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Sitting Down With Tastemaker Joan Enger {of J. Patryce Design}

by Tiffany
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If you’ve ever wondered what piques the interest of a sought after interior designer or what is in her feed that makes its way to her mood board, creative queen Joan Enger, of J. Patryce Design and Company can answer all your questions. She’s our latest Hudson County Tastemaker and her interview is full of inspiring gems while igniting all your #homegoals feelings. Read on to learn all about Joan, what inspires her style, and her business.

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{Photo credit: Christian Harder}

How did you end up in Hoboken?

I grew up in Northern NJ. Hoboken was the de-facto city that was coming of age when I graduated college. It took me a few years before I made enough to afford my cozy five-story walkup, un-renovated railroad apartment with a college friend. I enjoyed living close to NYC, with enough space and familiarity to feel at home and less overwhelmed. I met my husband when looking for a new apartment {he was a realtor at the time and a good friend’s neighbor}. The rest is history! We both changed careers, opened businesses in Hoboken and decided to raise our family here.

“I geek out over small and unusual details such as the hardware on a piece of furniture, a millwork detail, stitching on a handbag, or even an unexpected color palette.”

What is your personal style + aesthetic?

joan enger board

{Photo credit: Christian Harder}

I am drawn to clean, yet classic elements with a twist. I geek out over small and unusual details such as the hardware on a piece of furniture, a millwork detail, stitching on a handbag, or even an unexpected color palette. I would describe my personal style as a bit deconstructed, monochromatic, perhaps with a hero accessory, and always that same twist or unexpected color combination.

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What is your favorite thing you see trending this season?

A return to warmer palettes, color, and classic design elements. Grays and whites are wonderful and safe, but I am begging for that client who will allow us to take risks, steer away from the super clean lines, and add design elements which surprise and delight!

What advice would you give someone trying to step up their personal or home style?

joan enger dining room

{Photo credit: Christian Harder}

Take it all in, follow Instagram and Pinterest tastemakers, pick up a design book and shelter magazines, visit art exhibits/museums, create your own visual boards and watch as your style and design vision sharpen. Be informed, take risks and create your own personal style. I hate trends – I always want to be ahead of the curve whenever possible!

What are your last three favorite style moments?

There is a favorite room or moment with every project. If I had to select three off the top of my head, it would be the kitchen of a Garden Street townhouse, the dining room of a Westchester Tudor, and the living room from a Hudson Tea loft we recently completed {which I can’t include a photo of because it is running this Spring in Design NJ}.

What was your worst style moment ever?

I grew up in the ‘80s! It would be a dream to travel back in time and get rid of that awful ‘80s hairstyle! What were we all thinking!?

“I actually don’t consider this work – I absolutely love what I get to do each day.”

What is your favorite thing about your business?

joan enger kitchen

{Photo credit: Christian Harder}

For starters, I love the flexibility. I originally started my business when I realized that my 60+ hour corporate job was taking its toll on my family life. I returned to design school while taking odd jobs {for next to nothing} to develop my skills.

When our children were younger, I was able to make my schedule work around theirs versus the other way around. As they have grown and my business has done the same, there are less of those specific moments, but they still come up {college tours, dance recitals, sporting events, etc.}.

I also love the fact that no two clients or projects are the same. I am equal parts guru, interpreter and psychologist most days! I actually don’t consider this work – I absolutely love what I get to do each day.

If you could expand your business into one new area, what would it be?

Creating my own furniture and accessories line and e-commerce shop for sure. That would be an amazing next step {perhaps once my last one goes off to college in five years!}

What are three things you’re loving from your store + business right now?

I am in love with anything from APOTHEKE. They have the best candles and I have their soap dispensers at literally every sink in my house and office! We run the retail shop at our studio more as a resource for our clients, so I stock a lot of vintage items and of course, unique coffee table books, but we no longer stock the shop with regular items. Hopefully in the future!

Who is your celebrity style crush?

joan enger living room

^Disc Interiors

From an interior standpoint – Alyssa Kapito Interiors and Disc Interiors. I am constantly wowed by their stunning interiors, color palettes, mix of materials, artwork choices, etc.

From a style POV, Olivia Palermo. Besides how stunning she {and her husband} are, she has the most amazing style and pairs the most unusual pieces and textures. She reminds me of a modern day Audrey Hepburn with an edge.

Who is someone we must follow on social media that you love?

joan enger IG inspiration

^ @eyeswoon on Instagram

As mentioned in the question {about my crushes}, Disc, Alyssa Kapito, Olivia Palermo. Additionally: The Grey Collective, Eyeswoon, and Smitten Kitchen {my other passion is food!}

Who is your customer or client crush?

I seriously love all of our clients! We are so fortunate to work with such wonderful people. It was difficult to run the design business in conjunction with the retail shop – so I now keep the shop open by appointment only and it mostly services our design clients. Maybe one day {when our last child is off to college} I can manage doing it all – but I found myself working weekends which was not working! I need my downtime to relax, take in a movie or exhibit, and cook for my family.

What is your favorite style era?

French and Italian vintage mixed in with any style. Especially the lighting!

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What are your favorite stores to shop in?

Oroboro, Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Barneys for clothing and shoes. Flair, Aero, and Roman + Williams for anything relating to the home. Muji and CB2 for inexpensive fun accessories/necessities. Eataly and Union Square Market for all things culinary.

From bad 80’s hair to Italian vintage lighting, an appreciation for all of the arts including culinary, we thank you for this peek into your world, Joan!

If you want to keep up with Joan and the goings on of the J. Patryce Design team, follow them on Instagram @jpatrycedesign and on Facebook by the same handle. Their studio and by appointment retail shop is located at 500 Garden Street, Hoboken.

Do you know of a Hudson County tastemaker that should be highlighted? Let us know in the comments!

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