffee/drinks with.”

Hoboken Girl: Tell us all about your podcast. 

Tinah Ogalo: The first episode aired on April 22, 2020. IY20s is a weekly show where we help twenty-somethings navigate this defining decade with lessons they didn’t teach you in school. Nothing on the podcast is off-limits. We talk about everything across life, career, love, wellness, and more!

Each week a guest {who is in or out of their 20s} and I discuss the lessons they’ve learned and the mistakes, so our audience can learn from them. While I started off interviewing friends, it’s grown to more than that. We chat with industry professionals, relationship experts, life coaches, creatives, political advisers, your favorite influencers, and more. Some of my most notable guests include Rutgers x CBS’ Big Brother x MTV’s The Challenge alum Paulie Calafiore {Ep. 30}, Kansas-City-based influencer Bria Jones {Ep. 45}, and season 16 of The Bachelorette contestant Chasen Nick {Ep, 43}.

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Not to quote High School Musical, but seriously, we’re all in this together. I’ve heard people say so many times, “I wish someone told me this when I was younger” etc., so I hope this podcast is just that. We’re all trying to make it through this crazy life and it doesn’t hurt to get tips and advice from others’ experiences.

HG: Who/ what is your biggest source of inspiration?

TO: My career goal is to be the next female Ryan Seacrest, so I’d say him. That man does. it. all!

HG: What are your goals for this year?

TO: Grow the podcast and sign with a podcast network, as well as land a full-time role in entertainment. And to go to a concert… I miss live music.

HG: What has been the highlight in your career/life so far?

TO: Having the opportunity to work at a production company in London for the summer. I was living my best life and would move there in a heartbeat if it wasn’t so far away from my family.

Also getting to work as a behind the scene’s videographer for XXL’s 2019 Freshman shoot. It was my first time working on a major (and secretive) project. Plus, I basically got to hang out with Meg Thee Stallion for a day, not really but that’s what I tell myself.

HG: What’s a typical day look like for you?

TO: I start my morning by journaling, working out or meditating, and a cup of Trader Joe’s ginger tea. I love to-do lists so I write all of my goals for the day in my planner and get to cracking. You can usually find me working on IY20s {sending pitch emails to guests, editing audio, interviewing}, or assisting on socials for my clients (creating content plans, writing copy, community management, etc).

I’ll take mind breaks here and there throughout the day by playing my guitar, scrolling through TikTok, or watching an episode of whatever shows I’m binging {right now it’s The Hills and Scandal}. I’ll stay on top of my emails until about 8PM and then it’s rest mode. I’ll finish eating dinner, watch some reality TV {Wednesdays are my fave because I get to watch The Challenge on MTV}, and drink a glass of wine if it was a particularly busy day.

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Local Fun

tinah ogalo

HG: What is your favorite restaurant in Hoboken or JC?

TO: Court Street  Tavern. The vegetarian chili is so good, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

HG: What is your favorite boutique in Hoboken or JC?

TO: Hudson Crush. It’s an online boutique based in Hoboken that has the cutest styles. As someone who loves online shopping, it’s a win-win!

HG: What do you love most about Hoboken/JC (where you live/work)?

TO: How everything is within walking distance. As someone who loves the suburbs, it’s nice to be able to leave my apartment, grab what I need, and be back within ten minutes. 

HG: What is your favorite thing to do in Hudson County?

TO: I haven’t explored as much as I would like but I cannot wait to go to RPM Raceway in Jersey City. 

HG: Tell us about another business in the area you admire. 

TO: 718 Beauty Bar. It’s super professional, extremely clean, and all of the workers are so sweet. Bonus points that my manicures last forever.

HG: What is your favorite outdoor place to spend time in Hoboken/JC?

TO: Pier C. It’s a close walk and feels like a dream every time I get to lounge around for a few hours {also I will never get tired of looking at the NYC skyline}.

HG: What is your favorite place to work out in Hudson County?

TO: I’m waiting for when we can work out in gyms without masks so for now, it’s my apartment. I have been eyeing up F45 though. Also can’t wait to find some adult dance studios.

HG: Where do you go out with friends in the area?

TO: McSwiggans. It’s a great place to watch a football game or to grab a bite and a drink with a friend. 

HG: What is something you think needs to come to Hoboken or Jersey City?   

TO: Wawa! Please, I’m begging. The South Jersey in me misses having three all within five minutes from my house. 

To keep up with her latest happenings, follow Tinah on her personal Instagram account @tinah.ogalo and her Podcast account @inyourtwentys.

To get in contact, her personal email is tinah.ogalo@gmail.com and her podcast email is inyourtwentys@gmail.com.

Stream In Your Twentys on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and wherever you listen to podcasts.


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